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  1. Life just doing its best to keep me from my desk but.... got an hour to draw today. The storm trooper is poopy, did it a while back for Scale in my DeckPlans.
  2. Busy busy busy. sorry guys. but drew something just to post something. I wanted to draw so just picked a random character that i like. I dont think many are a fan but i really liked rebels, im not sure how the new shows going to turn out... any thoughts? Also, i do not claim that Hera's outfit is accurate, in fact i think i crossed seasons in the middle of drawing this. Just 40 minutes worth of drawing cause i love you guys.
  3. Had a little less time than i thought this weekend but posting an update to the Rebel base map. The outer part of the base is still there, just not in this pic.
  4. Thanks Soup. Yeah i was working on that but i hadn't really looked much into it yet.. I plan on changing pretty much everything there (especially tiers) so i would wait if you have any interest. For instance im going to drastically drop all the prices. I doubt i will post any updates here though as i think that might be breaking the TOS for FF. Thanks for the thought though.
  5. fixed em tramp. thanks. and that sight is just an idea. I'm not really ready to go ahead with any of that unless i can get more time.. But! i did get some time after turkey time today. So i thought i would post.. This image is significantly smaller than what the final will be so i included the Awing at its actual size to give an idea of how much detail is in the map. I feel i have to also say no Disney/star wars property will be in the final map, The map isnt being sold, going to give it away but i really dont feel like being chased down by Disney for drawing Awings and Ywings There are no buildings yet and a lot of junk to draw but i think i can finish this by the weekend. The base is pretty much done that goes under the landing platforms, thats going to remain secret for the time being. As much as i would love this image shared if you can use it for one of your champagnes maybe dont show it to your players. With out the rebel ships on the platforms or in the basin to the north this map would make a great storming the secret Hutt cartel fighter base or some such. Either way, enjoy a sneak peak and hope y'all had a good Turkey day! Some of the colors are off, i know! and you can find all the ships/vehicles i have done in some other thread somewhere. great for Roll20,
  6. Tramp thanks for the advice. Guys I'm moving this weekend, then I will be posting some cool stuff soon. Just letting y'all know!
  7. Fixed it I think.... https://www.deviantart.com/ruak/art/Felisha-the-Twi-lek-771970798
  8. I also started two maps for EotE, A rebel camp with a hidden entrance, and a secret base under it. (not really started, more like Finishing up)
  9. Ok my VCX 1000, I never liked making lots of images for a multi deck ship so i did a gif that animates up and down through the floors, You can go check it out on deviant, its higher resolution and will animate there and sorry for the page redirect. (the gif also has tons of little things i want to fix. just nitpicks I had as as i tried to figure this out. Really hope you all enjoy!
  10. So looking through my stuff there are a few things i really want to finish.. this guy for one but what a pain in the tail it is.. Kind of like the Falcon, its just one of those ships that just doesn't fit with what the designs says it would be like on the inside.. I have the lower floor, middle and upper floors laid out. even a revenge of the sith mod for a hanger bay, thats all so far. I will also put out my finished VCX today also. Ok as i figured these files are going to be an issue.. just too big, so i think i will have to work out a way to let you guys download from dropbox or something.
  11. Hi SirSaico, and i had started both of those a year or so ago but never finished as work was very busy at the time. I could start them up again i guess now that i have more time. Oh they were also meant to be my own take on the plans as they would be literally ancient considering the time frame.. I was going to make them heavily modified and "Falconesk" in use and abuse. Thats why i have my two other favorite beat up junkers in the same file
  12. as promised a Twi'lek for a friend.. This character was awesome to do, as described to me as a lady Indiana Jones, even with a whip but i decided to draw in some equipment separate. You can check her out here... sorry its on deviant, Again anyone know a good site to host some artwork so i dont have to redirect you? https://www.deviantart.com/ruak/art/Felisha-the-Twi-lek-771970798
  13. Just wanted to say Hi.. im back. A few weeks ago i started to miss Star Wars and you guys, so started a couple of maps I had been thinking about for a while. I have a few rough sketches laid out and will post them here when i find a place to host. Any recommendations for a free site? I also have some Character commissions to post once here when im done. Lastly.. anyone playing on Role20? i would be up for a game if anyone has room! Thanks guys see ya soon!
  14. HI!!! so kind of you guys to say, And just got back a few weeks ago and have been working on some things for Star wars maps and characters for people. I thought i would log in and post a few things when I saw your kind words! Here is a commission i did tonight for a friend. If you want to see the large version you can grab it over here as im still looking for a place to host some really big map artworks. https://www.deviantart.com/ruak/art/Felisha-the-Twi-lek-771970798
  15. Dang. Been super busy with RL work and haven't goten to do any more maps for Star wars. I was also UNAWARE that photobucket wont link my images anymore.. Bah! supper sorry everyone, I will start putting all my old maps and ships up on Pinterest and link to them there for anyone to grab.
  16. working on it. but its not been a priority, between commissions, my current player needs and my own contract work i have been putting off my own site, but soon i hope, I do really want to support the EOTE community
  17. Hey guys, so for about a week i have been working on these deck plans, I am still working on some details but its going well i think, Before you get too bent This VCX is not the Ghost but my players current ship, and their configuration. I have changed a few things from what I have seen in Rebels, I even planned a post to describe the reasons for the changes i made, all centered around how TV shows often dont try to mechanically figure out the spaces before they shoot, and often use the stuff they already have just to continue the narrative of the show with out getting too hung up on details. (that always bothers me, like how there is literally no way to board the phantom if its docked nose first) I made a quick 3D model of the Ghost just to see if its possible. but its not, there is an engine right under the phantom, im going off topic and ranting... I haven't labeled anything yet, but i will later. Some know of my 4 players and how their ship is very personalized by them, one is a droid that recharges in the cargo bay, a Nautolan Pilot, who sleeps in a deprivation tank to stay moist, an archaeologist and a Tech who removed her bunk and put in a hammock so she could have a work bench in her room. Later when i finish this one i will post it in individual pieces in my Ships, maps and weapons thread, Hope you enjoy.
  18. I make all the items. The only thing that is not mine is the storm trooper token and the credit goes to a friend of mine... Kai Lim who does concepts for Fantasy flight and a few other publications, if you dont know his work check him out. The guys amazing. here is his Deviant art page... http://ukitakumuki.deviantart.com/ the image below is from some stuff he was doing for the card game (obviously). im not sure how the rights work but i know some of his artwork has ended up in the Fantasy flight RPG's for star wars too, he didnt even know when i mentioned it to him heh. My page also, http://ruak.deviantart.com/gallery/ thought what i put up there is pretty limited and not extensive.
  19. You guys might remember the Sail Barge i was doing a while back. Today i did floor one of the interior and its not finished with this yet, and not the items i want on the interior, I just wanted to see how some crates and cabling on the floor and see how it looked. There are also no doors on any of the doorways When its finished i will upload it with out backgrounds in my usual manner.
  20. I think i have said before i have a lady outlaw tech in the group i run on Saturdays, She has a pretty interesting weapon that i just had to try and draw because it is so unique. She sort of made her own bo rifle with out seeing rebels. The rifle started out as a E11- sniper rifle. and then she found some vibro ax parts, she was mounting the blade on the rifle like a bayonet with the "serrated edge mod" In talking to her i suggested finding a power supply that might power the blade and get its damage back up to that of a vibro axe in close quarters, Well we also have an archaeologist/smuggler in our group, Often thought of as the less scrupulous Indiana Jones of the group.. She had a broken lightsaber found on an expedition, Well with some tinkering the outlaw tech was able to integrate the saber handel and the powersupply into her vibro axe Long rifle. and we have been calling it her "Gun Glaive" sorry for not posting any artwork sooner, RL contract work has been very demanding. however i can promise that the deck plans for my Tantive IV are coming very soon.
  21. I have been thinking about that ship. but its not high on my list at the moment, I am a little backlogged on some larger ships that i have had on my desk for a month, Currently working on the Tantive IV, but i will defiantly do a U-wing.
  22. Its been a while... sorry everyone, Life and work have been busy, Yesterday i decided to do some map making and did a detailed map based off the Star Wars Rebels Imperial pProduction Facility. My players are planning an infiltration into the dome heh... I had to reduce the size of the image for posting, sorry for the Low rez.
  23. Sorry guys, I have been away a lot this week. So i did a quick outer shell of the Imp shuttle from Rebels, however no interior for it yet.... and the wings are up. Eventually i will do a wings down too, just wanted to keep the artwork going.
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