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  1. Nickl


    Hi all, I want to gear up for the spring tournament season and started playing around with lists. I am trying to escape the turret hype and thought of this: Farlander VI+AS+Ion Cannon Blue Squadron AS+Ion Cannon 3x Bandit Squadron That should have enough reds to deal with the big ships, enough PS to deal with a Phantom and the ion cannons give a nice control element to it. What do you think?
  2. Works well, but a skilled player will spread out his ties and you get minimal extra damage in. The rest of your squad will still need to do a lot of work, but if you can capitalize on focusing on individual ties its worth it.
  3. Have you seen these: https://www.krmulticase.com/buyarmystorage.aspx?system=STAR&army=XW I'm extremely happy with it as a lazy person myself. and with the cardboartd box not too costly...
  4. Nickl

    Fleet Up!

    I felt really bad about spending on my collection, till I just now saw 4 YTs or 12 A-wings... Fantastic looking pictures and exactly the excuse my wallet needs!
  5. I'd bet there is a good chance to see all upgrades again in future releases, so if you dont like the ships, there is always the option to wait... That said, at least two interceptors should be in everyones storage case!
  6. In Europe travelling far to events is not nearly as common as in the US. Most people I know will not travel more than 2h to an event. Additionally there are the language barriers. A German taking part in a national in France will have some trouble being understood, which does affect the fun. It being called a national and not just another regional is a reason for a lot of players to make it to the event. It makes it special, I wouldn't like that to change. If you'd like to split up the nationals in the US, that's a different story. I could guess a split in Western and Eastern, like in sports could be favourable. But don't bash the European events. We are happy with them...
  7. @Tie Pilot Not sure if flechettes help. First you need to see it and then get through the defence, and without VI and focus that will be tough. @LeoHowler True, is there anything we could do against it, without upgrades? Do you think XXXZ would do better thanks to 3 attack dice? That's why I'm posting to see if I missed anything that could help...
  8. Hi all, I'd like some advice from the community on a weird squad to build. We have a league were the better players get penalties when playing lower ranked players to keep it interesting for the newbies. My upcomming match has the restrictions: only unique pilots, no upgrades except ordinance. Quite a tricky one, especially since I believe my opponent will bring a phantom. This is what I came up with: Kath Scarlet 38 Winged Gundark 15 Night Beast 15 Backstabber 16 Dark Curse 16 for an even 100. Kath might get a chance to stress a phantom and the auxiliary arc could come in handy. The Ties are in pairs of PS5 and PS6 making it easier to fly. An alternative would be the 6 named Ties, but that means wasting points and with the Firespray I have a few more hitpoints on the table. The defender looked nice as well, but Kath seems better suited against a phantom. I looked into naked Han, Corran and Cracken, but the damage output is not convincing ... Any other ideas? Thanks...
  9. Falcon conversion and repaint. Thanks Gadge for the tip. Enjoy:
  10. Wanted to share a pic as well... Stupid question how do you do it? Couldn't find it in the help.
  11. Thanks for that thread... I am struggling so much against the phantoms. Just had a game with Fat Han and two Z against 2 phantoms with FCS and a Tie and couldnt drop a single ship. I used engine upgrade to keep my distance as much as possible, but I am still getting 3 hits each round while only dealing 0-1. Focussing on the Tie the first 3 rounds was obviously a mistake, but I thought at least the Zs can help here. My oponent told me to get close as fast as possible with the turreted ship and make the best of my 4 reds, even if that means eating 13 attack dice each round, what do you think? It is quite frustrating, I see all the hate for Han around here, and it doesnt work very well for me ...
  12. Nickl

    Killing Fat Han

    Han is the sympton, the phantom is the cause. Teach me how to kill a phantom with small rebels and I stop playing Han. Maybe we need a thread for that?
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