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  1. I just started playing this as well and so far I have AH decks up to AHC 21. I have not opened any of those decks, just my two Core Sets and I am about to play The Devourer Below and probably the first scenario of The Dunwich Legacy this weekend. I feel that I only want to use the cards that came with the previous sets first as I move thru the AH series and then add cards later as I open the new packs and then deck build. I feel that it keeps the story that I am playing current instead of using cards that were NOT available when the older packs were released. But that is me and I am still a noob at this awesome game. The choice is up to you how you want to play. You can decide to add new cards if you wish and it wont break the story. It may make it easier. It wont take away any of the challenge that Night of the Zealot will bring, IMO. If you want a suggestion, I would NOT use the Return to Night of the Zealot cards in your first plays of the game so that you can learn the mechanics. The Core Set was designed to be played as is when it was first released before any expansions came out. When you do decide to use RTNOTZ, its almost like playing a completely different game as changes were made to the campaign and certain cards. You can say that the Return To...boxes are game patches, so to speak! Just my opinion and welcome to the world of Lovecraftian Horror! P.S. Remember to take a shower after you play, for you WILL feel guilty about playing a game based on the works of HP Lovecraft! 😄
  2. I got this bag for my tokens! No longer available though! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MDLN3XY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. I have The Miskatonic Express on its way from eBay! I had to purchase Curse of the Rougarou and Carnivale of Horrors from FFG and they are now coming! My Dunwich Legacy is complete and I have started ordering The Path To Carcosa Cycle! Going in order of model number now at AHC12! Cant get enough of this game!
  4. I just purchased ALL of Eldritch Horror and played a solo game versus Azathoth! Fell in love with the game mechanics and how quickly the game can play with one or two investigators. No resolution since we had to pack up earlier than we hoped but I'm looking forward to some solo play versus the Ancient Ones!
  5. I have learned it is never too late for anything. I have worn out my SW: Armada set, now I have gotten into Eldritch Horror and Arkham Horror LCG I have already purchased TWO Core Sets and I have found a copy of The Dunwich Legacy and have now started ordering packs in order of model number. AHC03, The Miskatonic Museum can be found on eBay and the like, but I have passed it and will get it later and have already ordered AHC04 The Essex County Express with all the rest of the expansions on schedule. Eldritch Horror is awesome and so is the AH LCG, since I play those solo and the games are never the same twice! Never too late to deal with the Mythos and somewhere out there, Cthulhu is waiting to devour us all. However, the only issues that I have about these games being based on HP Lovecraft is that every time I finish playing a game, I have to go take a shower for I feel I did something wrong! LOL Advice: Don't ever tell a police officer that you read a story written by HP Lovecraft! He may take you right to the Psych Ward for further evaluation! LOL
  6. Name: Small Ships, Lots Squadrons Faction: Rebel Commander: Garm Bel Iblis (Do you think that MAYBE he could be useful in a fleet like this? He never gets any love!) Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions Nebulon-B Support Refit (51) • Garm Bel Iblis (25) • Engineering Captain (6) • Engineering Team (5) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Yavaris (5) = 98 Points MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • General Draven (3) • Flight Controllers (6) • Cluster Bombs (5) • Rapid Reload (8) • Heavy Turbolaser Turrets (6) • Foresight (8) = 99 Points Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57) • Weapons Liaison (3) = 60 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Lando Carissian (4) • Jamming Field (2) • Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (6) • Bright Hope (2) = 32 Points Squadrons: • 2 x Y-wing Squadron (20) • E-wing Squadron (15) • 2 x X-wing Squadron (26) • Tycho Celchu (16) • Lancer Pursuit Craft (15) • Jan Ors (19) = 111 Points Total Points: 400
  7. i used snipping tool to take a pic of the errata cards, then printed them out and placed them into the sleeves of the actual cards i have.
  8. Questions to all: (1) To all the people that have many multiple copies of expansions, how many of them have you used in gameplay? (2) Did you guys buy all these multiple copies for the upgrade cards or just to have a huge model collection, which is cool i think? (3) What do you do with SEVEN ISDs?
  9. 1 core set 3 each of all expansions 1 Corellian conflict 1 chimaera
  10. thank you all for your input. believe me, i know that these fleets are garbage. But seeing you guys improve them is what gives me ideas to play with. For instance, schmitty1701 had some ideas on my Vette Vanguard Fleet. I took his advice on the changes to it. I played with it twice at my local store and won 1 and lost 1. Trust me guys, you are helping me win.
  11. Battle 11: Tralus Random Point Value: 219 (Minor Battle) Faction: Rebel (First Player) Commander: General Rieekan Assault: Station Assault Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation: Dangerous Territory Assault Frigate Mk2 A (81) "Gallant Haven" • General Rieekan (30) • Support Officer (4) • Veteran Gunners (5) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) • XX-9 Turbolasers (5) • Gallant Haven (8) = 145 Points Squadrons: • Ketsu Onyo (22) • Corran Horn (22) • 2 x Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (14) • X-wing Squadron (13) = 71 Points Total Points: 216/219 Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Konstantine Assault: Opening Salvo Defense: Hyperspace Assault Navigation: Solar Corona Quasar Fire II-class Cruiser-Carrier (61) "Squall" • Admiral Konstantine (23) • Minister Tua (2) • Flight Controllers (6) • Fire-Control Team (2) • Quad Laser Turrets (5) • Squall (3) • Electronic Countermeasures (7) = 109 Points Gozanti-class Cruisers (23) "Vector" • Weapons Liaison (3) • Slicer Tools (7) • Phylon Q7 Tractor Beams (6) • Vector (2) = 41 Points Squadrons: • TIE Interceptor Squadron (11) • Darth Vader (21) • Ciena Ree (17) • Colonel Jendon (20) = 69 Points Total Points: 219/219 [Space. The Gallant Haven is on patrol near the planet Tralus. Surrounded by squadrons, it makes its way towards the far side of the planet.] [Gallant Haven, bridge] Gen. Rieekan: I am really suprised about all this. After winning over Talus, GADM Roberts now sends me to Tralus. However, he allows me the use of the Gallant Haven, which he knows is designed really to combat Imperial squadrons. I sometimes wonder if he thinks too highly of me. Support Officer: I dont think that you have to worry, Sir. The Grand Admiral has a lot of confidence in you. Riekaan: I thank you for the vote of confidence, Mr. Seer, but it doesnt make me feel any better. Tralus is the twin of Talus and we already know that the Empire is here, waiting for us. One assault frigate might not be enough for us to win the day. Seer: I trust in your command abilities, Sir. You tell us what you want done and it will be done. Flight Controller: General Rieekan, Corran Horn wishes to speak with you. Rieekan: This is General Rieekan. What do you have for me, Corran? [Corran Horn's E-wing fighter, cockpit] Horn: A bunch of itchy trigger fingers, General. The Empire is here, i can feel it. My fellow pilots need to shoot down some TIEs. Ketsu Onyo (over comm): You dont waste any time do you, Corran? Just be patient like the rest of us. Horn: Patience, Ketsu, might get yourself blown out of space. I just want to turn some Imperial fighters into space dust. Rieekan: Well, you about to get your wish, Corran Horn. Sensors have just picked up Imperial ships. Looks like a light carrier and Gozanti-class cruisers. Squadrons have just left the carrier's hangar bay and are already approaching the planet. Horn: Good. Lets show them some Alliance resolve. All fighters, get into attack position and prepare to engage. [Squall, bridge.] Minister Tua: I told you, Admiral Konstantine, we came out of hyperspace too close to Tralus. I sometimes wonder how you were chosen for Imperial Fleet Omega. Admiral Konstantine: Silence, Tua. Tua: That's Minister Tua, Admiral. You still havent acknowledged my statement. Konstantine: Because it does not need to be acknowledged. I am in command of this small force and i will decide how to proceed. Now, first off, get the squadrons out of the hangars and make way for the planet. Second, Tell the Vector's slicers to begin their operations immediately. Third, inform our special guest that he may begin his flight operations. Tua: That special guest of ours is Lord Vader. You tell him yourself! I have to go check on our defenses. (She leaves the bridge) Konstantine: I cant stand that woman. (opens a channel) Lord Vader, it is an honor for me to inform you that you may exit the Squall whenever you wish, my Lord. [Space. Two TIE Interceptor squadrons, a Lambda-class shuttle and a squadron of TIE Advanced fighters shoot out of the Squall's hangars.] Darth Vader: Stay in attack formation and follow my every command! Is that understood? Ciena Ree (in her fighter): We obey my Lord! Colonel Jendon (in his shuttle): We obey my Lord. [The Imperial squadrons join up near the carrier, while getting communications from the Gozanti flotilla. It is only a matter of minutes before the fight begins...] Objective Chosen: DANGEROUS TERRITORY ROUND 1: The Gallant Haven moves forward and overlaps a a debris field and takes two damage to shields on the rear. REBELS SCORE 15 POINTS! The Vector turns to the port, but it activates Vader and Ree and they scream forward toward the field of battle. The Squall activates squadrons and sends Jendon and the TIE Interceptors closer to the Gallant Haven, while the Squall moves forward to get into the battle and stay with the squadrons and get closer to the the Assault Frigate. All rebel squadrons move into the battle, but none are in range of anything yet. ROUND 2: The Gallant Haven activates 3 squadrons and sends then into battle. Corran Horn snipes one of the TIE interceptors squadrons and eliminates them with 3 hits. REBELS SCORE 8 POINTS!!! Setso Onyo attacks Jendon and scores a hit and one of the Z-95z approaches vader and Ree. The Gallant Haven gets into close range with the Squall, waiting its next turn to unload on it. The Vector activates Ree and Vader. Vader goes after Horn and does small damage while Ree attacks a Z-95 and does small damage. The Vector moves straight forward to stay cloes to Vader and Ree. It overlaps an asteroid field and gets token. EMPIRE SCORES 15 POINTS! The Squall activates Jendon and he attacks Corran Horn and does 2 damage as Horn braces a strong attack from the Lambda Shuttle. It then attacks the Gallant Haven doing shield damage and moves away from the assault frigate overlapping a whole bunch of squadrons which breaks them up. The last Rebel squadrons move closer to battle. ROUND 3: The Gallant Haven strikes the rear of the Squall, doing two damage. Anti-squadron does 1 damage to Vader. The frigate then moves directly behind the light carrier. The Squall activates Vader, Ree and Jendon. Vader and Jendon take out Corran Horn as he is blasted to dust. EMPIRE SCORES 22 POINTS! Ree eliminates one of the Z-95 squadrons. EMPIRE SCORES 7 POINTS! The Squall scratches the Gallant Haven's shields and moves away from it. The Vector does not attack anything moves closer to the Squall. The Rebel X-wings attack Vader and 1 damage while the other Z-95 Headhunters move closer. Setsu Onyo attacks Vader and scores two damage. ROUND 4: The Gallant Haven fires on the Squall doing 6 hits. Braced and redirection results in one critical. It then moves to face another down shield on the light carrier. The Vector activates squadrons and Vader, Ree and Jendon attack. The Rebels lose the other Z-95 Squadron. EMPIRE SCORES 7 POINTS! The Vector does light damage to Onyo, then it moves away from the fight. The Squall activates and starts to run. The remaining Rebel squadrons activate and Ketsu Onyo sends Darth Vader spinning out into space. REBELS SCORE 22 POINTS!! The X-Wing attacks Ciena Ree and does two damage. ROUND 5: The Gallant Haven gets a long range shot on the Squall and does good damage thru a down shield. The Squall is disabled and warps out of the system. REBELS SCORE 109 POINTS!!! BATTLE OVER! SCORE: REBELS 154 EMPIRE 34 REBELS 7 EMPIRE 4 Rebels gain foothold on Tralus! [Squall, bridge] Comm officer: Admiral Konstantine, a message from Lord Vader. Konstantine: Put it through, Mr. Wiss. Darth Vader: Admiral Konstantine, the Emperor and Grand Admiral Trebor will not be pleased with this failure. I will make my report of your failure as commander of this force over Tralus. Do you have any objections, Admiral? Konstantine: No my Lord. I have failed as you have said. I will await the Emperor's judgment. Vader: Yes you will. [Space. The remains of Vader's TIE Advanced squadron shoots into hyperspace and leaves the damaged light carrier behind.] [Squall, bridge. Enter Minister Tua and Ciena Ree.] Ciena: Nice going, Admiral. Lord Vader is going to make sure that the Emperor has our heads because of this lousy strategy you tried. Konstantine: Im not worried at all, Ms. Ree. Lord Vader may be the Emperor's right hand man, but its Grand Admiral Trebor who is in charge of Imperial Fleet Omega and the Emperor has given him full command and authority over all Imperial Forces. Even Lord Vader does not have any power over Trebor. He is the Emperor's favorite. Tua: You had better be right, Admiral. Sickbay says that Colonel Jendon was injured during the battle, but should be fine. However, it looks like the Rebels have gained a stronghold on Tralus. We will need another day to try and capture the planet. [Gallant Haven, bridge.] Seer: The Imperial ships have lest the system, General. We can now begin Tralus negotiations. Rieekan: Very well, but this battle came at a cost. Setsu Onyo just reported that we lost Corran Horn. He died fighting for what he believed in. I will inform Grand Admiral Roberts. Since this was only a minor battle over Tralus, we can only hold hold diplomatic relations with Tralus. So send our delegations down to the planet's surface. Then prepare to return to Alliance Fleet Alpha. Seer: Yes, General Rieekan. Next: Battle 12: Vagran Who will be the next to go? Since Corran Horn was scarred in an earlier battle, he is removed for the remainder of the Corellian Conflict!
  12. Name: Mon Calamari Build Faction: Rebel Commander: Admiral Ackbar Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Planetary Ion Cannon Navigation: Dangerous Territory MC80 Star Cruiser (96) • Admiral Ackbar (38) • Overload Pulse (8) • XI7 Turbolasers (6) • Spinal Armament (9) • Mon Karren (8) = 165 Points MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) • Caitken and Shollan (6) • Reinforced Blast Doors (5) • External Racks (3) = 77 Points MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100) • Reinforced Blast Doors (5) • External Racks (3) • Assault Proton Torpedoes (5) • Aspiration (3) = 116 Points Squadrons: • 5 x Z-95 Headhunter Squadron (35) = 35 Points Total Points: 393 How about this one?
  13. im just creating fleets to see if there can be improvement, which it looks like there always with me.
  14. Name: All Squadrons, Follow me! Faction: Rebel Commander: Commander Sato Assault: Targeting Beacons Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Superior Positions MC80 Command Cruiser (106) • Commander Sato (32) • Adar Tallon (10) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) • Leading Shots (4) • H9 Turbolasers (8) • Independence (8) = 176 Points Pelta Command Ship (60) • Flight Commander (3) • Fighter Coordination Team (3) • All fighters, Follow Me! (5) • Expanded Hangar Bay (5) = 76 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Flight Commander (3) • Jamming Field (2) • Boosted Comms (4) = 27 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) • Flight Commander (3) • Jamming Field (2) • Boosted Comms (4) = 27 Points Squadrons: • VCX-100 Freighter (15) • Gold Squadron (12) • Y-wing Squadron (10) • Rogue Squadron (14) • Wedge Antilles (19) • 2 x A-wing Squadron (22) = 92 Points Total Points: 398 This fleet is designed to be squadron heavy and pretty much should be able to activate squadrons for attack runs anywhere on the board. Okay guys...Improve this fleet!
  15. Battle 10: Talus Point Value: 237 (Minor Battle) Faction: Rebel (1st Player) Commander: General Rieekan Assault: Most Wanted Defense: Fighter Ambush Navigation: Salvage Run MC30c Torpedo Frigate (63) "Warning" • General Rieekan (30) • Support Officer (4) • Flight Controllers (6) • Cluster Bombs (5) = 108 Points Assault Frigate Mk2 B (72) "Perfection" • Navigation Officer (6) • Flight Controllers (6) • Boosted Comms (4) • Quad Battery Turrets (5) = 93 Points GR-75 Medium Transports (18) "Programs" • General Draven (3) • Comms Net (2) = 23 Points Squadrons: • X-wing Squadron (13) = 13 Points Total Points: 237 Faction: Imperial Commander: Admiral Screed Assault: Close-Range Intel Scan Defense: Fire Lanes Navigation: Intel Sweep Quasar Fire II-Class Cruiser-Carrier (61) "Pursuant" • Admiral Screed (26) • Engineering Captain (6) • Ruthless Strategists (4) • Veteran Gunners (5) • Disposable Capacitors (3) • Pursuant (2) = 107 Points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) "Prevent" • Engineering Team (5) • Quad Laser Turrets (5) • NK-7 Ion Cannons (10) = 110 Points Squadrons: • Whisper (20) = 20 Points Total Points: 237 [Space. The MC30 Torpedo Frigate Warning approaches the far side of the planet Talus. The Assault Frigate Perfection is by its side. On the bridge, General Rieekan sits down into his command chair and studies the viewscreen which shows the planet and the stars beyond.] Rieekan: Okay everyone, lets get to battle stations. Thanks to some friends we have on Talus, they have informed us that the Empire has already arrived into their orbit. The good news is that they told what Imperial ships there are. Officer: We have it here, Sir. A light carrier and an Interdictor cruiser. The report also says only one squadron is guarding them. TIE Phantoms they think. Should we launch our X-wings? Rieekan: Not yet, Mr. Tyson. Lets get into battle range first. Has General Draven and the Transports arrived yet? Tyson: Yes, General. The Transport ships just warped in next to the Perfection. They are hanging back though. I dont think that they want to get close to the battle. Rieekan: Well they are going to have no choice in the matter. We will need their Comms Net ability to help us out. Tell them to get into formation, but to be very cautious. If there is an Interdictor cruiser here, it still has some good firepower. The light carrier isnt an easy target either. Tyson: Yes Sir! [Space. The three Rebel ships have formed up together and prepare to face the Imperial threat. The Empire has sent the Quasar Fire II-Class Cruiser-Carrier Pursuant and the Interdictor Cruiser Suppresion Refit Prevent. Then a small squadron of TIE Phantoms emerge from the hull of the carrier and form out in front. This is the squadron of Whisper, the ace of the TIE Phantoms. ] [Pursuant, bridge.] Screed: This is Admiral Screed! The Rebels have found us a little early it appears. No matter. Open fire and destroy them all! Objective Chosen: MOST WANTED ROUND 1: The Rebel ships move first as the MC30 frigate is given the Most Wanted token. The Imperial Interdictor gets the other. No shots fired in the round as all ships get into a good position. ROUND 2: In this round, the Pursuant decides to go after the Warning as Screed believes that he can knock out a small ship very fast. But the Warning uses movement to stay out of the firing arcs of the larger ship. Whisper's TIE Phantom Squadron heads after the X-Wings and does moderate damage, before taking some hits himself. He cloaks and gets away. The GR-75s do not do their movement correctly and are dangerously close to leaving the board. The Perfection gets into attack range and deals some shield damage to the Prevent. The Prevent fires back but only scratches a shield or two. ROUND 3: The Warning gets into an excellent firing position and gives the Pursuant some major damage with good accuracy shots. Whisper's TIE Phantoms are activated by the light carrier and attack the Warning. They get nothing and cluster bombs eliminate Whisper's fighters. REBELS SCORE 20 POINTS! Whisper manages to limp back to the Interdictor instead of the carrier. He believes the carrier is going down. The Pursuant fires it's weapons at the MC30, knocking down shields and scoring small damage. The GR-75s leave the board. They escape but the Empire gets points. EMPIRE SCORES 23 POINTS! The Perfection has a medium range shot on the Pursuant. With no shields on the attacked side, the Assault Frigate blasts away at the Light Carrier! The carrier is disabled and forced to leave the area. Admiral Screed is furious! REBELS SCORE 107 POINTS! The Prevent takes a shot at the Perfection, but only manages to knock down a shield with some bad dice rolls. ROUND 4: The Warning is moving very fast and it will take some time for it to get into long range on the Prevent. The Prevent could still be able to damage the Perfection, which is closest to it. But the Perfection has better side firing arcs and it gets into a side shot. Plus, the assault frigate uses engineering and recharges its shields. The surviving Rebel X-wings do a bombing run on the Interdictor and do nothing, but they are still there to harass the large ship. Knowing that this battle cannot end well, the Prevent warps out of the area and leaves the Rebels as the winner. REBELS 127 EMPIRE 23 MOV=104 TRANSLATES TO: REBELS 7 EMPIRE 4 REBELS CAPTURE TALUS!!! [Hyperspace. Pursuant. Bridge] Screed: Curse the Rebel scum! They will pay for this outrage against my personal pride! I swear that i will not fail again. The Empire will reign supreme and all will be under our control! [Warning, bridge.] Rieekan: It look slike the Empire has lost the will to fight. Well done, everyone. Did General Draven and the transports get away? Tyson: Yes, sir. They have landed on Talus and are beginning their negotiations for control of the planet. This was a nice win for us, General. Riekaan: Yes, Mr. Tyson, it was indeed. Next: Battle 11: Tralus Will there be revenge?
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