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  1. I see that Feldherr do a foam box insert now: https://www.feldherr.net/for/fantasy-flight-games/feldherr-foam-set-for-star-wars-outer-rim-board-game-box/a-59228 But I'm really liking what solutions people have come up with by themselves.
  2. Hi, I have been looking at component storage options for Outer Rim and was wondering if anyone here has any suggestions? I like the box inserts on Etsy, but wondered if there was any other options that you guys are using? Thanks.
  3. Ah, I can see why you wouldn't waste time on a feature that nobody is interested in. Thanks for answering.
  4. Just come back to this after a while away, you are doing a great job. I was wondering if the quick builds are available when selecting squads? Thanks.
  5. Challenge cards? Does anyone know what these are? I've not heard of them before.
  6. Just a trailer so far that shows people running around together, I'm not sure how much it will change the game though. I only picked it up a few weeks ago because I saw it being sold for cheap. I didn't bother getting it on release after I read the reviews, I was pretty gutted because it sounded like it was going to be amazing.
  7. Just wondering if anyone here plays NMS, and if they are looking forward to the Next update? Or if anyone who hasn't played it plans to pick up a copy following the update? Personally I think multiplayer could be pretty cool, but if it means people can raid my base and take my resources I will be pretty pissed off.
  8. Has there been any videos showing the rotating wings yet? I have been looking online but haven't found anything!
  9. Do we have a rules clarification of this? I assumed that the V symbol just meant firing arc (primary, turret, 180 degree) as it would mean that they wouldn't have to print all the different symbols on cards that have an ability relating to firing arcs? Of course I could be wrong! **Actually, I have just remembered the Punishing One ability, so I think you are probably correct** ***And Asajj Ventress has the mobile arc symbol on her card text, so I am pretty sure my post was wrong***
  10. Sorry, I was talking about the spinny wings on the Fang Fighter model. I didn't expect the wings on the Firespray to move, as it wouldn't be landing in the middle of a space battle, although I suppose it could start the game landed on an asteroid! Has anyone seen a video of the 2.0 Fang Fighter model with the rotating wings?
  11. Is there a video of the Fang with the rotating wings? I have looked online, but haven't found anything so far.
  12. I'm ok with this, I think that having brand new upgrades for every ship released is one of the things that helped facilitate the power creep in 1.0. I want to play a game that relies more on skill than what upgrades you have.
  13. Ahh, thanks for clearing that up. When it said it was the first place to get Advanced Sensors I assumed that it wasn't available anywhere else, but I suppose Saw's Renegades will be available before the conversion kits.
  14. "The Saw’s Renegades Expansion Pack is also the first place to find the second edition version of a powerful System upgrade like Advanced Sensors." Does this mean that Advanced Sensors is not in the conversion pack? I'm a bit confused as to what wave Saw's Renegades is in, it's not wave 1 of the second edition, isn't it wave 14 of the first edition? So why are there upgrade cards in this pack that aren't in the conversion kits?
  15. Ah, this makes sense now. I knew somebody here would know the reason.
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