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  1. Y'all make good points, and I thank you for it. With the Cybernetic weapon (blaster 2hp) i feel like I may want to be able to focus on making that and another weapon my main "tools." Kaigen, you make a good point for the point cost, and may be able to use that to my advantage to pick up another spec that would help my combat prowess.
  2. Hey guys, so I'm not a power gamer. I don't crunch the numbers and I usually play my character organically, goin with the flow of the story line and my characters reactions to the Galaxy. That being said, my group is about to do a short campaign starting at Knight Level for a guy in our group who is new to DMing. Thus, power gaming might be in my best interest for a short game, for maximum fun and ridiculosity. Character concept: The Mynock a mercenary tech based character who has all the right gadgets for all the situations (think morally neutral Batman who does things for money rather than the good of his city). Was going to go Gank and was maybe wanting to do some sort of crazy mods and upgrades to all my weapons and armor. Help and thoughts appreciated.
  3. In our last game (Mainly Edge of the Empire with Rebellion stuff added in at its release) I was an "ancient" droid of unknown origin. His original function being lost, he was re-programed as a medical droid for the front line of battle, able to heal organics as well as fix machinery. With there not being many wars at the time, F1-XR was auctioned off to an outer rim colony which was in need of a medical droid. He acted as a doctor for them until he was caught "stealing" from his patients (it was around this point that he had gained independent sentience, seeing other professionals in the colony getting compensation for their work, yet he was getting nothing. So he took his payment while his patients were under the knife). When he was found out, the colonist scheduled his memory to be wiped and a full re-programing. He then fled his colony and joined the Rebellion in an attempt to gain asylum. At which point he joined the group (being that my other character had just died). He was a doctor but also built for battle, he had a shield that was a part of his arm, and made good use of his Anatomy Lessons talent and Bad Motivator Talent. He was also a buff guy before battles (think D&D cleric with Artifact has his Domain). As it turned out, there were two more of him, and all three of them were keys to a weapon in Centerpoint Station. And because there was some pretty crazy stuff going on he ended up turning the weapon on to himself thus ending the campaign and saving the galaxy (oh and killing most of the party). In response to all the folks having trouble relating with droids in order to play them, you gotta think about it like this: Unlike many other droids in the galaxy, your character has gained full sentience and possibly independence. For you Trekkies out there, look at Data from Next Gen as inspiration, or even the freakin' Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Sometimes the droid is more 'Human" than the human, and may live life to its fullest. They aren't cold hearted or unfeeling. C-3PO was constantly worrying and being scared. R2-D2 is kind of a jerk that laughs at his friends constantly. And now we have C1-10P or Chopper from Rebels who is a caring yet evil little jerk who somehow comes across as endearing. Droids are people too. Just remember that.
  4. Oh yeah, I've been eyeing that as a possible leap to Paladin as Force Sensitive Beast Rider. And right now a droid cleric has been running around in my skull. Heals both organics and mechanics, because, why not pick up the Artifact domain. Shield and everything. But anyone else have some cool ideas. Not really making a character, just a thought experiment.
  5. Hey guys, so I've been pondering the nature of Star Wars lately, mostly about how it's more of a Fantasy/Samurai story with a Sci-Fi skin (Darth Vader as Evil Magic Samurai). That being said, has anyone made or had any characters (or even any character ideas for) in game be a fantasy type character? This may just be a case of just exclude mechanic or piloting classes, but I think there could be fantastical concepts behind the more tech centric characters.
  6. I just think we should get a Tech specialization that can do what a doctor does to organics/rigger type stuff. Plus, they can totally make the tech sourcebook into a weapons, armor, and gear guide as well as more ships and such. Wish they would stop lagging on this one.
  7. It has the look of a Separatist battle droid with lots of customization (judging by the head).
  8. Kükü Kachoo..... get it? cuz he's a walrus? I am the walrus? Yeah, Doug sounds good.
  9. So what would happen if the character chooses a ship that is silhouette 3, but is then upgraded to 4 (and then 5) with the two Larger Project talents? Is that vehicle suddenly not your signature vehicle?
  10. Well shoot, why didn't I see that before!? I guess I didn't look too closely at the talent trees (was more caught up in the force powers). These seem kinda perfect to give a character a little boost without them being over the top force users.
  11. All I am worried about is how to make my character more lucky within the rules of the universe. Since it is more like magic in a fantasy universe, I would assume a more lucky guy would have some force sensitivity. Using a force die seems like a luck die, but I'm looking to stack the deck (so to speak, though he will be doing a bit of that as well). Boost die seems acceptable to me, though I feel like there would definitely need to be some xp buy for me to feel like it is fair.
  12. I like the idea of the boost dice to simulate luck, maybe I'll talk to my GM, see if we could work out a talent type thing, or maybe even a specialized talent tree type thing (like in Dangerous Covenants and other suppliment books). Though there is something to be said for a guy that looks at the force as another kind of luck.
  13. Hey guys, just wanted to drop a question that a friend and I were discussing the other day: the force as luck. I'm making a character who is just plain lucky. And to make that happen I was going to give him some low level force powers. He said that force "sense" is the closest thing mechanically to luck, but I think that "foresee" could also be seen as a way to make a character more "lucky". Thoughts?
  14. His presence is average, a 2. Dumped a lot into Inelect at the beginning. Should have put one more in presence for the fun of it, but he's my first character. You play, you learn.
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