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  1. i love it. brings new light to the same old thing. i love new weapons also. im going to try and convince my group to try it out. if they dont like the setting i think ill just port over the weapons and the aliens saying they might be even a stronger threat then nids. i think ill have them in a mining colony where its been abandoned and the inquisition "recruits them" to help the inevestigation and provide security or something.
  2. the reason im asking is because recently ive been listening to some ig audiobooks and ive noticed in some cases where catachans could hide in the trees and jump down on chaos space marines and use the vulnerable space between the helmet/neck/body bc they were told of the weakspot by other catachans who faught them before and insta killed them with there knifes. so i was wondering how do you handle situations like that. another example is if you sneak up on a human enemy and take a knife to the throat and cover the mouth so they cant scream. thematically and realistically they would die but mechanicaly? i house rule it if the enemy passes a toughness test he is alive still and struggling to brake free as if in a grapple. oh i should also say i use a house rule where wounds are devided into bodyparts so a 12 wound human has 6hp in body 2 in each arm and 2 in each leg 2 in head and the tb goes to the body only or sometimes diffrent to mix it up.
  3. The way i do it is this. I first make a grid where 1 grid equals 10 meters. This isnt ment to be exact scale so just stay with me. Then after you do that make some terrain like trees or buildings. then place your npc squads in some of the boxs where you want your units and the enemys and this represtens that the squad is standing atleast 1 metter away from eachother applying its a squad of 10. then when a squad wants to move just move 1 box a turn unless running and then 2 boxs. for faster units move more boxs its up to you. then if they want to shoot just count how many boxs away they are in incriments of 10 so its easy. and there you have it. if you have access to a vtt you can create pretty massive battles this way allowing your players to roll for allies while you play the enemy, if not then you can make platoon/company size combat easy
  4. Ill say they can dodge. Dodge is a reaction remember so they are reacting to the dodge. Also just GM zero it and say you do the same amount of damage to the ork as the thing your ramming. That's how I do it anyways. Based on real life and it makes sense. Although you could say the ork slowed down the speed of the chimera so you might do less damage... It all depends on the story you want to tell. Or if you want it to be fun just let them be able to do what you originally did and stop worrying about the technical.
  5. If you want to do the whole they are cut off bit there is a problem. logicly speaking there first priority would be to establish communication or retreat back to main so it wouldn't really be open world. The only way would be as the guy above me suggested. The rest of the imperium retreated off the planet due to overwhelming enemy forces and forced to leave behind a large chunk of scatered forces and supplies. Your only mission: fight the enemy to the last man and survive long enough for reinforcements.
  6. So a tech priest walks into a kitchen to fix some ovens. He rolled a 100 on a tech use test. And fails to dodge the explosion. He rolled a 10 and a 9 on damage. He died. First 5 min. Welcome to only war.
  7. My advice; 1 don't give your players alot of xp. : Too much and they gain to many skills/talents to make the game in anymore. 2 try and avoid force fields. : It becomes ridiculous when somebody puts all there points into dodge and on top of that have a force field. 3 remember to plan for derailment. : since your running a adventure be sure to plan for stuff that they might do before they do it just in case the whole adventure fails. 4 have fun : it might seem stupid but if nobody is having fun be prepared to scrap the whole thing. As for house rules AVOID FORCE FIELDS. Lol. My players have got force fields on top of a stupid high dodge. It's become to the point where it's not fun anymore.
  8. I thought as much. It just seems abit strange is all hordes. It's like they could be dangerous but thy are also limited my players agree their force fields are powerful so we might just house rule it that they roll 1d100 for each horde magnitude so a horde of 30 guardsmen is fireing at them they need to roll 30d100 and If one fails the damage is normal by horde standerds. To make hordes more of a threat. Thanks for the input
  9. I been told before that I should roll to see if the force fields fail for each hit done it them but how dose if work with hordes when you have like a mob of guys shooting at you? Do you just say force fields fail bc satisticly speaking it should or just roll for the normal hits it generates?
  10. The simple answer is ther is no answer. Alot of 40k authors say there is no official cannon. It's just what they make It to be. Warp travel time is a fickle thing at best of times. It can take weeks or months to a simple jump in the same sector maybe or a few days to travel to another sector it all depends on the story you want to tell. In rouge trader you have to tell them how much time passes.that means you can be a **** and say it took over a millennia if you really want. So just make It up.
  11. Hah thanks to all the comments my psyker keeps saying he will just flicker out but I got plans. Anyways thanks for all the comments. Really useful info. I'm use to my players playing only war and in that its more fun I think but I like black crusade. It's just t seems abit over powers but ya tha me for all the thoughts and suggestions I will use some.
  12. I'm the GM of a campaign and its only 4 session in and our korn berserker has a power field protection of 50 and he has Insain parry/dodge skill. It's become to the point of its not fun. Another of my psykers also has a termy armour. Don't ask how he got it he got it. So I was wondering... Any ideas how to either cripple their force fields to the point of it not working? Or other ideas? Btw side note they were on a ship in the eye of terror but the ship had to be spat out of the warp due to almost everyone gainig a random gifts of the gods/mutation and they have to figh tothe galler fields to shut it down and im going to have it end up near the planet Mordin. I'm going to let them start a revolution there so any ideas will and ill thank you.
  13. I'm questioning this bc in real life a soldier could get the Purple Heart multiple times so I'm thinking if somebody gets the medallion crimson for instance once and he does the same thing again does he get it again and does the bonus stack?
  14. Ok I gota say I cant wait. Anyways (before my PS of fandom) I would like to add abit of cation. The Navy and the IG HATE eachother. Thats why they are in the rouge trader supplement and not in a only war suplement. They work with eachother rarely,besides planet invasion, and this is evident in the 11th hour adventure. The IG see the Navy as cowards and the Navy sees the IG as just pawns to play around with and dont care who they are hitting aslong as they hit the enemy also. When doing this you should make that clear. Give them negitives when working with other IG regements. Like if a commander on the ground orders a orbital bombadment or air support he has to have an officer of the fleet there to give the order orgive them a -20 fellowship mod for the order etc or else its a "We have orders from high command to not waste ammunition,or a timed bombardment is scedualed to take place in 8 hours 6 minutes and 34 seconds and no order will not change that due to etc etc". Also for the Dominate make them have Navy surplus with some modification based on the area they are in to give them an advantage but have them always outnumberd. The Dominate isnt iffy about changing their gear unlike the Navy so they can have strange modifications to make them better. Ps:I just gota say I been waiting for something like this forever... I been Cheesing it for the past few years as a GM and I gota say its about time. I know that the IG and Navy are diffrent and rarely work togeather and in fact hate eachother but they are in the same combat "zone" as they both have intrests in winning the war... I know in Rouge Trader there was a few flyiers but to see it in Only War is awsome. When its done I am deff going to print it out, put it into a special binder and give it its own special place on my shelf next to the other rulebooks.
  15. They did do the investigation. They just did a really bad call. I even told them in the after game talk that they made the wrong choice but I decided to still role with it. When they talked to the rouge pskyer they felt that he was behind the attack and not the older brother. I told him that if you strongly believe that let the local arbites handle it since they are used to it. They said if they let a rouge pskyer live for so long they felt that they wernt doing there job even though as an arbitrator I told them that the other arbitrators were busy discovering and dealing with other xenos artifacts recently and so the players felt that they were getting stretched way to thin than and thats why they wanted to do it personally. But on another note I like your idea. They could still do the investigation in a way but ill just make the pcs who are still down there among the survivors or even more murder but not by undead but by a bullet or a bolt round like in a battle as if the older brother took out his adversaries to prepare for the ritual. I can do as you said and still have them do the battle and other things so it might not be so bad than, Thanks for the advice. I was going to do something like that and ya now I could "flesh" it out. lol.
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