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  1. The Impstar and the Moncal cruiser are on large bases, when you look at them there is much more space between the legs and the front shield counter.
  2. Yeah, Fey'la, only got a foothold in the Alliance because he was the sole survivor of the Kothlis cell that had decoded the data gained by the rebels from the Suprosa, he was negotiating a price for the intel with the Executor, bearing down on him. As seen in X-wing: Alliance.
  3. Err, re impstars not doing it, Captain Yonka did that with Freedom in X-wing book 4, The Bacta War.
  4. Not EVERY SINGLE game, Shadows and XWA didn't.
  5. Or maybe the Container Transport http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Container_transport which looks like it would have more space for crew and utilities.
  6. If FFG are working on a 1 combat and 1 support huge ships design for each faction, the scum support could be a Mobqet transport which would allow them to use the Suprosa as a named version.
  7. X-wing series Yoda stories KotoR The warlords mod for homeworld 2, the best Star Wars fleet battles I've seen in a game.
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