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  1. There are still people out there that don't use an ad blocker?
  2. Using the Chrome/Firefox extension Hola! on Netflix is mostly legit.
  3. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/122101-lords-of-nal-hutta-hutt-space-sourcebook/
  4. >Anyone >cable or satellite provider C'mon, who pays for regular TV anymore? It's archaic.
  5. Bringing up realism with Star Wars is a silly idea.
  6. The problem with doing obligation, duty, and morality all at once is that you're **** near guaranteed to hit at least one every time.
  7. Yeah, and when will I have the opportunity to make my dream character, a Highly Cunning Gungan Slicer, who can compromise your systems in the time it takes him to utter the line, "Oops! Mesa so clumsy! I be apologizing!" We'd have the best party ever if we can find one more person who could play an Ewok smuggler.
  8. Everybody's still going on about Hutt PCs and not a soul has mentioned the startling lack of PC Jawas. We need more utinni!
  9. I'm picturing a pair of Hutt siblings who perform as rhythm and blues singers. One of them has just been released from Kessel and they decide to put their old band back together to raise money to save the orphanage they grew up in... "We got two Hutts outside, dressed like Nemoidian Tibana merchants..." "What they want?" "Get this - one of them wants fourteen whole fried chickens." "Jaala!" "And the other wants fifty-two slices of dry white toast" "Elbooda! Sheeeit! It's the Soul Siblings!" *song and dance number follows* Oh, and Princess Leia is the jilted ex-lover of one of them and is trying to kill them. "It's 106 parsecs to Hutta, we've got a full tank of fuel, half a pack of deathsticks, it's dark in space, and we're wearing glareshades." "Punch it."
  10. Wookiepedia has enough info to incorporate the virus.
  11. I'm assuming she'll turn out to be a blue Nautolan as well. Anyway, I'll be watching that group and I'll try to join in if a session fits my schedule.
  12. Sounds like someone has been playing Mass Effect. I like this idea, though.
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