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  1. Thank you for the clarification! If it makes the game harder it must be true =) I'll start placing my side quest above the main quest when it is active instead of on top.
  2. Can someone please clarify this for me. When I choose to go on a side quest does it go on top of the current quest? So that I don't need to worry about the negative side effects of the previous quest card until the side quest is complete?
  3. Thanks for the reassurance. The side quests sound much more interesting to me, but as you say the designers will more than likely utilize them frequently in the new quests. There's only one thing to do now and wait for The Lost Realm
  4. Thanks for the heads up! The reason I showed him Celebrimbor's Secret is because I was early to a gaming event and I had it all set up to play a solo game with 2 of my best decks and he wanted to try it out with me. I warned him that I tried it 3 times previously and lost. Yes I forget to remove a time counter and in turn forget to trigger other effects. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this cycle was MEH. I was considering adding time counters to some of the more time intensive quests but it would feel like a hallow victory that I cheated to get. I do like a challenge but quests like Nin In Eilph and Celebrimbor's Secret became very frustrating and turned me off from this game. I prefer quests from previous cycles that give a fair amount of challenge without forcing me to deal with nasty time consequences. I want to mention that I do not like to turtle as others have mentioned the time mechanic solves this "issue".
  5. I very much hope this is true because I was strongly considering not buying into the next cycle. Low On Provisions and In Need Of Rest are two more encounter cards that I shudder every time I see them revealed. TBH most of the encounter cards Voice Of Isengard brought I didn't care for. I have yet to try out the Antlered Crown but I may just pass after trying Nin-In-Eilph and Celebrimbor's Secret
  6. Does anyone else feel that the time mechanic takes away from the enjoyment of the game? My favorite quests were before The Ring Maker cycle because of this. I feel that the time mechanic rushes me to much and creates a lot of unneeded stress. On top of that I don't like the penalties the encounter cards bring into play. For example the Take Cover! treachery and Orc Skirmisher enemy both have an extremely punishing remove 1 time counter or take lots of damage effect. I tried to introduce a friend to LOTR LCG with the Celebrimbor's Secret quest. Man what a mistake that was. Thanks to the time mechanic and the above mentioned cards it was a very stressful game that we lost. I wish I could send this feedback to the devs but the sad part is that I'm sure this crap is here to stay :/
  7. I don't understand why so many liked watcher in the water. I thought it was just OK. I also didn't like Against The Shadow cycle save a few quests because many of the encounter cards were so frustratingly hard. Siege of Cair Andros for example I must have played over 30 times with no wins until I gave up on it. I know a mono sphere deck is almost required but that's just not my style.
  8. Hello fellow LOTR gamers. I'm really hoping it's not true but do location, treachery, and enemy effects stack? For example a location card that has archery. Would 2 of the same location have double the archery damage I need to deal to my characters? Or a treachery that lowers attack and defense of my characters by 2. Would 2 of the same reduce my attack and defense by 4?
  9. Wow MyNeighbourTrololo I like all 3 examples you gave. You have my vote for weapon design =) You guys have inspired me to rework my tactics/leadership deck to include Gondorian Fire again with some of the above mentioned resource generating cards. Cheers!
  10. I meant a weapon that is for Gondor. I have a Gondor focused Tactics/Leadership deck. I agree with joezim007 you have some great points. I love Gondorian fire but it takes a while to build up strength. So I switched it out for Blade of Gondolin which is really only good for questing unless you're facing mass orcs. Also some quests punish you for questing too quickly. I suppose I could try adding Gaining Strength, Wealth of Gondor, and Horn of Gondor to my Tactics/Leadership deck, but I'd be trading out some good cards. I totally see your point about a Gondorian bow being out of the question but there should definitely be another weapon option besides Blade of Gondolin for Gondor IMO.
  11. Really enjoying these new adventure packs, especially with the new Gondor ally Herald Of Anorien. Going to try this guy out today. Back to my topic. I would very much like to see another Gondor weapon attachment. I know there is Spear of the Citadel but it's really only good for certain defending characters. Gondor has very limited options for offensive weapons such as Blade of Gondolin and Dagger of Westernesse. Both Meh IMO. Maybe a Citadel sword or Gondorian bow would be great additions to a Gondor tactics deck.
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