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  1. The biggest issue with this chart is that many (most?) missions includes threat boost throughout the mission. I see no real use of this chart.
  2. I've only tried Military Might, Technological Superiority, Subversive Tactics and Armoured Onslaught. Of the four, ST is definately the one you'll have most success with against new players. Unlike the other decks, this one requires the heroes to change their playstyle to become less strain dependant, or get better strain recovery. The most fun I've had was with Armored Onslaught. Mortar and the ability the change a die to red, and then replace that die to gain +3dmg is fun!
  3. Is Lead from The Fron really that good? If it activate about once per Murne activation I can see it add 1dmg and 1pierce average if you play for it. Doesnt seem OP. Solid, but not OP.
  4. Speak for yourself, when I get my evil empire up and running, Im mounting mortar launchers on cats.
  5. You'll have to explain that one... Stormtrooper squad shooting Onar will probably do 10 damage. To black die defense hero they'll probably do 6. Later in the campaign when Heroes get bonus health, Onar looks like he may be in the running for the most fragile hero!!! And since the healing he receives from outside sources like MHD-19 or Gideon's Rallying Cry or medpacks etc. isn't boosted, but the damage he receives effectively is... he's HORRIBLE to try to keep alive, he takes an entire emergency med kit in extra damage from 1 trooper squad, what a huge waste. Interesting... to Onar they do 10, to a black defense hero 6... Onar has 20 HP, a black die hero probably has 12. 12/6 = 20/10. Go figure Add to that the fact that he can't receive harmful conditions, gets 1.5 Rests for the price of one, and has abilities increase his defenses (not to mention HP), and he actually starts to look pretty reasonable in my opinion... This. Also, we havent seen all his class cards. We were promised to see an aggressive build and a defensinve one. I think he will be quite decent.
  6. In my opinion the role of tank is: 1. Take the hits for your team 2. Do this for as long as possible. I think Onars has the possibility to do both
  7. Also, with Shake it Off (and perhaps Survival Gear), Biv has a decent chance of removing the stun again
  8. I find it weird that Stealth refers to "you" and not "a figure in this group. "
  9. Stealth applies to a single figura at the end of it's activation and True Shadow applies to the entiry group? Is that right?
  10. Are you remembering that she cannot use it on herself? I see many people talking about it but I never understodd why it should be so powerfull, it has, what about 80% chance of succeseeding and then it's only three spaces of mevement and 1damage if used on enemies
  11. My main gribe about force users as playable heroes is that it thematically doesnt not make much sense that. A fully trained Jedi would not be of equal power to "better than average but still just regular"-soldiers as Fenn or Biv. All heroes in IA are more or less regular folk. A force with just some training would be much betters stronger than that.
  12. In Bespin expansion, the new force hero. On his hero sheet he's weilding a light saber, do you think he will have a light saber as a starting weapon?
  13. Fun, but he would have to be dirt cheap
  14. I just played armored onsluahgt for a few mission in the Twin Shadow campaign. That deck is really fun. Dropping a 3dmg morter in the middle of the rebels is good fun.
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