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  1. not sure about the other factions, but the obvious ep8 movie tie-in imperial ship is gonna be kylos tie fighter skip to 1.00 for pics, but why would you skip Chobot?
  2. i'm gonna mention this, because i think no one has brought it up yet. i'm not saying its good in the meta, just that it can happen. escorting the new upsilon shuttle, with its co-ordinate action, soontir could potentially get 6 actions in a round. any upsilon shuttle ( co-ordinate on action bar) + soontir fel 27 ptl 3 royal gaurd 0 target comp 2 auto thruster or tie mk2 upsilon activates, co-ordinate soontir soontir pushes for 2 actions plus an assigned focus soontir activates, green move, ptl for two more actions and another assigned focus 2 focus, and the choice of 4 of the 5 .... (boost, b-roll, evade, t-lock, and focus action) it seems pretty good.... he could turtle before activation if you excpect a bump, or reposition before activation, or get all the tokens and end green with an open dial for the next round. when flown well, with the upsilon, he could be better than ever.
  3. there are two targets in my town. one has them at $20 and lots of stock, the other has them at $12... they had 9, now they have 4. (5 with tax was only $65) i already have enough t-70s, tie/fos, damage decks, and dice. ... i just thought it would be cool to gift a core set to people that i teach/introduce the game to.
  4. amazon sells clear ones by litko for $20, they are not fancy, but I don't know of any cheaper.
  5. I have a few questions regarding Oicunns ability and engine upgrade... does a boost (requires engine upgrade) count as a maneuver for Oicunns ability? can I boost to ram with Oicunn? could I ram with my dial maneuver, use dauntless and engine upgrade to ram the same ship a second time? thanks for the help, trying to find a use for the imperial pancake. edit: would daredevil work as well? it does say maneuver in its card text
  6. sure would end up getting you a lot of likes... =)
  7. I fly empire, the good guys.
  8. search for a thread called "flight school lambda 101" by sablegryphon it is an excellent read gunner+fcs is great. the shuttle often doesn't get actions, because of bumping or boosting. so you throw your first 3 dice attack and hope it ends up missing (stripping a token or two would be nice) then you get a free target lock and get to shoot again (w/ TL). and you get another free target lock.
  9. shuttle omicron group pilot 21 fire control system 2 gunner 5 engine upgrade 4 -32pts- that's what I'd run. =) edited for clairty
  10. ya, I proposed this yesterday in a topic called Z-95 swarm with feedback array...phantom counter? I still think it is a decent tactic, 7 mini doomshuttles flying about like a variable mine field..... plus 7 Z-95s aren't that terrible on their own even if the trick doesn't activate that often. or maybe mini Z-95 swarm+FBA (like 3 or 4) and a firespray?
  11. 7 range 1 bubbles, spread out like a mine field in front of the phantom may be hard to dodge..... it is just an idea. I fly imperial and am not likely to jump ship to a new group of scum for some shiny new gadgets.
  12. I see tons of discussion about using deadmans switch on a Z-95 to make a piloted cruise missle, but not much buzz about feedback array...... this seems like a viable counter to phantoms.... a swarm of Zs flown straight at the phantom then activate FA at range 1.... no arc nessacary ....1 damage per ship, no dice roll. 7x Z-95+feedback array they would be predictable after the attack, but 4 of them WOULD kill the phantom, no questions, no dice....... would it work? is it a good idea?
  13. a swarm of z-95s with Feedback Array would positively destroy phantoms, then be very predictable for one turn. (worth it?)
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    free download open source
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    there must be some human you can convince to (at least try it) play with you..... brothers or sisters? siblings can be a pain, but a good source of practice target fodder.... do you have parents? could be a good way to bridge the generation gap, get some dad time in..... neighbors? schoolmates? do you live in the woods, by yourself, your only friend a squirrel named ben? the computer/video game produced by FFG idea has been talked about before, and I think that FFG does not have the license to produce video games with the star wars IP, also they are a board/mini/card game company not a video game producer.
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