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  1. I would've loved to see a campaign that has new ship variants for existing ships, or even a refresh pack of cards for the ships that need help. But hey, it's not totally out of the question either!
  2. This is amazing, I can't wait for some of the larger, more awesome TIE Fighter missions to be implemented.
  3. "Another way forum posters like to make things difficult for new players" has my vote!
  4. Chimaera Expansion Pack, Profundity Expansion Pack
  5. Updated substantially. Have: Armada: Promo XI7 Turbolasers Promo Turbolaser Reroute Circuits Promo Rapid Reload Promo ISD I-Class Star Destroyer Promo Raider I-Class Corvette Promo Nebulon-B Escort Frigate Promo GR-75 Medium Transport Promo TIE Fighter Squadron Promo Boba Fett VCX-100 (2) MC30c Expansion Pack (base spray painted black) MC80 Home One Expansion Pack (base spray painted black) Nebulon-B Frigate Expansion Pack (base spray painted black) Gladiator-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack (base spray painted black) Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack (base spray painted black) X-Wing Miniatures: X-Wing x2 (Core Set) Y-Wing Expansion Pack B-Wing Expansion Pack A-Wing Expansion Pack HWK-290 Expansion Pack TIE Fighter x4 (Core Set) TIE Defender Expansion Pack Most Wanted Expansion Pack Star Viper Expansion Pack Huge variety of upgrades up until (and including) Scum & Villany release Destiny: Promo Jyn Erso (Star Wars Celebration) Promo Director Krennic (Star Wars Celebration) Want (Armada): AA Vader 2017 Q3 Acrylic Objective Tokens Official Distance 1 / Close Range-only acrylic rulers Y-wing Squadron (4) A-wing Squadron (4) Z-95 Squadron (6) TIE Defender Squadron (4) Arquitens Light Cruiser Expansion Pack Rapid Launch Bays For the wants, I'd prefer the squadrons already painted but obviously I'm still interested in the unpainted ones as well. Will add additional value to painted squadrons. Thanks!
  6. Here are mine, with a 38" SSD and repainted/yellow-lit ISD1 on the way. You can tell some of them need their battery replaced due to dimness (that ISD in the foreground gets plenty of usage ). Credit to Danny L. for his amazing work and no credit to me for taking these with my phone. Imgur link.
  7. I'm surprised the Ultimatum, Inflictor, Vigilance, Stalker, Conquest or Tyrant weren't used. That being said, the Glory seems pretty cool. I'd like to see more squadron-focused titles for ISDs as there really aren't any at present.
  8. Star Wars Rebels will reintroduce the Dreadnaught, to be included in Wave 6.
  9. I think it's more likely than not for Wave 6. Perhaps they get reintroduced in Rebels alongside Thrawn.
  10. You can gather that from the tiny little image in the preview article?
  11. If you got Armada problems I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but Wave 3 ain't one.
  12. After the fighter packs I'd recommend the Gladiator for Empire, Assault Frigate for Rebellion. Like ianediger said though, whatever you get - have fun with it!
  13. This thread is awesome. Thanks for the laughs.
  14. I actually don't see a problem with the Tector-class if they're obsessed with canon-only ships now (and FFG seems to have a triangles thing going with the Empire). I'd rather see another Ep4-6 era ship before seeing anything from TFA (like Finalizer). I'd actually be OK with a bunch of titles in a card pack or alternate versions of existing ships if that's what it took to get more diversity out there (I still think 4 ships is too little, especially when one is auto-include). All that being said, I'm definitely in the camp of the SSD is doable, especially after playing a 600+ point game. Not everything has to be focused on tournament-legal rules (X-Wing's epic scale still introduces cards that help in the standard format). SSD would be a great way to introduce Admiral Piett and a lot of other interesting cards.
  15. Raiders, now available in orange at a retailer near you. I think there's a few new titles, like Raidersarefine, Activationadvantage and Omgreplacetheseevades.
  16. Why is Clon's list broken OP? OMG Raiders suck so bad. Introducing measurements: Your guide to using a ruler.
  17. It's alive! I think this would be great for epic play.
  18. But... I need something to block out the gaming table with.
  19. Maybe a negative point value title for Executor?
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