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  1. Download link updated : https://failiem.lv/u/f6wrc9fc
  2. Link updated for download : https://www.failiem.lv/u/3wwebbh9
  3. Hello! Finally I'm home and got my hands on project files. Here are two card templates of Monster and Epic cards. https://failiem.lv/u/kpzr22hx#_ You are free to play around. I will be away for another two months and only then will continue to create next cards for expansions. For now - here are updated link of Monster card Layouts of base game ready for print. https://failiem.lv/u/2aaaeyyp#_
  4. Hi! KDuffert at the moment I don't have access to last edition templates (one for monster and second for epic monsters). I got on my hands unfinished version, on free time will look in it.
  5. Voogla : Thank you for interest! Due lack of time project is going slow, waiting for good moment.
  6. Hello all! Jake yet again : Thank you for tip. Voolga : Thank you for first print report! Arkhan69 : I didn't wish to make double size picture posts because printable layouts hold big size cards you need. Good news, in general printed card play test was positive, and even my friends who was skeptical - like them. My time is limited now to do rest of Monsters straight away, so I decided to do all Epic Monster Cards first. It would give me some initiative and for gameplay add more "Kill the Boss" feeling.
  7. ... ... ... Epic Monsters : ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... Back of Monster card :
  8. How i see it ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
  9. Hello! I’m back with edited and fixed monster cards. All Eldritch Horror base game monster card previews updated. 4 x monster and 1 cardback side layout for print in A4 paper size are here: https://failiem.lv/u/f6wrc9fc Download, print, cut and share your opinion. Printable cards (57x 89mm) with all monsters and epic monsters using same stats but more atmospheric art (maybe same artwork just bigger size . Monster cubes still can do their job on map but on combat encounter phase you pick the card of current monster, put closer to you (next to investigator) and resolve combat. Another bonus of monster cards can be "random monster drawing" just by shuffling monster deck and drawing card. Then for easy search of needed monster cubes you can arrange them in alphabetical order or by certain stats. I'm sure bit of search time can be sacrificed for real deal monster fear. You can try to use only monster cards somehow placing them on game board on correct locations. (Mini monster card variation is possible project in future) What to do list : 1) Create proper quality card design template 95% - done! a) Get good quality EH monster cube icons - done ! b) Get good fonts of find ones used in EH - done ! c) Find card back side design - done ! d) Create monster card borders and text box - done ! 2) Collect pictures for base game and expansions monsters 37% done! a) Art used in EH monster cubes b) Atmospheric art - possibly showing monster in action or showing monster size compared to human c) No black and white pictures 3) Collect monster stats 100% done! a) Base game b) Expansions 4) Collect short monster descriptions 37% done! On Hold a) Quotes from Lovecraft b) Write somenthing interesting describing each monster encountering investigator 5) Set everything together and prepare monster cards for print. 6) Playtest - Positive! P.S. Please share artist titles if you recognize some.
  10. Hey! Cthulhu as the last Epic Monster card for base game is here. Art can be changed if somebody will find better one. Next steps : Create Monster card - back side (I already have idea). Fix grammar and graphical errors for all cards cards one by one. You are welcome to write a list ... ...
  11. Hello! Good news - only one Monster card for base game left to do. Hey suras333 : 1. Its possible that card info is to small. I will remember your point when will edit all cards for final. 2. Yes, they are in bigger resolution. Project is 697x1063 pix with resolution 300. http://s10.postimg.o...ung_preview.jpg 3. Template at the moment is total mess. I will share template after final edit and global fix of base game Monster cards release as was mentioned in topic before. ...
  12. Hey! iGniGhted if we will have good picture of black Nug, no problem to do it, but at the moment i can only edit Yeb picture. Picture from FFG card is to low quality to work with. Wind-Walker sample card uploaded. ... ... ...
  13. Hey! iGniGhted thank you for Yeb picture and hope it can work for Nug. If you look for easy implement, its - Monsters as "small cards". Shuffle deck ( just like the Assets ) take Monster card from top and spawn on map as it will fit on, or next to most of locations. ...
  14. Great news! Just received Forsaken Lore as last expansion and was thinking : "that's it, I'm settling down" My guess in The Next Expansion thread was :
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