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  1. I think this is a big move. I'm kind of annoyed in the fact that I'll need ANOTHER storage solution for my upgrades, and I have a large collection of alt-art upgrades, but I get it. The only issue I see here is running out of space to put down all of your ship and upgrade cards. I mean. . .picture a fully-kitted SSD with all them upgrade cards.
  2. Very true. And it's probably going to have Ordnance Experts anyway, so it's rolling flak like a Raider-I.
  3. VSDs have 8 hull, not 9 so it's a difference of one. And even a cheaper VSD1 with Harrow and Engine Techs is now almost 20 points more expensive. EDIT - So yes, a Harrow/ET VSD1 will kill a naked Acclamator I, but at an additional cost of 18 points. With more combat upgrades, you're pushing Harrow to almost 100 points. There are many ships that could kill Harrow for cheaper, and you can only have one of them. If you REALLY wanted to, you could spam, like, 5 Acclamators into a single list.
  4. I agree. That was in the back of my mind, but I focused on other bits. I think it was a good choice on their part, and it makes them no more difficult to paint (as they should get primed anyway). It'll make it easier to identify them in big scrums against GCW fighters, too.
  5. Cheaper, and arguably better. Comparing the Acclamator 1 and VSD 1, the Acclamator is seven points cheaper, gains one forward shield, loses one side shield, loses one hull, and loses one black die out of the front. Same Command/Squad/Engineering, Brace/Redirect/Slavo versus Brace/2 x Redirect. But it also picks up a second Offensive Upgrade and it's faster. Both have garbage maneuvering. But that seven points cheaper is big. Want a carrier that can tank a little bit? Now you have a Squadron 4 ship with Boosted Comms for two points more than a VSD 1 without either upgrade. I mean, both suffer from lack of a Defensive Upgrade on the 1 variant, but we don't know what Transport does. Comparing the II variants is tougher, because we don't know the dice or points cost of the Acclamator II. I would assume it's the same number of dice (5) but we don't know color. There have to be at least some black dice, because it has the Ordnance slot, and maybe still Red because of the Turbolaser slot (although the MC30c Torpedo still has a Turbolaser upgrade), but it picks up a Defensive slot, which will make it tankier than the VSD II. I would also assume FFG will learn from its mistake and not make the I to II bump a whole 9 points like with the VSDs, so I would expect to see this almost 10 points cheaper than the Vic II. Plus we don't know what "Bombard" does. The Consulars look like a tweaked CR90 and will likely fill the same role. But note that the Armed Consular has 2 Blue flak on a 37 point ship. Even if you take them with no upgrades, that's 74pts that has a decent chance of mopping up Vulture Droid swarms from Medium Range. They'll be trickier to use against ships, because they're Blue/Black, so you're talking hitting close like Raiders but with fewer dice and no Brace token. They're also a touch less maneuverable than CR90s. The Charger looks like it trades the CR90As Red/Blue out the side for 2 x Red, but drops its flak from Blue to Black, and the second Evade for a Contain, which makes it less useful with TRCs.
  6. Yeah it can be hit-or-miss with squad heavy and squad light builds. You really don't see many moderate squad builds. It's typically max points, or no points/minimum investment (like Tycho/Shara or Valen/Ciena as an annoying speed bump). And there's no incentive to do a moderate build. If you have, say, 65ish points of squads, they're going to get stomped by max point builds, and aren't necessarily going to be super effective against a no-squad build. If you go with non-rogues, you're looking at 4-8 squadrons which would require at least one ship to push them (and more likely a ship plus a flotilla). If you go with Rogues, it's 3-4. That's not going to be able to chew through a Tycho/Shara or Valen/Ciena build quickly enough to also do significant damage to ships, and it'll get hammered by a build that relies on its squadrons to deal max damage. I think some of the biggest issues around Armada is the lag between overpowered list/rules combinations and the correction. How many years did we suffer through Engine Techs Demo hitting from out of Long Range? Or fleets with flotillas in the double-digits? Or Relay Yavaris? Or BTAvenger? I think shifting to an app fleet builder could help with those issues because it allows them to make faster changes. Removing points costs from printed cards makes it so much easier to tweak (and if players are using an app that has updated rules for upgrades, you don't have to worry as much about people getting left behind). I suppose my one thing I would like to see fixed is Intel. I get what they were going for, but the thought that one little Jumpmaster flying into the middle of an X-Wing swarm somehow allowing a cluster of TIE Bombers to just fly by on a bombing run? It makes fighter screens useless (unless you use Advanced Transponders with a ship that a) has an offensive upgrade slot and b) doesn't need it for Boosted Comms/Expanded Hangar Bay/Reserve Hangar Deck). And if they could speed up squadrons somehow, that would be nice. Squads on Squads is the slowest part of the game.
  7. I wonder if they'll add a boarding mechanic beyond the Boarding Teams/Engineers we currently have? There are several times in the CW series where both sides board enemy ships, whether it's Clones on LAATs or Droids on their breaching craft that punch through the hull.
  8. I flew a very similar list a few years ago, with Dodonna instead of Rieekan, and three Medium Transports because it was before the flotilla cap. [ flagship ] Modified Pelta-class Command Ship (60 points) - General Dodonna ( 20 points) - Phoenix Home ( 3 points) - Raymus Antilles ( 7 points) - Flight Commander ( 3 points) - Fighter Coordination Team ( 3 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - All Fighters, Follow Me! ( 5 points) = 105 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Bright Hope ( 2 points) - Slicer Tools ( 7 points) = 27 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Toryn Farr ( 7 points) - Boosted Comms ( 4 points) - Bomber Command Center ( 8 points) = 37 total ship cost Nebulon-B Escort Frigate (57 points) - Yavaris ( 5 points) - Flight Commander ( 3 points) - Nav Team ( 4 points) = 69 total ship cost GR-75 Medium Transports (18 points) - Leia Organa ( 3 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 23 total ship cost 1 Jan Ors ( 19 points) 2 X-Wing Squadrons ( 26 points) 2 B-Wing Squadrons ( 28 points) 1 Biggs Darklighter ( 19 points) 1 Ten Numb ( 19 points) 1 YT-1300 ( 13 points) 1 Y-Wing Squadron ( 10 points) = 134 total squadron cost That's the last version I had saved on Warlords. Obviously one flotilla would have to be dropped (Slicer Tools would be the easiest). I did eventually add Adar Tallon onto one of the ships, but I can't remember which now. He can be very, very clutch depending on your build. In this list, I used Adar then Yavaris to attack with Ten Numb three times, and used the Toryn Farr re-roll to help trigger his ability three times (which wiped out ten TIE Fighter/Interceptor squadrons!). In another, similar list, the Adar/Yavaris combo saw Luke burn down two Arquitens in two turns. So if you can fit it in there, they work very well together. But having Adar on the Pelta also means you don't have either Flight Commander or Raymus, both of which benefit this build. Since you need some way to feed the Pelta a Squadron token each turn, you'll either need Comms Net or Raymus. But if you take Raymus and Adar, it's an expensive, fragile ship and you can't push squads with FCC and then activate them. Honestly, I wouldn't worry about the Pelta being too expensive. Yavaris has a giant bullseye on it, so if they're attacking the Pelta they probably already killed Yavaris and your bombers, so you're dead anyway.
  9. We're planning one at The Battle Standard in East Windsor, CT for next month. Date TBA.
  10. So. . .anyone heard about a timeline for these? They had the applications post two months ago, then nada.
  11. It can’t chase small ships, though. TRC90s could get into its auxiliary arcs or rear arc and the SSD will never shake it.
  12. You could also put her on an MC75, give it a Salvo token and Expanded Launchers, then shove it in front of something and say "Go ahead."
  13. Those lists look decent. The only problem with the Imperial one is logistics - the Arqs are hard to track down right now due to supply shortages. Unless you fancy paying $80+ on FeeBay right now.
  14. The Starhawk would make sense, and they would also be able to get creative with the design. But I don't know if they would give the Rebels another Large ship. We already have three (or six if you count the two variants) and Imperials only have one. . .admittedly with four flavors. The Rebels could use another Medium ship. The MC40 could be a logical thing to fill this role, somewhere halfway between an MC30 and Liberty in terms of firepower and durability. That would also qualify as "decently sized." On the Imperial side? Well, we already have the Quasar, so I don't think the Escort Carrier is a likely addition (unless they want to make it an insane carrier, like Squad 6, but then you're bordering on unbalancing the game). There are a lot of Legends ships that they could draw on - Lancers, Carracks, Tartans, Broadsides, Acclamators. . .and several of those would likely be Medium, again making it a "decently sized" ship.
  15. Hey all! Been off of the forums for a while. Anyway, my local gaming group is about to wrap up our Corellian Conflict campaign. I'm looking over the All-Out Offensive rules, and I have some concerns or questions that aren't covered in the FAQ. Since I'm sure many of you all have played in (or run!) your own campaigns, I was hoping for some advice. So here are the things I was thinking about: 1) We ended up playing 4v4 (we had seven players, so splitting into two campaigns wasn't super practical). Looking at the CC rules, each level has a 3' section of table per player on each side (6' for 2v2, 9' with 7' setup in 3v3). Would you all recommend trying to do 9' with no Range 5 in for setup, or 12' with a Range 5 in for setup? I feel like 9' might be a little cramped for four fleets on each side, especially considering that one team gets to place 4 hyperspace tokens they'd get to dominate much of the table. 2) Concerning the victory tokens - did anyone find it a bit too one-sided for one team placing all of the tokens at once? Again with 4v4, I feel like one team putting down four tokens first can be one sided? In a straight line they could cover a little over 8' of the table blocking out their opponent's tokens. (I'm wondering if this would be another reason to play on 12', so they can't cover the entire table?) 3) Hyperspace Reserves - Can multiple ships use the same victory token per turn? The rules are silent on this, so I'm not sure if it was oversight (some of the rules in the CC book are a bit unclear) or if they intended that. On the one hand, having four ISDs appear in a flank or rear is a bit OP. But if you limit it to one ship per token, and only one token is anywhere near the enemy fleets, then you'll only have one unit per turn likely entering. Any other takeaways from All-Out Offensives? Any input would be appreciated!
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