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  1. I have only played eight games so I'm still kinda new to the game. This is the list I made: Dash Rendar +Mangler cannon+Outrider+Experimental Interface+Lando 51pt. Jan Ors+Recon Specialist+Blaster Turret+Moldy Crow+Wingman 37pt. Bandit Squadron Pilot 12pt. 100pt. Thanks for the help
  2. Corran+Stayontarget+Advanced Sensors+R2-D2 44pt. Jake+Outmaneuver+Lone Wolf+A-wing test pilot+Proton Rockets 32pt. X-wing+R7-T1 24pt. I have: 1x(e-wing,headhunter,rebel aces,yt-2400)and 2 core sets
  3. Thanks everyone, and yes I meant YT-2400.
  4. I was wondering what upgrade cards and pilot abilities can make the YT-1300 with HLC and outrider get crits. Thanks for the help and only played eight games,so still new to the game.
  5. I was thinking about keeping Jan at the ends of the mat hiding behind Leebo and with the Dash crew card. Can she shoot through Leebo. Since Dash's ability says: your attack cannot be obstructed.
  6. So, if Leebo does find a pilot crit and he does have Determination does he take damage? (I'm kinda new to the game I played a little, so sorry if this sounds dumb.)
  7. I want to clarify these two ability's together.Can Saboteur be used twice with EI since its an action. Thanks
  8. I played my first tournament yesterday and I bumped a ship does his ability kick in or not (because is the ship not an obstacle),and last question I used Outrider with him and I lost my heavy laser cannon with a critical hit. Am I able to use his primary weapons,since he lost his secondary weapon,or does Outrider effects make him with no weapons at all. Thanks For the help and yes I am new to the game.
  9. Funny I just got my first x-wing book too.
  10. Where I live, rebels are the underdogs. I feel like Luke when he's about to destroy the death star and everyone around him is getting blown up.
  11. I always play rebels,it's fun playing as the underdog!
  12. Thanks and your right on the money.
  13. I kinda new to this and was wondering any can help me out with my list. Biggs+r2-d2+shield upgrade Bandit+ion pulse missiles Bandit+assault missiles+failsafe Dutch+r5-d8+proton torpedoes+ion cannon turret Just a reminder I can't buy any more because of age.Thanks for info.
  14. Thanks I'll remind them how to play the right way.
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