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  1. From the article, just one comment: The key point here is the use of the word "rules", not guidelines, or orientation, or ideas,... the use of "rules" means hard definition,... a mechanic to complete define and compare between creations,... For monsters I can imagine to have it based on the XPs used to build the stats,... but for items ?? I really cannot imagine how to rule the difference between longsword, katana or elven thinblade,.... or plasma gun, rail gun and disruptor gun,...
  2. Or maybe not all base skills may have all effect options. I mean Arcane magic might have 'fobidden' the Cure effect (traditional D&D limitation). But I think this will fall into world definition and left for the GM criteria.
  3. No. And it was easy to say it to be related, or remotely related or no related at all to Genesys... Unless they think defining that point could raise concerns on core L5R fans...
  4. I think Parry, as a talent, used to pay strain to prevent damage, covers the cinematic effect of using your weapons to increase your defensive capabilities. My only concern is to know how easy will be to access that talent. On Star Wars you had to careful choose your talent path to get Parry or similar (Dodge), as soon as possible, and that felt wrong to me. And that was definitively worse when on the cockpit of a fighter. The feeling for the players to go into an Xwing was that they were in the coffin... Too few ways to defense themselves or shrug out damage...
  5. Maybe a "focused defense action" may turn one Melee defense into an opposed roll, but all defenses as opposed rolls seem too difficult...
  6. My first thought was also to make it an opposed check. If I have 2 yellow and 1 green, then to hit me it is required 2 reds and 1 purple. But I ran some tests with these dice, and if Defense may go up to 4 black dice, I think it would be too difficult to hit. I think it should be kept at 2 purple, but with talents to influence or modify it.
  7. We have the PCs, we have the "rules",... the only thing unknown are the adversaries ? Who will post that Vampire chick for us ?? ;P
  8. If you come from D&D, an option is to set distances to ranges, in order to make it visual to the players. Engaged is adjacent, Short range is up to 6 squares, Medium up to 12, long up to 24 and extreme is beyond... It helps with minis, and my group like them.
  9. If it works as Star Wars, to hit Syndrael in melee enemies have to beat 2 purple dice (basic difficulty) plus 3 black dice (your defense). Then basic weapon damage plus any success is reduced by 5 (your soak) and any damage in excess goes to your wounds. But Syndrael has Parry 3 I remember, so you could spend Strain to absorb more damage. Did you use it?
  10. OK, character backgrounds are pure Terrinoth. But, the character "mechanics" ? (Heroic abilities, careers, skills, talents ??) Will all we see on the chratacter sheets be on basic Genesys ?
  11. Hey, DarthGM,... are you aware of something on the characters that is Runebound setting-specific ?? Or all the characters were "pure" Genesys fantasy ?? Thanks,
  12. More questions: 7.- Main characters stats are the same as SW (Brawn, Agility, Cunning, Intellect, Willpower, Presence)? 8.- Is there any limitation against maximizing fast a skill (for example, I found too easy to reach 5 ranks on Blasters,... only 60 XPs, if you start with 2 ranks). When I think on a limitation, for example it can be,... you cannot purchase a third rank until you total 300 XPs,... More later,...
  13. I've not been there,... I'm 6 hour time zone away,... but I found that video on Facebook.
  14. Look at this video (Minute 28.): If I have to be honest, too few info,...
  15. OK, time to shot questions: 1.- Careers and Specializations or only Career and the Talents are bought without tree? 2.- List of spells to purchase or spells as Talents? 3.- What can a character do to defend itself? I consider in SW, there are too few options to make yourself harder to hit... 4.- Lead designer mentioned streamlined Defense... How it works? 5.- Single combat skill, or separated by weapon (individual weapons or grouped)? 6.- Weapon damage is fixed or Stat based? More to come...