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  1. Thanks Ginkapo, I checked the registration link and the runners up at Nationals events have a reserved ticket. I've registered and will see what happens next. Now to fork out for my airfare etc if I can get it past the Mrs. S.
  2. As the second place at the UK Nationals (… I share in your glory) I was told there was a reserved seat but no further details were given. They even said it would be the first week in May at FFG. Who did you email to get your ticket?
  3. Assault on Starkiller Base would fit for the new movies, Resistance and First Order only. Usual Alt Art prizes would be fine. Alternatively base it around the set piece battle in "The Last Jedi" and include the new ships coming out.
  4. Warhammer Fantasy Battle (AoS now) and Warhammer 40k have existed alongside each other for decades... there is room for fantasy and sci fi in this market.
  5. I see your swartz is as big as mine.... let's see if you can handle it as well...
  6. Easiest way is to have two qualifying pools, one on Friday and one on Saturday and have a cut from each play Sunday. That way you cater to both groups, those who can only make a weekend event and have no interest in the wider convention/expo and those who don't want to spend the whole weekend playing and would like to see the expo. As it stands, I'm probably only going to play Friday of Euros even if I make the cut so I can spend time at the Expo. Maybe play a side event on Sunday.
  7. Great write up, any thought on a TIE bomber shuttle as a support ship?
  8. After Action Report - CC-AK-001 Commanding Officer: Admiral Konstantine Fleet: Shadow Fleet Sector: Corellia System: Aurea Threat Level: Amber Intel: ISB agents have long predicted a rebel insurgence in the Corellian System, its shipyards and commerce an obvious target for the terrorists. Following a campaign of low level insurgency in which they have attempted to set up bases and outposts in the sector, it appears that the Alliance is now preparing to commit fleet resources to further their aims. Interrogations of a rebel traitor undertaken by the ISB 12 hours ago have revealed that an imminent strike by a rebel fleet commanded by Admiral Madine will occur in Aurea System. Known for his lightning raids with fast moving ships, the deployment of interdiction assets is recommended to ensure that the fleet can be engaged effectively by star destroyers and bomber squadrons. Mission: Defend the Aurea system from Rebel incursions and construct a base to prevent the Rebels from establishing a presence in the system. Pre-action: Upon receiving the intel about the rebel strike, I immediately volunteered the Shadow fleet for the defence. It would allow the perfect opportunity to field test our latest fighter developments as well as deploying the experimental G8 projectors in an operational environment. The ISB interrogation report included the fleet composition and battle deployments, allowing me to deploy an ambush for them within the solar corona of the Aurea system. With the star at our backs, I was confident our new technologies would carry the victory and earn the favour of Lord Vader and the Emperor. Opening Manoeuvres:- As they exited hyperspace, the rebel fleet was moving at speed and split into two elements, with the Liberty on our left flank and two assault frigates to our right. The rebel fighter group of mixed X-wings, A-wings and E-wings in the centre. I immediately ordered my flag to cut off the Liberty and maintain the field advantage, while ordering the interdictor to deploy the G8 projectors to pin the frigates in place. Our fighters engaged in the centre under the experienced command of our flight controllers. However, in the initial engagement, the controllers were too busy collecting telemetry data on the new fighters to effectively coordinate their attacks. After a stern dressing down, they quickly focused on directing the fighters to a greater effect. The initial fighter engagement went extremely well, gaining the jump on the rebels inflicted quick losses on their lead elements. Of note, Strom was able to record sufficient kills to be honoured as an Ace. From there the situation deteriorated. It appears that the infamous Rogue Squadron has been deployed to the sector under the command of Madine and they single-handedly stymied the rebel losses. Even Strom, fresh from his victory against the A-wings failed to inflict casualties on the squadron. He even recklessly fired through our new Defenders in an attempt to finish the Rogues off but succeeded only damaging our own fighters. While Imperial doctrine allows for "acceptable losses" in fighter engagements, the endangerment of our prized experimental fighters cannot be tolerated. That pilot is as reckless as he is effective. Initial Engagement At this stage the speed and manoeuvrability of the rebels became apparent. The Liberty was in danger of slipping around our flank and gaining the field position within the corona, while the AFIIs were closing in on the interdictor’s flank Captain Bracus of the Centicore was ordered to block the advancing MC80 battle cruiser to pin it in place for our ISD, which he dutifully followed at great personal risk to his ship. However, an extraordinary burst of speed saw the Liberty able to slip past the Arquitens and escape the ISDs main turbolaser batteries. They must be using some advanced engineering to move that quickly, something to note when engaging this fleet in future. Fortunately, by slipping past our arcs, the liberty was unable to bring their batteries to bear either, allowing the Centicore to manage the incoming fire onto her shields. The fighter engagement was ongoing, which was of concern as our bombers should have been freed up to engage their capital ships by now. Even the commitment of Gamma Squadron with their anti fighter loadout was unable to finish the Rogues off and were in turn destroyed by the same. One other instance of note was our bombers reported receiving long range effective fire from the squadron of E-wings. It appears that the rebels have been trialling new squadron tactics which we should study in depth in an attempt to neutralise and if at all possible, imitate. While the phantoms performed well in the initial engagements, they lack the endurance for a protracted battle, something to be aware of in future. Closing stages and withdrawal This led to the engagement of interdictor by two AFIIs approaching in line astern. While the interdictor class cruiser is a formidable ship, this engagement could have gone either way. Fortunately, the two frigates chose to close in rather than skirt the debris field on the right flank, allowing the interdictor to engage them one at a time with effective fire from her midrange batteries. The G8 experimental projectors were a complete success. They managed to pin the lead frigate in place to block the following ship. This required the lead ship to maximise their thrust in an attempt to escape and avoid a collision from the following ship. Forcing the frigate into the debris field and pinning it there with the G8 projectors enabled the interdictor, ably supported by our Gozantis, to heavily damage the ship with raking fire. As it turned to escape, the interdictor was able to catch the rear engines of the frigate with concentrated fire to cripple the ship. The return fire from both the assault frigates and the surviving X-wings dealt heavy damage to the interdictor but the loss of the lead ship signalled the retreat of the rebels as they escaped into hyperspace. Conclusions The defence of the Aurea system is complete, the mission objectives achieved and the rebel fleet has scattered. Shadow Fleet remains on station in orbit overseeing the construction of an Imperial base to keep this system in line. The prototype fighters performed as expected, though the endurance of the phantoms is of concern and will need further trials before their effectiveness can be maximised and further squadrons requested. Zertik Strom is now something of a hero among the flight crews in the fleet, despite the casualties he caused during the battle. I shall keep a close eye on him in future. Maybe the presence of another ace in the fleet will provide him the leadership to keep him in line and I think I have just the pilot in mind. Maybe I should also procure some more "expendable" fighters to fly alongside him Captain Mallix and the crew of the interdictor are to be commended on their performance under fire. The experience as veterans of this battle will stand them in good stead for the conflict ahead. I have sent the ship to Corellia for a refit to enhance her interdiction capabilities. We will ensure that no rebel will ever be able to slip through our fingers.
  9. I'm definitely getting fuzzy in my old age
  10. I thought I'd lost my profile pic, but it seems to have popped back in with this comment Edit: though the resolution of the pic is awful, gone all fuzzy
  11. Also, Stygium kicks in when you cloak again whereas light weight frame does not
  12. Eryst


    I use Hotshot Copilot on a Uwing to represent K-2SO in my Battle of Scarif lists. Would love to see a character card for him though.
  13. Also, after many enjoyable years of playing xwing v tie fighter, taking a Neb or Corvette as an imp would be fine with me
  14. Smurfwedge from our club has painted an Errant Venture. https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/237372-isd-errant-venture-and-interdictor-repaint/
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