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  1. Thanks but sadly that is too far from where I work. I was hoping for some place closer to Horsham. Thank you for the info.
  2. I'm looking for a group that plays regularly in the Philadelphia Area. Thanks.
  3. Hey I am looking for players in the Philadelphia area. Please let me know if there are groups that play this game on a weekly basis. Thanks.
  4. I know that this post is old. Are you still looking for players? I love Star Wars and would like to get into more rpg games. I live in NE Philadelphia so the drive is not terrible.
  5. Hello, I am new to RPGs but a Star Wars fan. I heard about the role playing books that Fantasy Flight put out and became interested instantly. I am looking for a group that meets regularly and takes in new people into the hobby. This would be my first RPG. If anyone is accepting new people please contact me through here. Thank you and I hope to start playing soon.
  6. Hey, I want to learn how to play the game. I have heard amazing things about it and really want to try it out. I am looking for a group that plays this game (hopefully regularly). I am a beginner but am willing to learn. If any groups are taking beginners please let me know. I live in NE Philadelphia.
  7. Philadelphia, PA I am new into gaming. I want to get into the gaming world and find a good group that meets regularly. I really want to give TI3 a try. I am a beginner for this game and would be willing to learn. Let me know if there is a group. Thanks.
  8. I'm just getting into this game (meaning core set and first expansion) and was looking for a group that plays this regularly. Is there any group that plays Star Wars LCG in the Philadelphia region?
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