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  1. Then he'll only need 7 conversion kits ACTUALLY - maybe less. I'll happily sell him one out of mine. Who else is in?
  2. I addressed that, right? Because if it becomes possible in 2.0, then we're all going to need to buy a third Decimator, which means buying one of the new ones that is already converted. Unless you know a bunch of people sitting on a third Decimator just in case it became possible to play 3 in the future?
  3. That would make a lot of sense. No other large-based ship has more than 2 copies in a conversion kit.
  4. It's not even that no list uses 3 Decimators. It's mathematically impossible to run 3 Decimators in a list. Therefore, even those of us who are really compulsive about buying 100 points of every ship won't have 3 Decimators. And even if they change the point costs of Decimators to allow us to run 3 of them in 2.0, people who want to do so will need to buy a new Decimator (for the plastic ship), and so won't have any use for the 3rd conversion.
  5. Did anyone buy 2 copies? Or is 1 really sufficient?
  6. I'd love to get the DPCI number if anyone has seen it? It's this:
  7. My CoolStuff pre-order just changed to "Processed." (Ordered August 8). EDIT: And at 12:19 pm it got a Shipping Label Created and Tracking Number. EDIT#2: And shipped at 4:37 pm!
  8. On Page 13 of the Rules Reference, it says that during setup: Rules as Written, it specifically requires you to shuffle the discarded cards back in, and then redraw, which means there's a chance you'll get back the same cards you discarded. How have you all been playing it? I would normally assume it was intentional, but my experience with FFG in X-Wing is that sometimes their RAW don't always capture their intent. And this seems kind of counter-intuitive. Normally I would expect one to draw back up to 5, then shuffle the discarded cards in?
  9. Wait, if the Rebels won, why are you moving on to T2B? Shouldn't you be moving on to T3A?
  10. Yep. I think as the Rebels you have to decide whether you're going to flee or hunker down and fight while the CR-90 charges up for a battle. If you flee (my preferred choice), you need things to distract the Imperials: blockers, ion guns, bombs... anything to earn you a turn or two of extra time to get away. If you fight... you're going to need to deliver heavy, fast damage to keep the incoming ships off the refueling container and the CR-90. Three Y-Wings with TLT? Lothal Rebel and some A-Wings? Not sure... that's why we ended up going with the flee option
  11. Also, looking back at our team emails, what convinced us to flee during T2A was these three battle reports where people had the tank blow up on their CR-90 in the first couple turns. http://xwingeleventhhour.blogspot.com/2014/10/t2a-refueling-ambush.html https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1178141/rebel-corvette-campaign https://plus.google.com/105348220981032189167/posts/cAAao6Fbd4S
  12. Oh, apparently I did make another post about our campaign https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/127030-tantive-campaign-tough-for-the-rebels-or-just-me/?p=1333182
  13. It's a 3x5 map, and the Imperial Edge is the long edge, and the neutral edge is at the top. As Grouvy said, it makes more sense with the map. As Rebels, we decided refueling was a trap. We just broke loose and ran for it. I don't remember our exact list - we brainstormed lots of options, but I think we decided to run A-Wings to jam them up and a single Hawk with an ion turret to slow them down. The goal was just to stall while the CR-90 made its run to the right for the Imperial edge. One of our crazier ideas (that we didn't end up doing) was to field the Transport with the Ionization Reactor, and just use it as an Ion Bomb + Battering Ram, to clear the way.
  14. FYI, when you get to Mission 4, you can look at an old battle report I did https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/129490-mission-t4-minefield-point-of-no-return-campaign/
  15. There is a Star Wars The Card Game pack that is now available but this has nothing to do with X-Wing. Yeah, I know. I was... unimpressed. But it was an exciting headline when they pitched it. "Happy Force Friday! Here's an expansion for our least popular Star Wars product line."
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