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  1. WunderPanda

    Streets of Coruscant

    The green area is also odd; perhaps a moving platform leading to another board as well. Perhaps the different boards are representing different levels in the city. Heck, perhaps you could even sharpshoot from one level to another as an alternative to move via lifts or ueber-cabs!
  2. WunderPanda

    Streets of Coruscant

    Anybody any idea what this is? Maybe a new way of moving around the map?
  3. WunderPanda

    Under the Pyramids "light"

    Kraftclub, i think that is a good way to go and it limits setup timr indeed. I guess what I was aiming for is a similar approach as the "touring" versus "permanent" exhibition/play such as in Arkham Horror the curse of the pharao and the king in yellow expansions. I prefer the touring. Ode, in which i just add all the cards (except common items) on top of their respective sets and dint shuffle them untill I work my way through the expansion cards. But eldritch in that sense is a little bit different I suppose! Besides, Meretix also has a good point, why not encouter a little flavour from the expansions when playing any other version of the game :-) But then again, when aiming for a specific game of ItP, dont you think the unique items cards/ special item cards from the core set (plus my expansions MoM and Dreamlands) already mixed in for the greater part dilute the chances of actually drawing egyption themed relics and items on the side board?
  4. WunderPanda

    Under the Pyramids "light"

    No, but the point is that i try to have a fixed core set including also some of the epansion cards. The specific sideboard related cards inkeep seperate. This way i try to limit setup time and optimise storage management.
  5. WunderPanda

    Under the Pyramids "light"

    Well, for instance in MoM, eg the dog sledge asset and frosbite condition cards are easy enough in terms of theme to keep out if i do not play MoM. All other cards I leave in. But the impression I get from the reviews on internet regarding UtP, is that UtP cards are also linked to impearement tokens, some assets are egyptian theme, some are not, so it seems to make it less straight forward. But then again, maybe I am overthinking this ;-) Just trying to find a way to reduce setup time :-P
  6. WunderPanda

    Under the Pyramids "light"

    I am considering to add UtP to my eldritch collection, but not add it as a permanent installment. In fact, I was wondering if there are sufficient egypt themed asset, spells, artifact etc cards that I could keep seperate and only use when I play with the side board. Also, I would not like to use anything related to impairement tokens mixed in my permanent eldritch collection and only involve cards/ events related to impairement when it really is meaningful to the UtP theme when I choose to play it. Could a setup like this work? Or would it be too cumbersome? I did do something similar with MoM and Dreamlands and it seems to work out, but UtP seems more complex. Thanks, I appriciate the advice :-)
  7. WunderPanda

    Lets Discuss: U-Wing Crew

    I fly a Jin-Jan u-wing; evades for focus on my t70s when engaged ;-)
  8. WunderPanda

    Force Awakens Squads

    I am building a 2 player, rebellion vs new order, outfit aside of my main xwing collection which I can take for a spin to friends. So far, I stocked up my Force Awakens trunk with: 3 tie/fo, 1 tie/sf, 1 Upsilon and on the other side 3 T70s and 1 Uwing ( i know its from rogue one, but i kinda like the idea to put a retro-uwing to pitch agains the new order ties. Ive got some nice squad builds out of this set (obviously using also upgrades from my main xwing collection) but definitely see that the dark side could use more ties for build options. Note: Im pretty straight forward with rebels, but somehow the new order simply begs for more options. Flying without Upsilon only allows me to fly a Tie/sf 3tie/fo list, no sec tie/fo list.... Sooo my question is, should i buy another tie/sf or tie/fo. The tie/sf would allow me to fly Upsilon with both of them. The tie/fo would allow me to fly an (heavily upgraded) tie/fo swarm. Importantly: i do not want to fly regular ties in my list! The challenge is really to complete my force awakens trunk, which unfortunately only allows me to buy one more tie... Im a mediocre player and a sucker for confined collection, so hence me putting restrictions on my buying frenzy :-)
  9. WunderPanda

    Red Ace and Comms Relay Timing?

    This maybe an old threat, but im a new player! In any case, with this combo, once you removed a shield you will have an evade token for future combat rounds all-the-time, right?
  10. WunderPanda

    Quick Newbe build question

    Hm, and if I loose the light cruiser? I still have quite manueverable Vics due to JJ, but maybe I can balance the two fleets out a little bit? The idea really is to invite friends or play with family who dont own Armada and we still have a great time with what I have in store :-) Regarding the assault frigate, I am not so much a fan of the design cosmetically and would like to stick to the more classic cinematic designs of ships.... Running 2 MC30s however, I am not so sure yet what the strategy would be compared to the AF... Also, I managed to get my hands on some (bomber) squadrons packs which I expect in a week or so to arrive; if i put bwings alongside the xwings, would that improve the odds for the current rebel list? Ofcourse I will put a pair of bombers also alongside a Vic (with the corrupter title)!! Vic without bombers is unthinkable!!!
  11. WunderPanda

    Quick Newbe build question

    This would be the list for the first purchase: http://armada.fabpsb.net/permalink.php?sq=r16o16w5d3n4t7f18r3c2o30s2t1f3r1s1t2f1r1s1t2f6r5r6r6r6e2c16o1w1i3f2e2o31w2d1i1t3f4e37o11d5t10f34e3e4e4e4e4e4 Once models will be restocked, I am planning on the following list (though I am pretty sure i'll have to tweak it once i gain more XP): http://armada.fabpsb.net/permalink.php?sq=r16w5d1n3t7f18r3c2o30s2t1f3r1t2f1r1t2f6r5r6r6r10r11e2c16o1w1i3f2e2o10w2g1i2t3f5e37d5t10f34e8e9e3e4e4e4e4 Thanx!!
  12. Ok, here's a newbe with probably a much repeated question (although reading through the fora did help already a lot). Having played xwing, Imperial Assault and Rebelion it is time to embark on Armada! Unfortunately some of the stuff I wanna buy is currently out of stock. So Ive been thinking of settling with a modest 390 build to get started rebels (general dodona): 2xCR90; 1xMC30scout; 1xNebulonB; luke; 3xXwings imperial (jerjerrod): 2xVSD; 1xLightCruiser, 6xTies I pretty much use all upgrade cards to get to (almost)400. For imperials, i use jerjerrod for the VSDs maneuverbility and the LC centicore title to act as forward command centre for the ties i thought.... Is this a viable (and balaced) list to play 400-ish battles? Once my desired expansions are available, I would like to top it of with Squad 1 packs for each faction (particular for bombers) and perhaps a Gladiator... let me know what you think! :-)
  13. WunderPanda

    The Dreamlands

    You have the dreamlands mechanics correct, easy to get there but leaving is a tad tougher Each space containing a Dream Portal is connected by a Local Path to the space that corresponds to that token. Spaces connected by Local paths are so close to eachother that moving between them does not reuire an action. Hey, yeah I get the Local paths, just like in Antarctica and Egypt. But the ability to simply Rest and spend clue/test Will to get to the side board from the main board is great, and some folks may argue you should be able to do the same thing to get back to the main board. A bit messy flavour/mechanics wise. Man, really excited to get my copy of Dreamlands, especially because of the flavour & mechanics interaction. Your discussion above really gets your imagination going. My train of thoughts is this: Ok, so say you are in Arkham, sleeping in your bedroom apartment and willing yourself down the stairs of slumber and you think its just a dream, right? Turns out, you actually did go into another dimension and willing yourself back is not as easy as a "normal" dream! The bed your dreaming self once occupied is... empty! And you may find yourself "waking up" in Tokyo!! I mean, think about the headlines in the Eldritch world this would create! Now you have mysterious disappearances of investigators all over the world, popping up bewildered and confused on totally different locations. Only being able to explain that a fantastic and unworldly dream got them there! (except Luke of course, as for him dreaming is a mode of travel!). Nobody is going to believe you and will think it must be a con! This is great flavour and something completely different from the more physical travel modes the other big box expansions have to offer. Still, I first need to play it myself, next week i hope when my retailer has it. ....Unless I wake up in Tokyo!