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  1. Any idea when the new updates will be live for aurora?
  2. I must agree with Hexis on this. It's very rare that you will ever see a Chocolate Chip Cookie available. They are rarer than the Syck in a tournament!
  3. I live about 15 min away from FFGGC and attend it's events there about twice a week. Let me just say that it's okay. - There are only 2 weekly X-wing events (Wednesday open play and Late Night's weekly tournament Saturday at 8) - There are only about 3 beers on tap (and 4-5 in bottles) - They only have ice cream sandwiches (no soft serve)
  4. Hot Shot Blaster! There's your turret. Problem solved.
  5. I like it under the actual pilot. It will keep your squad list looking cleaner.
  6. Playing around with the new Arc-170 and came up with this. Thane Kyrell — ARC-170 26 Proton Torpedoes 4 Jan Ors 2 R5-P9 3 Guidance Chips 0 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 35 Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing 25 R4-D6 1 Integrated Astromech 0 Ship Total: 26 Kyle Katarn — HWK-290 21 Predator 3 Twin Laser Turret 6 Recon Specialist 3 Vectored Thrusters 2 Moldy Crow 3 Ship Total: 38 View it in Yet Another Squad Builder
  7. I'm really looking forward to running Crack To The Max - 99 points Tomax Bren - 31 - Cool Hand - Tie Shuttle - Twin Ion Engine - Systems Officer - Fleet Officer Howlrunner - 23 -Crack Shot -Shield Upgrade Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot
  8. We've got a confirmation of June 30th for the release from my FLGS. (And my FLGS is the FFG Game center, soooooo...............)
  9. I thought this was the perfect lenghth. It gave everyone their 5 mins for the flight deck, And the pacing for the main segment was great. Good show!
  10. Great international trade with Asperon! Would definitely trade again.
  11. My "Whisker" alternate art card! I did the drawing as a commission for a fellow player, then decided to print up a small run of them. They are used as prizes for local tournaments.
  12. Brockart

    Gozanti uses?

    A friend and I have stared running mini epic games (110 points on a 3x3 mat, 3 epic points allowed, 75 min.) They've been a lot of fun and both very close. I ran this on my Gonzati: Gonzati - 54 - Shield Tech - Dual Laser Turret - Gunnery Team - Docking Clamps - Requiem Howlrunner - 20 Juke Academy Tie x3 - 36 Launch 2 Tie's out the front that shoot at PS8 is no joke.
  13. Reporting a great trade with Futant420. Thanks again!
  14. Updated list: Haves: Acrylic Proton Bomb - Pending Academy Pilot AA x2 Gunner AA X3 Recon Spec AA x2 -Pending x1 Han Solo AA (2015) Vader AA (2016) - Pending Star Wars LCG Darth Vader AA (Worlds 2015) Star Wars LCG acrylic token with a 1 on it x3 Imperial Assault Darth Vader AA (Worlds 2015) Armada Grand Moff Tarkin AA (Worlds 2015) - Pending Looking for: 3x 2x Bandit Squadron AA 3x Push the Limit AA * Updated with pending trades.
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