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  1. Brockart

    Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    THANK YOU!!!!
  2. Brockart

    Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    Any idea when the new updates will be live for aurora?
  3. Brockart

    THIS is what I HATE about FFG!!!

    I must agree with Hexis on this. It's very rare that you will ever see a Chocolate Chip Cookie available. They are rarer than the Syck in a tournament!
  4. Brockart

    THIS is what I HATE about FFG!!!

    I live about 15 min away from FFGGC and attend it's events there about twice a week. Let me just say that it's okay. - There are only 2 weekly X-wing events (Wednesday open play and Late Night's weekly tournament Saturday at 8) - There are only about 3 beers on tap (and 4-5 in bottles) - They only have ice cream sandwiches (no soft serve)
  5. Brockart

    Give the Firespray a Turret Slot

    Hot Shot Blaster! There's your turret. Problem solved.
  6. Brockart

    Aurora Squad Builder: News and Updates

    I like it under the actual pilot. It will keep your squad list looking cleaner.
  7. Brockart

    Thane, Biggs, and Kyle

    Playing around with the new Arc-170 and came up with this. Thane Kyrell — ARC-170 26 Proton Torpedoes 4 Jan Ors 2 R5-P9 3 Guidance Chips 0 Alliance Overhaul 0 Ship Total: 35 Biggs Darklighter — X-Wing 25 R4-D6 1 Integrated Astromech 0 Ship Total: 26 Kyle Katarn — HWK-290 21 Predator 3 Twin Laser Turret 6 Recon Specialist 3 Vectored Thrusters 2 Moldy Crow 3 Ship Total: 38 View it in Yet Another Squad Builder
  8. I'm really looking forward to running Crack To The Max - 99 points Tomax Bren - 31 - Cool Hand - Tie Shuttle - Twin Ion Engine - Systems Officer - Fleet Officer Howlrunner - 23 -Crack Shot -Shield Upgrade Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot Black Squadron - 15 -Crack Shot
  9. Brockart

    Veterans is off the boat.

    We've got a confirmation of June 30th for the release from my FLGS. (And my FLGS is the FFG Game center, soooooo...............)
  10. I thought this was the perfect lenghth. It gave everyone their 5 mins for the flight deck, And the pacing for the main segment was great. Good show!
  11. Brockart

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Great international trade with Asperon! Would definitely trade again.
  12. Brockart

    What's your favorite bit of X-Wing swag?

    My "Whisker" alternate art card! I did the drawing as a commission for a fellow player, then decided to print up a small run of them. They are used as prizes for local tournaments.
  13. Brockart

    Gozanti uses?

    A friend and I have stared running mini epic games (110 points on a 3x3 mat, 3 epic points allowed, 75 min.) They've been a lot of fun and both very close. I ran this on my Gonzati: Gonzati - 54 - Shield Tech - Dual Laser Turret - Gunnery Team - Docking Clamps - Requiem Howlrunner - 20 Juke Academy Tie x3 - 36 Launch 2 Tie's out the front that shoot at PS8 is no joke.
  14. Brockart

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Reporting a great trade with Futant420. Thanks again!
  15. Brockart

    The Big X-Wing Trade Thread

    Updated list: Haves: Acrylic Proton Bomb - Pending Academy Pilot AA x2 Gunner AA X3 Recon Spec AA x2 -Pending x1 Han Solo AA (2015) Vader AA (2016) - Pending Star Wars LCG Darth Vader AA (Worlds 2015) Star Wars LCG acrylic token with a 1 on it x3 Imperial Assault Darth Vader AA (Worlds 2015) Armada Grand Moff Tarkin AA (Worlds 2015) - Pending Looking for: 3x 2x Bandit Squadron AA 3x Push the Limit AA * Updated with pending trades.