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  1. Just building off of the reverse cyborg idea: The PCs are called in to deal with a prototype rouge assassin droid (from any organization the party is aligned with) that can change its appearance to look like anyone (think Proxy). The droid has gone haywire and no longer wants to look human but BE human. The droid crashed a ship full of the organization's members and landed on a uninhabited planet. The PCs arrive at night and find the wreckage of the ship, outside they see a being wandering in the wreckage with a large satchel placing things inside, if the OCs get close enough they see a droid with an astronaut helmet and see a human skull inside. The droid runs into the ship and the PCs follow. The droid evades them and the PCs start to investigate. They quickly encounter protocol droids covered in human flesh with the glowing eyes of a droid and the mouth hangs ajar revealing the droid's mouth beneath. These droids can be quickly defeated and the PCs move on. The reach the med bay where they discover the bodies of several crew, some stripped of flesh and others missing most or all of their limbs. A knowledge check can reveal that the bodies died of blood loss from the missing body part revealing they died AFTER loosing the body part. They can then encounter droids with human arms and legs. The droids are all moaning as they are in pain from the weird merging of flesh and machine. As they are cut down they let out cries of pain and then grasps of relief as their suffering ends. If you think you can narrate you can have audio logs about the conversion or even the droid leaving notes about no one cooperating or understanding its mission. The PCs can finally engage the droid in the engine room where the droid explain its dream. It reveals several limbs on its body and says the pain is a sign of life. However you wabt to resolve the droid is destroyed and the PCs receive a reward for their actions. (Not sure if pictures work but The Force Unleashed had great pictures of a reverse cyborg that I have been clawing to use) http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--0WWlI9xw--/18r88jhgy7e71jpg.jpg http://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--bMV6aKAg--/18r88jhh6pwtcjpg.jpg
  2. For one of my campaigns I have a characters who is the leader of his own mercenary company. The problem is every time he tries to perform leadership, he winds up rolling against his followers discipline which they have a skill in meaning he has to roll against a challenge die relatively often and has lead to several hilarious moments when he despaired and succeeded but leads him to be upset that he still winds up suffering for rolling a check on friendly NPCs. I kinda though adding boost die to show that they are willing to be lead. I don't want him to just do the ability without a roll as he invested in the skill specifically so he could act in charge I guess my problem is do I treat trying to perform leadership on an ally as an opposed check or just treat it as a regular check and determine difficulty without accounting for the NPC's willpower or ranks?
  3. Our group planned on trading off GM as this is kinda a side project as we wait for summer but I have been the only one GMing so I have a character set up but have so far only treated him as an NPC
  4. So for one of my campaigns I have my group trying to help build and establish a new colony. We are largely leaning on the Far Horizons sourcebook try and build up the town bringing in law and order. I made it so my character is bankrolling the town largely with Hutt money and I want him to slowly get more and more desperate as he fears the Hutts are trying to take over as they send non subtle threats for him to pay back his debt. I want him to eventually sell out the town and basically become more antagonistic with the rest of the group. My problem is how to introduce this slowly but not be too obvious about it. I can't just whine about the Hutts every session and I don't want what happens to come out of the blue. So how do I find a nice balance between the two?
  5. It seems rule of thumb (for Edge, don't have AoR in front of me) is give enough exp to so that any species has the ability to balance out their characteristic with one 4, one 3, four 2s, and still have 10 exp leftover. You can see that with how humans have 110 because it takes a 100 exp to raise their characteristic to 4 and 3 but other species only require 90 so that balances out. It seems that species with high Brawn wind up with low starting exp, so you would be safe with 100 exp.
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