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  1. reegsk

    TOing an event.

    A Muse has it correct. Store champs and lower (so, using a quarterly kit), the TO can participate. Regionals and above, no. But I do believe the Regionals kit includes a copy of each prize except for the trophy for the TO, so you still get the swag. And if you're TOing for a Store Champ or lower, you should let people know ahead of time just to make them aware. You also need another person to be Marshall (basically a rules arbiter) who would make any rule judgements for a game that the TO is in.
  2. Hey all! We're hosting a post-Regionals casual Winter tournament on February 16th at The Battle Standard in East Windsor, CT. Entry is $15, prizes will be from the Season 1 and Season 3 kits. Registration starts at 11, dice roll for Round One at 12:00. Come join us! Event and location info can be found here.
  3. True. A little extra punch. But the squadron wouldn't go until later in the turn, unless you dedicate your whole command to it. The main idea was to pop out the squadron with a banked token to guarantee the 75 gets the Sato bump when it's at optimum range.
  4. The Headhunter was more to keep costs down. And the difference between that and Tycho is that Tycho can be killed before the MC75 closes range. The squadron inside of the MC75 can't unless the 75 itself gets blown up, and if that's the case then you've probably got bigger problems to worry about.
  5. reegsk

    Regionals Dates and Locations

    Well, well. . .I know who you are on the forums now! And will we, perchance, be meeting at the final table for Regionals again this year? But the above quote does really hit the nail. I've been to regionals in New England for the last three years, and it went from 20+, to 12/14, to 10. Most store champs (and I went to pretty much all of them in MA, central CT and even Albany NY) for years were averaging around 4-6 (and one even had three people plus the TO). Then this year we had the two store champs Thrindal mentions which matched last year's regional tournament. I'm hoping it's a sign that the game is coming back around, but I suppose tomorrow (regionals in CT) will be a bit of a test to see if the momentum is continuing. I would assume we'll have a good dozen people. And that's not terrible, either. The tourney is in central Connecticut, so the nearest major cities are Boston and New York, both a few hours away.
  6. I've been playing around with Sato ideas too, and I have one that's a little janky, and maybe too expensive for the points cost, but I want to try it out - RLB on the MC75. Pocket a Headhunter or whatever and bank a Squad token. Then when your 75 closes to black range, pop out the little bugger to guarantee. . .well, whatever you want. Popping ExRacks and then going with Sato blue to fish for an accuracy, or just change all the dice to Black and roll seven of them.
  7. reegsk

    Raymus and Ahsoka

    Thanks for the responses, guys!
  8. Didn’t see this in another thread. Can these two combine their abilities? Basically, can you reveal the dial and gain the Raymus token, then use Ahsoka to discard and replace the token, then spend the dial to get the token matching the original command? So reveal Concentrate Fire, gain a ConFire token from Raymus. Then exhaust Ahsoka to discard the ConFire token and replace it with an Engineering. Then spend the ConFire dial to gain a ConFire token. At no time do you have two of the same token, but I’m also not 100% on whether you can interrupt the reveal dial/spend dial flow other than something that specifically says to (like Raymus or Aresko).
  9. reegsk

    Imperial fighter shortage

    There were Rebel squads in stock at my LGS a few weeks ago. Like, two or three. Now they're gone.
  10. reegsk

    Unlocking Jyn

    How? Like I said above, if you have Slicer Tools and Jyn and don't want a ship to get, say, Squadron commands. You discard Jyn to give it a Squadron Raid token, then Slicer the top dial so it's not a Squadron dial anyway. Now the other player has a garbage top dial, which they just discard to discard all Raid tokens. Jyn didn't change the situation at all. The only difference between Jyn/Slicers and no slicers is that they don't get the token for whatever command you sliced their top dial to. Best case scenario, you Raid top of turn and prevent said command, then slice later in the turn to prevent the command for next round, but that relies on a lot of good timing and banks on the opponent not having token manipulation, which is incredibly common on a ship that relies on a particular command (Wulf/Raymus and/or a Comms Net flotilla), so they'll always have the token banked. You're paying and dedicating an entire ship to delivering a Raid token once in the game, and the only difference is that you deprive your opponent of ONE command token. Is it possible to hit with Raid when they don't have a token and then slice to get two turns of command shutdown? Yes, but it's not going to happen often enough to make that points/strategy investment pay off. I've still yet to see someone explain how Jyn and Slicer Teams synergize so nicely that a player should build a list around it.
  11. reegsk

    Unlocking Jyn

    If you have Slicers, though, you don't need Jyn. If you're using Raid to block a command, but you're slicing that command into something else anyway, save yourself the maneuvering and points investment of Jyn. ****, take another GR-75 with slicers (25pts) versus the 40pts you need to put Jyn onto the table, or just put Cham on there instead of Jyn.
  12. I had a similar thought as well, but toyed with the idea of investing a few more points and replacing the Pelta with a Redemption Neb-B, Raymus and PE. Then those dial+token+MCEF MCs could discard three damage cards in a single turn (or a Liberty with an Engineering Team could raise 5 shields), while also getting shields bounced to them by the Neb. The Neb is also faster and more maneuverable, and if someone gets a halfway decent combat ship to either one, they're probably dead.
  13. reegsk

    Officer Vader in Corellian Conflict

    Is there an FAQ/ruling on how to treat other discarded upgrades, like ExRacks? Personally, I like story-based campaigns, and my gut wants to say they're gone. . . but that doesn't really fit the rules framing of CC. As an example of what I mean, you can have a Motti ISD with 13 faceup damage cards, but as long as it isn't reduced to 0 hull it's just as healthy as a ship that just flew out of the shipyards. That's not a criticism of the rules, mind you, just a statement on the campaign structure. Given that standpoint, I would posit that any discard upgrades are returned. And you could make a logical argument that any non-unique upgrade, or even a unique upgrade like Strategic Advisor, is simply the person who replaced the executed officer. I mean, Vader was all about strangling dudes and then field promoting the person next in line.
  14. reegsk

    Unlocking Jyn

    Admittedly I haven't tried to use her effectively, but in my experience the only effective investment in Raid for the points is a Gauntlet. With Rogue, you can deploy it way out on the side and your opponent can either ignore it or dedicate a portion of their squadron strength to stopping it. It's a minor annoyance at worst, and completely ignoring it isn't the best idea. I did have a single Gauntlet throw off my entire strategy because I forgot about it and didn't plan accordingly, so at a bare minimum it'll force your opponent to think about it. And if your opponent doesn't have good token manipulation, it can shut down a carrier or prevent that critical Nav/Engineering. Jyn, on the other hand, can only be added to an Assault Frigate (instead of Gunnery Teams), an MC75 (instead of Ordinance Experts), or a Hammerhead -- the only viable choice on the list. But a Hammerhead is only Speed 3, not overly maneuverable (1-1-0 at Speed 3), and not very good at surviving heavy fire, so it'll probably die, and possibly even before it delivers its cargo. So you suicide 40pts to maybe inconvenience your opponent for one turn, but probably not because they'll see it coming and just bank the token they need to negate Raid and use the command anyway.
  15. reegsk

    Imperial fighter shortage

    I had a dynamite build back about two/three years ago that relied on Bombers and Advanceds plus some aces, but that died with the Rhymer nerf, and I haven't tried it since. My local meta has such a high squadron damage alpha strike that Advanceds just aren't worth it. Two of them are a 24pt meatshield with no tokens that can die to three squadron activations with decent rolling (Mauler and two Interceptors or Defenders), meaning that a beefy carrier will still have three more of their über squads to attack the rest of your fighter group. ****, the only significant points sink I've put into Escorts lately has been a Biggsball with Jan Ors. To the OPs question, though, it's scarce everywhere. Used but complete Fighter I sets are trending around $40 USD on eBay (retail for $20), and have been for months. Given the fact that they're still not even At the Printer, we may go a full year with them out of stock from the manufacturer. And bear in mind, they were out of stock LAST WINTER, came back in stock around March/April, and promptly sold out again. Thankfully, though, Imps have some good stuff in Fighter II so they can compensate. Rebel Fighter II tends to appeal to niche lists (VCX token shenanigans, Headhunter spam [which I've yet to see IRL but really, really want to], and, uhhhhh. . .Lancers?).