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  1. 19 minutes ago, Lyraeus said:

    There are also many people looking at that price point and blanching hard core. Or we have the waifs who flit in bemoaning how it isn't how they wanted it. 


    I think having an SSD on the table is going to draw attention. A lot of attention. 

    I cant argue with you concerning the price of that thing, that's for sure.

    But to a lot of Armada players and just plain Star Wars fans, they might not care that much.

    That thing is going to fly off the shelves IMO.

  2. thats another thing i like about this game

    so...if Leoric of the Book gets a little pissed off, and he doesn't feel like blasting an Arcane Bolt at a monster, i could see him going up to Grisban and saying, "Hey, Shorty.  Do u have an axe i could use?  This Goblin Archer is just too annoying for me to stay back.  Im getting up close and personal."

    and Grisban would probably say to him, "How do you fire that Arcane Bolt, laddy?"

    So this is what you can do in the game right?

    Give Leoric an axe and let Grisban use the Arcane Bolt if you wanted to?


  3. Another NOOB question.

    According to the rules, any heroes can wield any piece of equipment or weapon no matter the class?

    EX.  Leoric of the Book equipping a Steel long-sword, Avric Albright using a rune weapon, Grisban equipping a bow and Jana using an axe.

    Are all of these examples legal in the game?

  4. So if i rest with the 1st action and i move, attack, search, whatever with my 2nd action , all my fatigue is removed after my 2nd action which would be at the end of the turn?

    And of course if i move, attack whatever with my 1st action and i rest with the 2nd action, the fatigue is STILL removed after the 2nd action?

  5. Question:

    A hero gets two actions per turn.

    Can his first action be a rest action, which recovers all his stamina, then use stamina to perform movement and then use a second action to attack?

    According to the rules, REST is considered (1) action and it doesn't state that the hero is done with his turn.

    Am i interpreting it correctly?



  6. 54 minutes ago, tomkat364 said:

    Yep. You already have the campaign that was originally sold as a hard-cover book, no need to purchase it again. 

    Thank you my friend.

    Another question.

    I was told that if i dont have any of the 1st edition Descent material, the Conversion Pack is not necessary since most of the heroes and monsters from the 1st edition will be in the Hero and Monster packs.

    I also have Oath of the Outcast on the way to me as well.

    So is this a correct statement?

    Oh yeah...I also asked FFG if they have any copies of the THE SHADOW RUNE quest guide laying around that they can send me.

  7. The friend i introduced Star Wars Armada to, introduced me to Descent.

    I just purchased the Descent Core Set and the six Lieutenant Packs that go with it.

    Since i am a completionist, i will be getting all expansions, hero and monsters sets, CO-OP expansions and lieutenant packs.

    But i have a question:

    Since the core set comes with HEIRS OF BLOOD as the campaign, and not too insult my own meager intelligence, does this mean that i DO NOT have to purchase the HEIRS OF BLOOD campaign book?



  8. Battle 7: Talfaglio


    [Space.  Asteroid Field.  Three TIE Fighter squadrons and Howlrunner’s TIE fighter squadron are flying in and out of the asteroids.  They are making very quick maneuvers as they continue practicing for the upcoming battle.]

    [Howlrunner’s TIE]

    Howlrunner: “All fighters, stay in formation.  It is satisfactory that you train with vigor here in these asteroids, but there are to be no mistakes.  The Rebels will soon be here and I want to destroy every last one of them.”

    COMM: “Yes, ma’am.  We are ready to dispatch the Rebel scum from the Talfaglio sector.”

    Howlrunner: “Excellent.”

    [Space.  Two Imperial ships appear from inside the asteroid field simultaneously.   The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Bruiser and the Victory II-class Star Destroyer Warlord, freshly repaired from its last battle a little while ago.]

    [Warlord, bridge]

    Bridge LT: “All TIE Fighter squadrons are forming up into their battle lines, Captain Bleak.  Howlrunner has sent a signal stating that she is awaiting further orders.”

    Captain Bleak: “Very well.  The system of Talfaglio will be a perfect place for me to get revenge on the accursed Alliance for putting the Warlord out of action.  For the glory of the Emperor, we will not fail this time.”

    Bridge LT: “Message from the Bruiser.  Ready for battle says Captain Orlock.”

    Bleak: “Tell Orlock that I want the Bruiser to take point in this battle.  He will do the main damage and I will finish them off.”

    LT: “Yes, sir.”

    [Space.  Asteroid Field.  A group of Rebel ships have arrived to defend themselves and this sector.  The CR90 Corvette A Social, the CR90 Corvette B Public and the Assault Frigate Mark II B Crackerjack.  Three squadrons are also with them.  An X-wing squadron, a Y-wing Squadron and Tycho Celchu’s A-wing squadron.]

    [Celchu’s A-wing]

    Celchu: “Yes!  It’s about time my A-wings get into the fight for the Corellian sector.  I was almost beginning to think that they would never ask us to get here.”

    COMM:  “Calm yourself, Tycho, this isn’t some walk in the park, you know.  Grand Admiral Joseph is counting on us to hold Talfaglio as long as possible.”

    Celchu: “I know, Captain Gold, I know.  It’s just that I have been waiting to give the Empire a beat down for a long while.”

    Captain Gold:  “Well, you are going to get your chance.  There are four squadrons of TIE fighters and according to our data, Howlrunner’s squad is included in the enemy roster.”

    Celchu: “Howlrunner?  That Imperial *****?”

    Gold: “Yes, Tycho, that Imperial *****.  Please give her something to remember us by.”

    Celchu: “Ha ha ha!  I was hoping you’d ask that.”

    [Crackerjack, bridge]

    Commander Sether: “Captain Gold, all systems are primed and ready.  Two Victory-class Star Destroyers, the Bruiser and the Warlord.   That’s what the ID computer has classified.”

    Gold: “The Warlord?  I thought we toasted that bastard the last time we met.  The Empire is getting quicker at repairing their ships.  This time, let’s make sure that they cannot repair her.  Order the two corvettes to straddle us and stay within defense range.  Two Victorys are still very tough to beat.”

    Sether: “Orders acknowledged, Captain.”

    [Warlord, bridge]

    Bleak: “Tell me Lieutenant, is that the same assault frigate we faced the last time?”

    LT: “Yes Captain, it is the Crackerjack.”

    Bleak: “Very well.  Let’s tear that ship apart.  Imperial forces, attack!”


    Battle Roster:

    Expansion added: Rebel fighter squadrons   Max Point Value: 210


    Empire Fleet (1st Player): 209

    Victory II-class Star Destroyer Warlord (85)

    Warlord (8)


    Victory I-class Star Destroyer Bruiser (73)

    Veteran Captain (3)


    (3) TIE Fighter Squadrons (24)

    Howlrunner (16)


    Rebel Fleet (2nd Player): 210

    Assault Frigate Mark II B Crackerjack (72)

    H9 Turbolasers (8)


    CR90 Corvette A Social (44)

    H9 Turbolasers (8)


    CR90 Corvette B Public (39)


    X-wing Squadron (13)

    Y-wing Squadron (10)

    Tycho Celchu (16)


    Objective: MOST WANTED (Warlord and Crackerjack)


    Round 1:

    No attacks. 

    The Imperial ships launch squadrons as they Move the TIE fighters into position.

    Both VSD have two squadrons close to them with Howlrunner staying with the Warlord.

    The Crackerjack moves closest to the Bruiser, while the two corvettes close in on the Warlord. 

    The Rebel squadrons, led by Tycho Celchu approach the TIEs, preparing to engage them.


    Round 2:

    Not much in the way of attacks, however, the Bruiser takes a couple of long range shots at the Crackerjack.   The shots are braced and evaded. 

    The Rebel ships close in even further.  The squadrons stay within distance and two TIEs make a bombing run on the assault frigate, doing no harm.

    The Public and the Social want to take on the Warlord head on.  Maybe not the smartest to do, but two corvettes should get some nice hits on a VSD at close range.

    Squadrons advance on each other.  Both sides playing a short chess match with each other.


    Round 3:

    The Warlord makes it attacks on the Social.  Gives it a good shield pounding, but nothing more as the Social evades and redirects.

    The Crackerjack fires on the Bruiser, but fails to do anything.

     The Bruiser however, gets a full frontal alpha strike on the assault frigate.  But thanks to some good bracing and re-directing, the Crackerjack is ok.  However, both the VSD and the AF smack into each other and crunch each other’s hull a bit. 

    The Public makes a nice hit on the Warlord which drains its shields all over the ship.  Both corvettes are now right behind the Victory-II which has no shields on its rear. 

    The squadrons now take center stage.

    Howlrunner and a supporting TIE fighter attack Tycho, but he scatters and braces, only losing a couple of A-wings in the process.  He fires back, but scores no hits.

    Two TIE fighters attack the Crackerjack, killing its right shield. 

    The Y-wings approach the Bruiser, while the X-wings destroy a TIE Squadron.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!


    Round 4:

    The Warlord attacks the Crackerjack, taking out shields but scoring nothing inside.  It also neutralizes the Social’s rear shield. 

    The Crackerjack shoots out the sides and hits the Warlord twice.  It takes serious critical and internal damage.  Not wanting to risk destruction, the Warlord hyperdrives out of the system.  REBELS SCORE 178 POINTS! (most wanted ship)

    The Bruiser now gets its shot on the assault frigate.  The Crackerjack has nowhere to go as it takes a strong frontal attack.  It also hypers out of the system.  IMPERIALS SCORE 152 POINTS!

    The Bruiser, suddenly turns and warps out as well.  The Rebels hold and capture Talfaglio.



    Battle Score:

    REBELS: 186    EMPIRE: 152   (MOV=34 REBELS)

    Translates to:


    Campaign Score:

    REBELS 41   EMPIRE 37   (MOV=213 REBELS)


    [Hyperspace, Warlord, bridge]

    Bleak:  “How much damage did we take this time, Lieutenant?”

    LT: “Quite a bit, sir.  We might be in the repair dock for a couple weeks.”

    Bleak: “Very well.  At least we pretty much wrecked that accursed rebel ship, the Crackerjack.  However, we lost the Talfaglio system to the Alliance.  Grand Admiral Trebor might not appreciate a second failure from my ship.”

    LT: “We are getting a signal from the Armada, Captain Bleak.  It says return immediately.”

    Bleak: “Acknowledge the signal and set course for the Armada.”

    LT: “Yes, sir.”


    [Hyperspace, Crackerjack, bridge.]

    Gold: “Is there no hope of repair her at one of the space docks?”

    Sether: “No, sir.  The Crackerjack is barely holding itself together.  This ship will be probably scrapped when we get back to the Grand Fleet.”

    Gold: “She did a great job, commander.  She will be sorely missed.”


    [Celchu’s A-wing]

    Celchu: “This was my best shot at blowing that ***** out of space and we really didn’t get much of a chance.”

    A-wing pilot (over comm): “Don’t work about it, skipper.  I’m sure that we are going to have a lot more Imperials to shoot at in the coming days.”

    Celchu: “Yep, and they will have a lot more rebels to shoot at also.  Let’s get back to base.  At least we captured another star system in the Corellian sector.  Now that is a victory.”


    Next Time:

    Battle 8:  Sileria

    It only gets tougher!

  9. Interlude 2:

    [Retrieval, Adar Tallon’s Quarters.  A hologram appears on his desk in the form of a man wearing a white uniform.  The outfit is fitted with insignia and ribbons all over it.  A small shield with six pips is on the right upper side of the jacket.]

    Adar Tallon: “Good evening, Grand Admiral Joseph.  This is Tallon.”

    Grand Admiral Joseph: “Good to see that you made it out of Centerpoint alive, Adar.  I heard about the corvette Pretension.  They never got a chance.”

    Tallon: “There were too many mines in the area where we fought the Imperials.  The Pretension went right into the minefield and they couldn’t maneuver very well in there.  It was a terrible loss, sir.  I know that we are still getting reinforcements for the Corellian campaign, but every ship in our fleet is precious.  Just losing one really hurts.  The Empire has access to more resources than we do and they can replenish their ships more easily than we can.”

    Joseph: “That is very true, Adar.  Did the Empire suffer any damage in that skirmish?”

    Tallon: “I think that the Victory-class ship took some light damage, but that was all.  We did shoot down a TIE squadron as well.  Really not much was done to the Empire, sir.  What’s worse, they have Centerpoint.  The first system captured inside the Corellian system.”

    Joseph: “This campaign, Adar, has a very long way to go.  It really hasn’t even started yet.  These small skirmishes are little victories and little defeats.  But don’t get me wrong, my friend, I feel the loss of every ship under my command.”

    Tallon: “I know you do, sir.  Your reputation is impeccable.  It’s an honor to serve under your command.”

    Joseph: “No, Mr. Tallon, the honor is mine.  To serve with great people such as Leia Organa, Antillies, Dodonna, Ackbar, and many others, has been a privilege.  I know that Mon Mothma has confidence in all of us to protect the Corellian sector from the Empire.  It is our duty, and we will succeed.”

    Tallon: “We have been fighting the Empire for several weeks now, Grand Admiral.  Do we know who’s in command of the Imperial Forces yet?”

    Joseph: “I have my suspicions, but I have no concrete evidence to make an educated answer to your question, Adar.  Rest assured, I will let everyone know when I know.  In the meantime, I have some good news for you.  We have received fighter squadron reinforcements from the outer rim territories.”

    Tallon:  “That’s excellent.  Now we will have Y-wings, A-wings, and B-wings.”

    Joseph: “Yes, but we also know that the Empire is also getting new fighters as well.  So be prepared to face off against other TIE squadrons, such as advanced fighters, interceptors among others.  We have more squadron reinforcements coming as well, but they won’t be here for some time yet.”

    Tallon: “So Grand Admiral, what’s our next move?”

    Joseph: “When you return to the Main Fleet, I will go over it with you and the other commanders.  Until then Adar, finish repairing your battle damage and get back here as soon as possible.”

    Tallon: “Yes, sir.  Adar Tallon out.”

    [The hologram disappears.  Tallon activates his comm link.]

    Tallon: “Hogry, this is Tallon.”

    Hogry: “Yes, sir?”

    Tallon:  “Get those repairs finished and get us and the Acquittal back to the Main Fleet as soon as you can.”

    Hogry: “No trouble, Commander.  We are almost done.”


    [Somewhere in a very large room, on-board another very large ship, a man walks over to a mirror and looks at himself. He doesn’t smile, but he closes his eyes.]

    Grand Admiral Joseph: “I am one with the Force…and the Force is with me.”


    Next Time:

    Battle 7:  Talfaglio

    What is next?

  10. Battle 6: Centerpoint




    [Space.  Some distance from Centerpoint station, outside its scanning range, a large minefield protects the system.  For a moment, the system is empty, then shooting out of hyperspace, a lone X-Wing Squadron soars into the area.  The fighters stop short of the minefield.]

    [X-Wing: Purple Leader]

    Purple Leader: “Purple boys, this is Purple Leader.  Are all fighters accounted for?”

    Pilot (over comm): “Yes, Purple Leader, we are all here.  I just started scanning the minefield surrounding this area of Centerpoint and they indicate that all mines are active.  We need to be careful, sir.”

    Purple Leader: “Copy that, Purple Two.  We aren’t going anywhere yet.  The rest of our force hasn’t gotten here.  Any communications from our ships that were supposed to be here with us?”

    [Space.  As soon as Purple Leader finishes his question, three Rebel ships appear out of hyperspace right next to the X-Wings.  The Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Acquittal, the Nebulon-B Support Frigate Retrieval and CR90 Corvette B Pretension.]

    [Retrieval, bridge]

    Adar Tallon (over comm):  “This is Adar Tallon on board the Retrieval.  Glad to see everyone here made it.  You guys might be wondering what we are doing here near Centerpoint’s minefield defenses.  Well, it’s very simple.  After our win at Raider’s Point, we learned that Centerpoint was the Empire’s next target in the Corellian sector.  Grand Admiral Joseph said that engaging the Imperials near this minefield was to be our defensive action before we try to take this system for the Alliance.  So far, the Empire hasn’t taken us very seriously.  He believes as well as I do that that is going to change very soon.  We know the Empire is here somewhere in this system.  So all ships, to your stations and prepare for battle.”

    Commander Moeh: “Adar, the Acquittal and the Pretension are giving us the signal that they are ready for anything.  Our X-Wings have formed up to our right side.  I hope one fighter squadron is enough for this.”

    Tallon: “We didn’t have much choice, Commander.  That was all we could spare for now so let’s hope the Empire didn’t bring too many TIE Fighters with them either.”

    [X-Wing: Purple Leader]

    Purple Leader: “Okay, boys.  Form up next to Tallon’s support frigate, the Retrieval.  We will stay with them and protect it from any enemy fighters that come its way.”

    Purple Two: “What about those mines, sir?  What if the Empire attacks through that minefield anyway?”

    Purple Leader: “We will cross that bridge when we come to it, Purple Two.”

    Purple Four: “Well, Purple Leader, it looks like that bridge just came to us.  Imperial ships detected!  Just coming out of hyperspace on the other side of the minefield.”

    Purple Leader: “Purple Four, is there a reason why you always try to keep spoiling my day?”

    Purple Four: “Not my intention, sir.  Although my mom did say that when I was born, a black womprat was seen outside our bedroom window.”

    Purple Leader: “I knew it had to be something like that.  Radio the Retrieval and let Adar Tallon know what you just saw.”

    Purple Four: “Roger that.”

    Purple Two: “Purple Leader, this is Purple Two.  I think the Empire has brought some help.  I do see a Victory-class Star Destroyer but I’m not sure about the other ship.  It looks smaller though, sir.”

    Purple Leader: “I recognize it.  Tell the Retrieval that they are going to have their hands full.  The Empire has just introduced Gladiator-class Star Destroyers into the campaign for the Corellian sector.  Which means, our jobs just got tougher.”

    Purple Two: “Roger that!”

    [Space.  Two Imperial ships and one TIE fighter squadron form up alongside the minefield.  The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Wildcat and the Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer Iconoclast.  Both ships turn to face the small Rebel attack force and prepare to do battle.]


    Battle Roster:


    Expansions Added: Gladiator.  Max Point Value: 200



    Empire Fleet (1st Player): 198


    Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer Iconoclast (56)

    Grand Moff Tarkin (38)

    Engine Techs (8)

    Intel Officer (7)

    Sensor Team (5)


    Victory I-class Star Destroyer Wildcat (73)

    Director Isard (3)


    (1) TIE Fighter Squadron


    Rebel Fleet (2nd Player): 200


    Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Acquittal (57)

    Enhanced Armament (10)

    Intel Officer (7)


    Nebulon-B Support Refit Retrieval (51)

    Adar Tallon (10)




    CR90 Corvette B Pretension (39)

    Advanced Projectors (6)

    Nav Team (4)

    Weapons Liaison (3)


    (1) X-Wing Squadron


    Objective: MINEFIELDS


    Round 1:

    No attacks.

    The Imperial ships move forward into battle and barely avoid the mines.

    The Rebel ships aren’t so lucky.

    The two Nebulon-Bs avoid the mines but the corvette forgets where it is and strikes TWO mines.

    The Pretension takes 3 damage and one critical very early into the battle.

    There is no escape as the Pretension lights up the darkness and vanishes. IMPERIALS SCORE 52 POINTS!


    It never got to fire a shot.

    The X-wings and TIE Fighters fly into the fight.


    Round 2:

    The Wildcat approaches a mine and smacks it.  Takes a critical and one damage.  It received blinded gunners as the critical.

    Adar Tallon’s Retrieval moves even closer to the Gladiator-I.  No attacks since it’s still too far away.

    The Iconoclast strikes the Retrieval, doing shield damage, but it also strikes a mine and takes a critical hit.  Its capacitors are knocked out.

    The Acquittal takes a shot at the Wildcat, scoring shield damage but that is all.  Then moves forward into a mine as well and it takes two damage internally.

    The mines are making short work of the Rebels.

    The squadrons decide to engage one other and begin dog-fighting.


    Round 3:

    The Wildcat uses an engineering command and repairs one damage card. 

    He then fires at the Acquittal, striking it on the side.  It takes shield damage, but was able to evade the 2nd shot from the Victory-I.

    The Wildcat moves even closer to the Rebel ships, smelling blood.

    Adar Tallon’s ship uses a squadron command and activates the X-wing that are near them.  They strike the TIE fighters and blow them out of space.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!


    Then Adar Tallon re-activates the X-wing and they approach and attack the Wildcat, scoring two shield hits.

    Then the Retrieval attacks the Iconoclast, not doing much of anything.  Then it takes a side shot at the Wildcat, but doesn’t do much of anything.

    The Gladiator I-class Star Destroyer has a great shot at the Retrieval.  It fires from the front and side of the ship at close range, doing major damage to the Retrieval.  It takes FOUR internal hits, crippling it.

    Adar Tallon has no choice.  With one damage point left on the Retrieval, he calls for an immediate retreat.  Both the Retrieval and the Acquittal activate hyperdrives and warp out of the system.

    The Empire takes Centerpoint!



    Battle Score:


    EMPIRE 52   REBELS 8   (MOV=44 EMPIRE)


    Translates to:




    Campaign Score:


    REBELS 35   EMPIRE 32   (MOV=135 REBELS)




    [Retrieval, conference room, three hours later]

    Tallon (raising a glass):  “We are here to pay respects to the brave men, women and alien races that were on board the Pretension, which was lost to mines at Centerpoint.  They gave their lives in the hope that freedom will live on and that peace will someday return to the galaxy.  They will be remembered as heroes who fought for the cause.  Let their memories never fade away.”

    ALL: “Let their memories never fade away.”

    Lt. Commander Hogry: “Commander Tallon, I have just received word from sickbay, sir.  Commander Moeh has passed away.  He took shrapnel from one of the hits we received from the Imperials.  They couldn’t save him, sir.”

    Tallon: “He will always have a place in my thoughts, Hogry.    It seems that every day in this war, we lose good souls to the void.  Make sure his family is notified and send them my condolences.”

    Hogry: “Yes, sir.  Oh and one more thing sir, Grand Admiral Joseph has requested to speak with you.  He is sending a signal from the flagship and he wants you to receive it in your quarters.”

    Tallon: “Very well.  I’m on my way there now.”

    [Space.  Purple Leader’s X-wing fighter]

    Purple Leader (to himself): “Let those who fall, rise up above all!”




    Interlude 2




  11. 57 minutes ago, Swusn said:

    I'm in Coral Springs, I'm trying to get regular sessions going near me but unfortunately there is not to much interest. There used to be a group that got together every Thursday in Miami but the store closed down and it never really got going again.


    If you are interested PM me. I usually play at Loot: games and Comics.  https://www.facebook.com/LootGC/

    i know where that is, not too far from me.

  12. Battle 5: Raider’s Point




    [Space.  The vast nebula at Raider’s Point.  Huge, malevolent and awesome.  Shooting out of hyperspace is the Warlord, a Victory II-class Star Destroyer.  It makes its way towards the nebula at a moderate but cautious speed.  A few minutes pass and six TIE fighter squadrons launch out of the Warlord’s hangar bay and take positions next to the Imperial ship.]


    [Warlord, bridge]

    LT: “All squadrons have been launched, Captain Bleak.  They have formed up alongside us and await further orders.”

    Captain Bleak: “Very well, Lieutenant.  The Warlord has been outfitted with some good upgrades this time.  I think that we will crush any Rebel forces here at Raider’s Point.  The Spynet here at this sector is known for having very good and reliable information.  We will procure its secrets today and then capture the system.”

    LT: “Moving ahead at moderate speed, sir.  I’m ordering our sensor teams to increase productivity.  Nebulas have a habit of messing with our sensors and scanners, captain.”

    Bleak:  “Very well.  Maintain course.”


    [Space.  Inside the dust clouds of the nebula, two Rebel ships lie in wait for the Victory II.  The Nebulon-B Support Frigate Reclamation and the newly arrived Assault Frigate Mark II-B Crackerjack.  Two X-wing squadrons are escorting the larger ships.]


    [Crackerjack, bridge]

    Captain Gold:  “This is going to be a great day.  The Imperials don’t even know we’re in the nebula AND they still haven’t found out that we got some reinforcements in these new assault frigates.  I want to give that Victory-II a bloody nose!”

    Commander Sether:  “We might be able to do more than that, Captain.  With a Nebulon-B helping us, we might just take it out.  However, according to scanners, that VSD has some good upgrades for this mission.”

    Gold: “Yes, I saw them XO.  Plus having six TIE squadrons is pretty good protection.  I hope our X-wings can take out a couple of their fighters.  As much as I want to put that Imperial ship out of action, I still have to obey my orders for the mission.  Get the spynet information and capture Raider’s Point.  Losing Forvand Station hurt us a few days ago and we need to make up some ground.”

    Sether:  “Yes, sir.  We definitely need to give a little payback to the Empire in some way.  The entire Corellian system is counting on us.”

    Gold:  “Well, let’s not let them down this time.  Activate engines to full power and inform the Reclamation that we are going in.  Let’s gets that payback you were talking about, Commander!”


    Battle Roster:


    Expansion Added:  Assault Frigate Mk II   Max Point Value: 190



    Rebel Fleet (1st Player) (176)


    Assault Frigate Mk II B (Crackerjack) (72)

    Intel Officer (7)

    Gunnery Team (7)


    Nebulon-B Support Refit (Reclamation) (51)

    Enhanced Armament (10)

    Weapons Liaison (3)


    (2) X-Wing Squadrons (26)


    Empire Fleet (2nd Player) (174)


    Victory II-class Star Destroyer (Warlord) (85)

    Warlord (8)

    H9 Turbolasers (8)

    Overload Pulse (8)

    Intel Officer (7)

    Expanded Hangar Bay (5)

    Sensor Team (5)


    (6) TIE Fighter Squadrons (42)



    Round 1:

    No attacks this round.

    The Crackerjack moves forward but turns slightly to get the Warlord into its side arc.

    The Warlord moves forward into the battle.

    The Reclamation moves into the area as well but keeps its forward arc towards the Victory-II.

    All Squadrons move into the battle, 3 TIE Fighters get into position to attack the 2 X-wings, while 3 other TIE fighters approach the Nebulon-B.


    Round 2:

    All the units seem to stay out of the dust fields in the nebula with some good positioning.

    The assault frigate is not in range to attack yet. 

    He moves closer to the Warlord.

    The Rebel ships are moving very cautiously, keeping their speed slow to allow the Victory-II Star Destroyer to get closer to them.

    The Warlord uses a squad token to activate 4 TIE fighters, due to expanded hangar bay.  They attack the X-wings and the Nebulon-B.

    They knock out 4 X-wings in one squadron but fail to destroy it.

    The Warlord moves closer to the Crackerjack.

    The Reclamation is in range to fire at the Warlord.

    The Warlord takes shield damage.

    The frigate does an anti-squadron attack at an approaching TIE fighter, which misses.

    The frigate then moves closer to the VSD.

    The X-wings decide to get some revenge for their fallen comrades.

    One X-wing squad obliterates a TIE fighter squad.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!

    The other X-wing squad immolates another TIE fighter squad.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!

    The TIE fighters now move and get closer to the Reclamation, but no attacks.


    Round 3:

    The Crackerjack has the Warlord in its side arc.

    Using concentrate fire, it attacks the Warlord.

    Attacking the front hull of the VSD, with the help of Intel officer, the Warlord takes damage on the front hull.

    The AFMKII, does some damage to a TIE fighter squadron nearby.

    It moves forward to keep the Warlord in its side arc.

    The Warlord activates squadrons.

    A TIE fighter attacks the damaged X-wing that was near it and puts it out of action for good.  IMPERIALS SCORE 13 POINTS!


    Other TIE Fighters attack the frigate getting a little shield damage.

    The VSD strikes the assault frigate, but does moderate shield damage only.  It also attacks the frigate, but misses.  The Imperials still need training it looks like.

    The Reclamation decides to attack the Warlord, even though it is surrounded by TIE Fighters, attacking the weakened side hull of the VSD.

    It scores 2 ACC and 3 HITS!

    A huge blast into the Warlord, which scores 3 internal damage.

    The frigate attacks the side again from a different hull zone and scores a critical hit, “Disengaged Fire Control” and another hit.

    The Warlord is not looking good.

    The Squadrons attack. 

    X-wings destroy another TIE Fighter.  REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!




    Round 4:

    The Crackerjack attacks the Warlord from the side.

    The Warlord loses its brace for the game, but it does suffer shield damage.

    Then the Crackerjack flies into a dust field, shielding it from attack.

    The Warlord does shield repair, which was very badly needed.

    The VSD decides to attack the Nebulon-B support frigate, Reclamation.

    The Reclamation, due to overload pulse, has all defenses exhausted.

    But the only damage it takes is shield damage.

    The VSD however, continues to move forward, exposing a very fragile rear hull to the Rebel ships.

    The Reclamation decides to fire at the Victory-II, but scores only shield damage.

    X-wing squadrons do a bombing run on the Warlord, one is re-directed but one goes internal.

    The Warlord, being the flagship of all Victory-class Star Destroyers in the Imperial Armada, cannot afford to be lost at this juncture.

    TIE squadrons attack the Reclamation, but are unable to do anything.


    Round 5:

    The Crackerjack fires out of the dust field and at the rear of the Warlord from two hull zones.

    3 Hits and 2 Accuracies!

    The ACC cancel out the defenses and three go internal.

    Just before its impeding destruction, the Warlord leaps into hyperspace and escapes the battle.

    But the Rebels still get the score for its “destruction”.  REBELS SCORE 118 POINTS!




    Rebels claim Raider’s Point sector!

    Battle Score:


    REBELS: 142    EMPIRE: 13   (MOV=129 REBELS)


    Translates to:




    Campaign Score:


    REBELS 30   EMPIRE 26   (MOV=179 REBELS)



    [Crackerjack, bridge]

    Gold: “Yes!  That is how it’s done!  I told you that this would be a great day for the Alliance.  We not only gave that Imperial ship a bloody nose, we put it on life support.  What is the final report, Commander?”

    Sether: “We knocked out the VSD and three TIE fighter Squadrons.  We lost one X-wing, but no damage to us or the Reclamation.  It looks like a great victory for us, sir.”

    Gold:  “As I knew it would be.  Communications, now that the Empire has left the area, are we receiving any transmissions from the Raider’s Point spynet?”

    COMM: “Wait one, sir.” (pause) “Captain Gold, the information is starting to come through.  I’ll send it over to your quarters for you to debrief it, sir.”

    Gold: “I’m on my way there.  Commander Sether, come with me.”

    [Crackerjack, captain’s quarters.  Captain Gold has just finished analyzing the cryptic message that was sent from Spynet.]

    Gold: “So, it looks like the next target in this system is Centerpoint, but they are not sure if it’s the station that will be attacked or another part of the system.  But the info has been confirmed.  So now, that means that we can be ready to thwart the Empire once again.”

    Sether:  “Should I alert the Main Fleet that Centerpoint is next, Captain?”

    Gold: “By all means.  The sooner they know, the better.  I’m not one that likes to waste time, Sether.  Get that transmission sent!  Then, order the Reclamation to place sensors all over Raider’s Point as this system is now under our protection.  As I have said before, what a day for the Alliance!”


    [Hyperspace, Warlord, bridge.]

    Bleak:  “According to damage control, this ship will be out of action for weeks, if not months.  We barely escaped.  However, when we return to the Armada, I will inform the Grand Admiral that Rebellion reinforcements are starting to arrive.  Their new assault frigates are going to be very tough nuts to crack.  But that being said, the Empire shall also be receiving reinforcements and when they get here, the Alliance will be annihilated and the Corellian sector will belong to the Empire!”


    Next Time:


    Battle 6:  Centerpoint


    A great one I hope!


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