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  1. I also didn't log each entry on my first quest. I think the book suggests you do so in order to try different options on future playthroughs. As far as I know, it's totally optional and I can see how it would be a little distracting from the immersion.
  2. Is there a situation where this is possible?
  3. I do not own the game, so I am looking for some insight here. I will be heading to Roseville MN this coming weekend for Arkham Nights where Streets of Arkham will be pre released. I plan on getting my friend a copy (he owns MoM2E) so we can spend Friday night playing the new expansion. In his preparations, he became worried that the app might not let him download the new scenarios which is making us both wonder how exactly the release of those typically work. Does the app get an update when the expansion is released? I sure hope FFG has the foresight to make it possible to play these scenarios when it's released early at Arkham Nights.
  4. There's been some decent discussion in the thread. Don't like it? Move along. Word has it that play testers for Star Wars LCG haven't had anything to test beyond the current cycle. My guess is that it is nearing its retirement.
  5. Could you use Set Your Sights twice in the same time instance? In other words, can Loku take 4 strain to place 2 recon tokens at the start of his activation?
  6. I succeeded this quest solo after a few attempts this week and a group of 4 of us had success this afternoon. Like previously stated, staying on-course helps tremendously throughout the voyage. Many effects are nastier when you are off-course and each portion of the quest has a bonus or detriment to being on/off course such as "if you are off-course each non ship ally receive -2 Willpower"....no thank you. Fog Bank is a surprisingly a great active location to keep corsair ships away and use a turn or too building your board or to quest like crazy to attempt to outrun the ships.
  7. After about 5 trials, I managed to compete the first scenario "Voyage Across Belegaer" today . Probably thanks to staying on-course throughout most of the voyage and swift questing, avoiding to see many ship-enemies. Playing just now again, I've got a few things that need clearing. The Fog Bank location says: "While Fog Bank is the active location, Ship enemies do not make engagement checks, cannot attack, and cannot be attacked." Does this stop me from optionally engaging 1 of the ship enemies in the staging area? I'm guessing no. Does this stop me from attacking ship enemies with abilities that allow damaging enemies in the staging area? I assume yes. Does this stop ship enemies from triggering their Archery keyword and causing damage? No idea.
  8. Thanks for the input everyone! I know a lot of these card games are very specific on the wording so maybe I looked a little too deeply at it. I played it the way you all suggested anyway because if I've learned anything about this game over the years it's this: "If I'm in doubt, it's probably the option that punishes you the most"
  9. I am loving the sailing theme and mechanics of The Grey Havens. This weekend some other players and I are going to give the first scenario a try. I'm doing a few solo test runs to smooth out rules and get used to things. Alright, so my first question that has come up involves the Treachery card "Boarding Party" and the Enemy card "Cunning Pirate." During the questing phase I reveal the Boarding Party which says "When Revealed: Each player reveals the top card of the Corsair deck and puts it into play, engaged with him." So since I'm playing solo I reveal one card from the Corsair deck and it turns out to be a Cunning Pirate. Now, Cunninh Pirate reads "Forced: When Cunning Pirate engages you, discard an attachment you control and place resources on Cunninh Pirate equal to that attachment's printed cost." I'm wondering if the wording on Boarding Party "...puts it into play, engaged..." would trigger the Forced reaction on Cunning Pirate "When Cunning Pirate engages you."? It's the phrasing that makes me think it wouldn't trigger because Cunning Pirate comes into play already engaged, no engaging actually occurs.
  10. Anyone up for playing a few games at FFG or Level Up tomorrow?
  11. This is likely the closest group that I'll find being in South Dakota. Will any Omaha area shops be participating with the Winter Tournament Kit?
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