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  1. frbfli

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

  2. frbfli

    New Legion Web Builder - Legion HQ

    I really like this squad builder! I definitely appreciate the drag and drop feature. Currently the builder does not let me add more than one Rebel Pathfinder.
  3. frbfli

    imp officer spoiled

    According to the RRG: You can reroll your entire pool if you have enough aim tokens.
  4. frbfli

    New army building app

    Yeah It was a really great app.
  5. frbfli

    Scouts Hold Out Blasters

    Yep. Additionally, the bikes will still surge to hit with their Holdout Blasters.
  6. frbfli

    adepticon 2019

    In case its still up for debate, the 501st lists the stripes on the helmet as Testors Blue #2715.
  7. frbfli

    The Mandalorian

    Or the Ridiculous Six!
  8. If I have Squad Leader and Tactical Officer equipped, is the ship being coordinated restricted to only performing actions that the Squad Leader has on its action bar?
  9. frbfli

    Thematic Events

    Even if this never comes to pass, we as a community can probably come up with a really cool event packet that local stores can run to celebrate the launch of the SSD.
  10. frbfli

    Tourney trays

    Magnets. These magnets fit underneath Legion bases without any trouble. (Every now and then there's a slight bubble in the center, in which case you can just shift the magnet.) I use a cooking sheet to go from table to table.
  11. frbfli

    The manual effort with changing to 2.0

    Riiight, the poison for Kuzco. The poison chosen specifically to kill Kuzco. Kuzco's poison. That poison?
  12. frbfli


    Speed 1. Action: Roll: Perform a speed 3 move action and then a standby action. That action would use up both of the unit's actions, unless they wanted to 'walk' at speed 1 to shoot.
  13. frbfli

    2v2 gameplay — Anyone tried yet?

    We played a 2v2 just like this last night. We removed the unit limitations from list building, as long as each player had a unique commander. I ran Veers with 2 AT-STs and some troopers, while my team mate ran Vader with troopers and and AT-ST. We alternated red/blue activations with each team deciding which player would activate a unit. Units only took orders from their own commander, and were only considered 'friendly' to their own commander for the purposes of Spotter/Take Cover/etc. Additionally, only your own commander could use his courage value for his troops. When it was all said and done, our Rebel opponents were running a total of 10-12 Rebel troopers with Z-6s with Luke, Leia, some AT-RTs, and 2 Air Speeders. We opted to not have any objectives, and ended up calling the game after only 2 rounds (we started way later than we had planned).
  14. frbfli

    Tournament Software

  15. frbfli

    Tournament Software

    I'm anxiously waiting for Tabletop.to to include a streaming mode for Legion as well.