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  1. Yes i know this,that's why i put it between "", but the fact that people seen to find absurd that a generic have the same or better iniciative as a named pilot shows that people usually forget this, and in 1.0 was very rare for a "generic" have the same or better ps that a named of the same category, just see the RGP in 1.0, you have only 2 pilots that have lower PS than them, all the other were better or t least equals to what should be super elite pilot that protect the emperor...
  2. One thing that people seens to forget when talking about generics, is that on some ships the term "generics" does not fit really well. Interceptor is such a ship, you don't get rookies flying it, and if you are talking about the Royal guard then you are talking about VERY elite pilots, not "generics". One good thing i think they are doing in 2.0 is ending that ideia that a named pilot must always have better PS than a "generic" one, what difenrentiate him can be his ability, so Carnor can be a force sensitive or have a good hability (like the one in 1.0) and that's be all that the diference between him from another royal guard pilot, he does not necessarily have to fly faster (actually forbiding people to evade alread means that he flys better actually)... Not much people should be able to fly better that an super elite royal guard pilot, but they cannot be cheap.
  3. i liked her too, the last time i used was recently in an local store championship, got her dead in the first shot in 2 games, one by dengar, another by decimator, you just can't arc dodge a ship that needs nor arc...
  4. Phantom get buffed by ships getting arcs again, no more get alpha shot by a ship that can atack in 360º and have a high ps than you. This alone is alread enoth to get Phantom back in the game, but you get more - free evade when decloak - recloak is not an action, if you are stressed and have your evade you can clock and flee - you now have an EPT and modification slot (before it was exclusive for VI/ACD) - one more hit point, in a game where heavly modified atack dice are rare (i didin't see any ship that can link focus/target lock until now) and all automatick modifications like predator needs the bulls eye - one less atack dice, it looks bad, but it means that the ship will get a huge price discount (one more atack costed 12 points in some ship in 1.0), so it will not cost half your squad poins anymore, and you can pair it with another strong ships. I just see good things...
  5. I don't see it as a greeeaatt unbalanced thing if they maintain the ideia that you don't have too much auto-modify tings... predator now only work in your bulleye (you will be very luck to have more than one ship on it), firecontrol system only let you modify one die on one ship as you can't modify the ship you have target lock during the atack... so if you are able to do 4 atacks (2 against 2 diferent ships) you will have one good modified 3 dice atack, a second one that can be modified if you get luck on the first and saved the focus/target lock, and a thrid and fourth umodified and then you are without charges... so more often than not it will be better to save the last 2 charges to use on the following round modified than use it unmodified on the first and have to flee the combat to reload. And let's not forget that a 3 dice atack can be all canceled by a 3 agility ship if it have focus, or evade.
  6. One thing to notice is that the re-cloack is not an action, so now you can decload, do a k-turn and cload again if needed, and if you get stressed by someone you will not be so f** up. The only bad thing is that if you start your turn stressed you will not get the free evade when you decloack
  7. Luke is very strong, let you use your turrent like you use it in 1.0, but you are chosing him in the place of a card that would let you atack again, so... dificult decision lol
  8. i don't think luke abilities is so strong as to be overpowered as some people are saying, he have basically poes ability from 1.0 with a little more flexibility. without force upgrades he will basically atack, maybe spend tokens to change focus to hit (like poes do with a focus). then be atacked recover one that he can use to change one focus to evade on defense (the ability he has on 1.0). It will be a little diferent becouse if he is not targeted he cannot recover, so he cannot use again on the next atack (unlike poe). I don't think it is sooo strong. What will make the diference is what force upgrades will be avaliable to him.
  9. Well what seens obvius to mee is that with the mechanics change (iniciative, turrents, etc) we will have a lot of pilots/ships that didnt have a chance to fly in the meta as a viable option, not to say new ones (you even have a tie fighter that can absorve damage from a friend). So is pretty obvious that the common lists will not be common anymore, you may even find new broken things that make some lists much better than others, but will probably be new broken things, not the same as 1.0. So i think you will have much better things to fly than 3 of the same ship, be it auzitucks, defenders or whatever. Anyways if you realy need it (after all , you have 3 copies of the ship) you can always trade with someone that have only one and have a not used conversion to that ship.
  10. The problem with the Tie interceptor is not just status, is that it's way of fying is dead. It was made to be a ship that survive using superior dial to be out of arc of enemies, and that way of flying is long dead (turrents, bombs,etc). X-wing is turning into a fancy card game, where you get in range and shot, and the one who get the better combos wins, the games now are like: - I shot this missile on you, 4 dice heavly modified auto hit on you. Got hit, get a condition, now i shot again with other ship that activate the condition and splash damage you - Wait i have an ability that can transfer that damage to another ship, so i live, got to shot back. Now i gain a stresss to modify dice, and i lose a stress for hiting, and bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Flying well is reduced to a tie breaker, you only use it to make sure you get to shot at the right distance to active abilities/weapons or if the 2 lists have even combos, then one block denying action can be a tie breaker. So any ship that was made to rely on good flying to live is obsolete, and you can include in this, Tie interceptor, Tie Fighters, Tie Phantom, etc. When you put that at the table you have to pray that the enemy don't have turrents, or lots of bombs so that you can have an even fight. And as it is right now, these ships does not even fly better than the others anymore, the list of advantages that made it good at the time: - Better dial: Not better anymore, you have a lloooonnnnggg list of good dials out there, with lot's of greens, fancy 180 turns (even whites are comon now), so better dials are not a empire thing anymore - Good repositioning after moving (bost, roll): again had turned into a common thing, everybody have it (even x-wings now, for free), you have roll with banks, now even big bases have roll/bost, wich is an aberration on how much ground they can cover with it... don't even try to outrun a big ship now, it can get you with your 5 move just moving at any speed (even 1) and impulse. - High ps pilots: Again, every slow turtle ship now have a ps 9 pilot, or have enoth action economy that it can use its EPT to put a VI and turn that 7/8 PS into a 9/10 PS making that slow tank ship move after and shot first. So arc dodging is dead, and that's it, you can't fix tie interceptor or any other ship that rely on arc dodging to survive, you can turn it into another kind of ship by giving resistance to being shot, so it does not die so easly, but by doing so it will be no longer a ship that survive by flying well and avoiding being shot, it will turn into another ship.
  11. And about jonus and Snap Shot? Any ideia on how it would be rulled? Who is the source of the modification? I know palpatine can change the dice, can Jonus? I think this whole thing of who is changing the dice is at the moment very confuse, and if you consider that the text of cards like jonus , howlrunner,etc were written eons ago when snap shot and OL where years away from appearing, it is dificult to think what is the RAI in the case.
  12. And that comes down to my argument again, Hown is a wave 1 pilot, jonus a wave 3 pilot, there were no reason to write something like that for friendly abilities at the time: "When another friendly ship at range 1 attacks with a secondary weapon, jonus may force it to rerrol up to 2 attack dice", as it was a friendly ability that the players would chose when to use in the end. I see FFG ruling either way, as it rulled with palpatine, and the fact that this post is so long proves that there is no clear anwser and it needs a FAQ
  13. It is a good Logic, as good as the one that says that the ship that have the hability is the one using it. What is seens to me looking at all the discussion and examples is that FFG never worried to specify who is using the hability when it is a friendly hability, becouse in the end it really never matered before, so it uses "you may", "it may", "jonus hability can be used", etc. Now we have things like Omega Leader and Snap Shot where who is the source of the modification matter (and the most used one, Palpatine is alread in the faq) and they have to rule it and resolve this in the FAQ, becouse as i see it is very open to intepretation.
  14. Sorry to insist on this, but i still have some doubts. Becouse i was looking at the iterations you said, and Imp Boba don't have red banks, and navigator explicit says that you cannot change your maneuver to a red one if you are stressed, so you cannot do the same thing with this combination. And hera crew (i think is the one you were talking) says you can execute red maneuvers while stressed, so it would solve the problem with stay on target making the manuver legal. in any of theses cases you would not be changing a legal maneuver to an inllegal one and replacing it with a 2 straight.
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