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  1. @JBFancourt and @nitrobenz, if you ever want further updates (or more flowcharts!) let me know! I'm happy to try and work things out to the best of my knowledge. Still trying to find a good place to upload them where I know they'll stay...
  2. A local player has flown a loaded Whisper alongside a "fat" Rear Admiral Chiraneau to great effect for the last year or so... at least, until everything in the world ground to a screeching halt. Specifically: Rear Admiral Chiraneau, Darth Vader, Minister Tua, Moff Jerjerrod, Shield Upgrade, Proximity Mines (114 points) Whisper, Juke, Fifth Brother, Passive Sensors, Stealth Device (84 points) You have no idea how many times Jerjerrod catches the opponent off guard, with that system phase boost.
  3. To piggyback on @Lyianx, it helps me to remember that the word Tractored is (for the purposes of X-Wing) an adjective, and not a past-tense verb. While casual conversation does frequently use the term "Tractored" as a verb (e.g. "I tractored his ship onto the asteroid"), its proper use in X-Wing is to describe a ship's status (e.g. "when I put the second tractor token on his U-Wing, it became Tractored").
  4. Great questions! To answer then one by one... You cannot normally decloak over or onto an obstacle. The rules for decloaking specifically call for the ship to perform a boost or barrel roll, and THOSE rules dictate what happens if your attempted move would overlap or move through an obstacle. In essence, you can try to fit, but if you don't, the reposition attempt fails, and you can't try another attempt. That means, if you end up touching an obstacle, you have to stay cloaked for the round! The exception to this involves the use of a Collision Detector, which allows movement onto and through obstacles. You can decloak off of an obstacle, conditionally. Specifically, following the same rules for barrel rolling and boosting, as long as your template and final ship position do not overlap an obstacle, the move is legal. Decloaking does not trigger Snap Shot. Since a decloak is, mechanically, a form of boosting or barrel rolling, it is not considered to be a maneuver. That means abilities which check for ships performing maneuvers (Snap Shot, Foresight, etc) have no effect during a decloak. As far as other interactions to consider, the one thing that most stands out to me, is to remember that the TIE Phantom "Stygian Array" ability can be affected by stress. If you start the round stressed, you can still decloak, but you will not be able to perform your "free" evade action at that time. That can affect your actions for the remainder of the round, so consider carefully before committing to that decloak. (As @JBFancourt pointed out below, you are still able to spend your evade token to gain a cloak token at the end of the round, regardless of whether or not you're stressed.) As far as squad building goes, Whisper (or any Phantom) loves having Fifth Brother on board, since Force charges are incredibly powerful & versatile on that platform.
  5. Hmm. I need a more stable place to upload it, then... (rubs chin) ...let's try imgur?
  6. Just to argue this topic to the point of absurdity: Given that the "rules" for rotating a ship simply indicate marking it, turning the ship, then removing the marker... is what you use as a marker important? Is it a move if you happen to use a template to mark your ship, but not a move, if you use the corner-marker that comes in the core set? I think it's safe to say that a single, unified, coherent, consistent, and thorough definition of Rotating a Ship would be a welcome inclusion to the rules.
  7. Droid Struts are the obvious one, but those can be dismissed for this discussion because of that pesky "ignore obstacles at Range 0" text. Dalan Oberos (Starviper) is the main one that comes to mind, as is the thread's main question about a post-tractor rotation.
  8. In this vein, I'd like to see two rules instituted that state: If a ship currently at Range 0 of an obstacle is rotated by any effect other than a maneuver, it does not suffer the effects of overlapping that obstacle. If a ship that is not at Range 0 of an obstacle is rotated by any effect other than a maneuver, such that one or more of its guides do overlap an obstacle after the rotation, it does suffer the effects of overlapping that obstacle (while not executing a maneuver). This would take care of both relevant situations, I think.
  9. The weird and wacky super-edge case here, is... what if a ship is right next to, but NOT overlapping an obstacle, and after using some rotation effect (Tractored post-move option, U-Wing Pivot Wing, Starviper Dalan Oberos, etc), one of its nubs/guides happens to overlap that obstacle? It becomes a catch-22 of sorts. If a rotate is not a move, then in that edge case, no obstacle effect (other than the Range-0 no-attack effect of an asteroid) would happen...
  10. Could you elaborate? Are you describing a flaw in the official app (which, we know, it's horribly flawed), or some obscure rule that would otherwise allow it?
  11. Welcome to the fantastic land of "Ill Defined Timing of Setup Step!" There's no definitive answer, as this card lacks some of the direct timing instructions that others have. MY best guesses are: Gather Forces: When you first present your list to your opponent, you deal (or choose) damage cards, in the order of your choice. This has the benefit of taking place before anything else, making it almost impossible to miss or manipulate. Place Forces: As you place ships onto the battlefield, you deal (or choose) damage cards. Since this would happen by ship initiative, it has the greatest strategic impact on your forces. Prepare Other Components: Once all ships are deployed, you deal (or choose) damage cards, in the order of your choice. I personally favor this interpretation, as far as the rules go, because this is also the step when each player formally prepares their damage decks... before this point, no damage deck formally exists in that particular game. These choices would be made in player order (if both players have Fireballs on their side); then, each player would deal (or choose-and-deal) damage cards in the order of their choice. To be honest, if I were flying several Fireballs, including one with the Kaz title, I would deal cards directly to the rest, THEN go through my deck to choose the final card. That way, I would gain information about what crit cards were waiting under my other ships, and would have some indication of how bad it could be, to activate their ability. If a lot of Direct Hits are missing from my deck, for example, I might not want to SLAM as much.
  12. I guess this means that Little Orphan Ani can use his force-barrel roll to go through obstacles?
  13. The LaunchBay information really means nothing, since it's an unofficial third party product... but, the presence in the official app (as lousy as that app is) very strongly suggests that the omission of the "Tail Gun" ability is an error, and not an intentional variation of the VCX-100 frame. At the very least, it provides a strong counter-argument to any strict claims of "lacking official errata, play it as printed." My take: Kallus was intended to have the Tail Gun ability, and the lack of it on his card is an error. FFG has reflected the correct version of his card on the app, and he will receive an errata entry in the next Rules Reference.
  14. Not disputing any of the above, I'm in complete agreement. For historical purposes, though, I do have one nagging thought in the back of my mind that makes me wonder, "wasn't this not always the case?" I'm recalling (or mis-remembering?) an older version of the rules, that compulsory effects (those that either lack the word "may" or include the word "must") happen before voluntary effects (those that include the word "may"). Wasn't there some wording to similar effect in place, before the current "Action Queue" system?
  15. As @Maui. stated, you skipped the rolling steps, so there is currently a dice pool of zero dice. Then, as you move on to step 4 (Neutralize Results), and add one critical result to that pool of zero dice. Since there are no evade results to cancel it, the critical damage goes through on step 5 (Deal Damage).
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