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  1. PDF purchased, now I can do questions. I'm a bit of a vehicle maniac,... so my first thing to do has been to compare the Space Superiority Fighter with an X-Wing. While stats are really comparable, weapons are clearly on a different range. Genesys based space fighter weapons deal much less damage. While all other equipment is comparable, even armors, vehicle damage is significantly lower. Has this something to do with vehicle combat re-balance ??
  2. Hi, just an idea. It would be REALLY helpful to be able to create talents that modify the characteristic ruling a skill,... yes, I'm looking at Finesse. Really annoying to have the "wrong" pool written and having to think each time,...
  3. With the new updates, something that I don't fully understand happened. I have a custom archetype which provides free rank to Athletics. Then created a career that makes Athletics class skill. The system does not allow me to take both options at the same time...
  4. Hi, All my characters lost their careers (custom careers). Reassigneing them is possible, but it requests me the 4 initial skill ranks and I don't remember them. Is there any "solution" ?? 😜
  5. Hi, one suggestion. Is it possible to add the Encumbrance as attribute modificable by an item, so we can create Backpacks and similar containers ?? BR,
  6. Again, incredible work. Maybe I missed the point, but, is it possible to write the dice icons on the description of the custom Talents ??
  7. Done and solved. Now I'm fighting on defining 'choice' as archetype skill, when I select the archetype, the list of skills to choose is empty...
  8. Mmmm... Half true. I just realized it has 1 rank in 1 skill, which I cannot move to 0... I think it is something related to the archetype I created and then removed.... I will keep trying things. Thanks!!
  9. Hi, I have a question,... maybe I'm doing something wrong, but any Archetype I create, no matter how many starting PXs I give to it, when I go to the character creation, PX total is correct, but available PXs is 5 less than the total. Does the system counts any archetype skill or archetype talent as consuming these PXs ??
  10. Amazing. It keeps improving day by day. When I finally assemble a party to test Genesys, I will use it for sure. Thanks
  11. Are the Heroic Abilities on the wish list? ?
  12. I usually upgrade difficulty once or twice if the action performed can go REALLY wrong. Rope walking at 2 feet high ? 4 purple Rope walking between 2 skyscrapers ?? 2 red and 2 purple
  13. Improvement suggestion. Custom talents are shared by all your characters. Could gear be also shared ? Quite boring repeating common gear for all the party,...
  14. More questions for the lucky ones,... What about the equipment ? There are new weapons ? New armor ? How many of them ? And non-combat gear? Aside from gear, is there the typical list of products and servies to spend your "dungeon-earned" money ??
  15. OK, I understand. I had once a player with a blind character, (other rpg system, of course), and we played the "no sight, but extremely good at other senses" type. We used "other than perception" skill, but character was SOOOOOoooo good on that, that he was the best perception guy in the team,... That was the reason for my question.
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