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  1. STAR WARS ARMADA: THE CORELLIAN CONFLICT (A History) A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... [Cue STAR WARS title sequence and opening crawl.] The Galactic Civil War rages on. The REBEL ALLIANCE and the GALACTIC EMPIRE continue to fight for control of the galaxy. The DEATH STAR has been destroyed and the REBELS have left the YAVIN system, searching for a new home base to coordinate their fight against the EMPIRE. The CORELLIAN SECTOR, one of the most important regions of space is now the biggest battleground being fought over by the REBELS and the EMPIRE. The EMPEROR puts Grand Admiral TREBOR in command of the Imperial Armada, whose mission is to take control of the sector and use it to further the ends of the EMPIRE. MON MOTHMA of the ALLIANCE, places Grand Admiral JOSEPH in command of REBEL forces, trying to keep the sector from the clutches of the IMPERIALS. The greatest campaign that the galaxy has ever seen is about to begin.... Me and my friend are about to play a modified version of the Corellian Conflict. It will be a story based campaign with dialogue and narration. It will start slow and get bigger and bigger as we move along. I hope you enjoy this exciting story as the brave heroes of the REBELLION, take on the evil might and determination of the EMPIRE. Coming Soon: Prologue.
  2. i like the maps. pretty cool. i have a lot more stuff to tell. hurricane Irma kind of wrecked us here in SOFLA for a while.
  3. but still moving west and the winds are taking a hit from Cuba
  4. the advisories are getting better. with each new advisory, the track shifts a little westward. now i hope it gets to the gulf and stays away from florida and just fizzles out i dont want anyone else getting this thing if we dont
  5. pompano beach here, we are going crazy down here
  6. i have some expansions, assault frigates and gladiators, we are just waiting for some more stuff. and he wanted to stay with some low point games. i have no issue with it, but once we have everything, we will be going strong.
  7. We did manage to get a game in. The story was: while approaching the planet Nubia in the Corellian system, two CR90B Corvettes are surprised by a Victory-II Star Destroyer. Instead of retreating into hyperspace, the Rebel ships decide to do battle against a superior enemy. Cast of Characters: (125 points) Objective: Advanced Gunnery Rebel Forces: (1st Player) CR90B Corvette , Mon Mothma, Nav Team. CR90B Corvette X-Wing Squadron Empire Forces: (2nd Player) Victory-II Star Destroyer, Admiral Screed, Weapons Liaison My friend and i played this small skirmish twice and it came out the same way. I first played the Empire and he moved both his corvettes into medium range of the VSD. With Admiral Screed and with the Advanced Gunnery objective being used, i blew up Mon Mothma's ship in a one shot and he resigned the game pretty much after that. In the second game, i played the Rebels this time. I tried to keep my corvettes away from the VSD and i was actually able to get a few hits on it. My X-Wing Squadron did poke a hole in the VSD's shields, but they really were not a factor in this small contest. But he played the Victory-II very well, cause he learned the game fast. He took out my objective ship, then proceeded to destroy the other CR90B. I was able to get the game to Round 4 before i was toasted. As we await the arrival of Hurricane Irma down here, we might try to get one more game together. He still prefers to play low point contests until he feels more confident in playing standard games. We are also awaiting my other expansions to arrive.
  8. we wanted to play again this weekend, but hurricane Irma has other plans i think for south florida. please wish us well.
  9. Decided to introduce a friend to SWA. With only a limited number of ships that i had, although i have the rest of the expansions coming, my friend just wanted to try a one ship vs one ship duel. I said okay, lets try this. With only 100 points for each fleet, here was the cast of characters. Rebel: CR90A Corvette: Mon Mothma, 2x X-Wing Squadrons Imperial: Victory-I Class Star Destroyer: Admiral Motti, Defense Liaison We decided to not use any objectives or obstacles on the play-mat. The rules for this short game was simple. He would command the Victory-I and his mission was to destroy the CR90A. I would command the corvette and if i could survive for 6 rounds, i would win. In a nutshell, i used my two X-Wing Squadrons to keep his Star Destroyer busy and to bomb him from time to time causing shield damage and i was able to score a hit on his ship. With my corvette moving all around the board at speed 4 and staying medium to long range, his Victory-I was not really able to get good shots at me. Using evade and re-direct a lot, i survived for six rounds and won the game. Yes, my ship took a couple of internal hits, but i was able to move around the board very fast and pretty much he only got into close range once. My X-Wings were a big nuisance to him. After we played, we took a trip to our closest gaming store and he picked up a Core Set. I would say that we have another SWA player on board.
  10. Question: How do i get more space to upload pics and files?
  11. Thank you, sir. Star Wars Armada Battle Stories will be coming soon.
  12. I dont know if this is the section of the forum, but if i have some battle reports that are done as a story narrative, is it okay to place them here or should i place them in another section of the forum? Please forgive my noobness!
  13. yes, i have two copies of EVERY expansion. Two copies make sense because of the ship cards and the upgrades. plus the Chimera is cool and so is the MC75
  14. i still think that the Super Star Destroyer is coming very soon. they are just working on the size, balance, upgrades, commander and other things before they release this monster into the wild.
  15. thanks guys, i have read the rules and everything in the core set and i will getting two of each expansion to fill out my collection. i will probably have more rules that i will need answers on. May the Force be with you!
  16. ok, so if i understand this: my Nebulon-B fires at a Victory-I Star Destroyer. After i roll my dice, i tell my opponent that my INTEL OFFICER has marked his BRACE token. If he decides to use it to take half damage off the attack i hit him with, instead of flipping it over to the red side, he loses the BRACE token for the rest of the game?
  17. I still dont get this card and i am new to SWA. What does this card do and when do you use it? Can someone give me a thorough example of this card being used?
  18. Even though i think that Thrawn and the Chimera is going to be an awesome expansion, the truth is i agree with Skycake. It is just an ISD with a new coat of paint on it and extra cards. That being said, i am still going to get two copies of this expansion along with the MC75. Now, FFG lets get that Super Star Destroyer out there. I know that they are working on that thing, trying to get the right size and balance for that ship. I have no doubt that the EXECUTOR is coming soon.
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