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  1. Something about that Mando chrome ship gives me Serenity/Firefly vibes.
  2. OR, you can just sleeve the decks with Star Wars Card sleeves that match, since the cards will be standard size now...
  3. So THAT's where all that footage of Kylo with his shirt off came from...
  4. So, Dos this Silencer look grey to anyone else? I love the re-sculpt on the new version, the engine detail and the panel lines are all more interesting and sharp; and the new size is great too, but I was a little surprised the actual model is still all black (save the engine glow and cockpit) given it really looks grey and black on the web site. I understand they do digital renderings vs actual pics for these things, but I can't recall a time before where the color scheme was so different from actual product? Is it just me?
  5. :Illicit or Crew if Squad Includes Temmin Wexley 1 Charge, 10 Pts. "Mister Bones" When attacking, after the neutralize results step, if the defender would be reduced to 1 Hull, you may spend 1 charge to add 1 (crit) result to your roll.
  6. Actually, its not spelled "Canon", its spelled: C O W B E L L He's saying he wants more "Cowbell" (for Slave I)
  7. Use small ships only: Give each player 1 named pilot with matching dial and 2 generic wing men of the same ship type During set-up, increase your deployment zone from range 1 to range 2 Use the new Epic Wing tool (see below) where the leader is the only one who sets a dial and the wing men just move with him\her during the activation step (ships still engage in Initiative order) Restrict wing-men action options to focus or calculate only If the Wing Leader is destroyed, any remaining wing men are counted as 1/2 points and instantly flee the battle Any overlaps (bumps) cause all ships involved to be dealt 1 face up damage card (ignores shields) Enjoy !
  8. Yeah, tech has never seemed to be a priority for FFG (in case you haven't tried the builder app yet and figured this out); they seem to focus more on analog stuff than security updates, patches, spell check, etc . Probably why they make (awesome) table top games instead of video games 😉
  9. Well, obviously that was like wave 2-3, 1.0 Falcon; back when anyone could fly fat turrets with no skill required 😄
  10. Incorrect. Leia is seen seated in Hans chair during the escape from cloud city, and when rescuing Luke from the antenna thing below cloud city after he gets his hand chopped off. Ironically, during the movie scenes depicted on both Han solos Pilot art and Chewies Pilot art, Leia is the one in the "captains chair" and the one giving the orders.😋
  11. That's a neat idea. Would be pretty easy to do by making it a dual sided card; one side Gunner slot, the other side Crew slot. keep it dotted so you can't spam it; fun design space.
  12. Instead of crew, you could make him a Gunner upgrade: When attacking, if the defender is in your (rear arc) your attack cannot be obstructed. When you are declared the target of an attack, if the attacker is in your (rear arc) gain one calculate token or assign the attacker 1 stress token. 10pts. Cuz, ya know, he sees through "obstructions", can't sneak up on him from behind, he is calculating, and he kinda stresses Finn and company out. Could be pretty good on a TIE sf...
  13. Looks to me like the (Disney) PIXAR lamp finally got tired of jumping everywhere, so it turned its base on its side to make a wheel and started driving around instead.😏 Hopefully all its bleep-bloop dialogue is voiced by John Ratzenberger
  14. When you're playing that try-hard dude who says he landed that impossibly close maneuver without overlapping template or ship base, but you know you saw the rock move/ship bump..
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