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  1. Exactly. Don't forget the Wiki, with all rules, stats, tables and live updated FAQs attached to it. It makes INFINITY so much easier to play and access. And comes for free. Which - as a whole - made me in turn give Corvus Belli happily and voluntarily my money for their service to the customer.
  2. It's pretty funny, but thinking back on it, in NONE of the systems I played the Edition change affected me that much financially like it now does with X-Wing 2.0. ? In Shadowrun RPG we started with Mk.I and had a pretty soft transition to Mk.II, which cost, probably, around 50 -90 $, tops. There weren't many Mk.I books with crunch around that time (Core, Streets Samurai; Virtual Reality, Grimoire and some adventures). Everything else came with Mk.II, which was my Golden Age, there, and will always be remembered as such. The death of Nigel Findley ended that era, and Mk.III put a lid on it. So there was no further edition transition for me here. ? Got into WH40k in 3.Ed starting with Necrons and then the Withhunters codex thereafter. Transitioned into 4.Ed. easily as Necrons were that robust and the Witchhunters Codex was practically written on the threshold towards 4.Edition - a 3.5 Edition Codex, so to speak. Then the 5th Edition came a bit too soon, making me realize I wouldn't go on with this arms race, thus selling off the Necrons and kept my Witchhunters as Display army, with them being completely mothballed once the Inquisitors were put into the Inquisition codex thus splitting my army literally in half. The Edition change cost me 60$. No new Codices or models were needed. I had 3500 Points Necrons and some 3000 points Witchhunters, fully and well painted. Which makes it the system with the lowest transitions costs all right. ? Started to collect Circle Orboros of Hordes/Warmachine during Mk.I. I wasn't much into double or tripple units of the same kind - I had turned into a passionate painter back then already, and wasn't interested in painting tons of overladen "clone troopers" - so the transition to Mk.II didn't cost me any extras at all. The moment I realized that helpfull battle roles in my army were first filled by mercenaries/minions which - much later - could be replaced by better fitting new (and more expensive) Circle entries was the moment I prepared to jump ship. Then Mk.III came, which made me, again, end my contract as consumers slave with that company. The Edition change cost me around 120 $: Core Book and Circle Faction Book and some Warroom decks. I own one respectable Circle faction + Trollblood/Cygnar/Retribution Demo-Armies. ? I then went into Infinity Mk.II. Great system, everything was playable, as the game was very much dependent on the proper use of terrain and the units didn't have that a big stat spread to be overtly disbalanced against each other in hindsight of their pointscosts and abilities. Mk.III came and two books were needed to get both my armies converted completely (over the course of half a years waiting). Costs were about 145 $ (Mk.III Core Book, Human Spheres, Ayyar Blister). I have 2 factions running: Haqqislam (54 models) and Nomads (10 models) ? (I blew about 900 $ into the Kingdom Death Mk.1.5 kickstarter, recently the most boutique and expensive boardgame (due to it's costly Core Box) on the market. If I would have gotten into the Mk.I kickstarter the Upgrade Kit including Gamblers Chest for the advanced rules would have cost me only 150 $. And I'd deem it being worth it.) ? Now with X-Wing Mk.II and a solid collection of about 70 ships spread over 3 factions (Empire > Rebels > Scum) I'd be looking forward to pay more than 300 $ both in 2.0 Core Set and C-Kits (>340 $ most likely with the one for Epic) for a full conversion, with a lot of cardboard chaff being dragged in, too. I collected mostly GCW-stuff (and in extension Lucasarts XWing/TieFighter/SotE-Ships), not the more exotic Legends vehicles, which I consider to be a pretty standard composition for an XWing TMG fan, who started around Wave 5. So practically half of each C-Kit I'd have to buy (at least 5) would be paper ballast, thanks to the >coughing!< ... odd!... composition of the C-Kits. As one can see, I have reason to find the effort and costs for this transition inappropriate in hindsight of the costs I am used to. And I'm most likely not committing myself to that...!
  3. I've had enough of my share of miniatures that I had to assemble and paint for TTGs. (Still have a bulk of white metal floating around.) Thus I'd never would have bought into X-Wing, if its miniatures would have come unpainted (or even unassembled, on top of that). Being assembled and prepainted was one of the biggest selling points of this game in my opinion. So, long answer short: No, I definitely wouldn't have bought into it!!!
  4. Don't let life get you down! Just keep swimmin'!
  5. I tried to resist the urchin to comment here, too. Alas, resistance was Nautile...!
  6. Congratulations. The Energy Tokens are pretty nifty...!
  7. She is priced fine. Backstabber, would love to trade -1 PS for the option of having an EPT, crew, AND illicit. Night Beast would love to pay 1 more point for access to the same. Youngsters ability is also pretty terrible compared to hers and, again, doesn't have a crew and illicit! Her price is fine for a tie but when you add in that she gets an EPT, action economy, access to boost, an illicit, and a crew we're no longer talking about her being balanced with the other ships. The fact that a rebel ship gets a better tie fighter is obnoxious. Please. It's a rebel hero converted tie, not a 08/15-grunt piloted vessel. And it still dies to a volley once its dice blank out.
  8. It's inflatable The Hounds Tooth is bigger on the inside...!
  9. I am glad that neither the Gunboat, Missile Boat and Tie Avenger has seen the light. Both boats never fit into the aesthetics of the Empires Navy. And the Tie Avenger simply doesn't have a standing between the canonical Tie Advanced, Tie Advanced Prototype and Tie Defender. On the other hand I like the released models quite a bit, as they are more known to the new generation of SW-consumers, including mainstream consumers. The Quadjumper I like especially, since it feels like it was designed by Chris Foss, who is my favourite SciFi-Artist eva. This ship might actually slip through my "No Scum! No New Generation models!"-Embargo.
  10. The YV-666 is also not to scale...! Seriously, where does Bossk fit in his Nashtar Pup? In the glove compartment...?
  11. Well, I lost a place among the last 16 and thus the 2015 Regionals shield tokens in a (last) game vs. a rebel squad (2x Y-WIng plus 2x z-95). Just because I was not able to finish off a friggin' Headhunter that was down to one hull and pursued by my HLC-carrying Defender over the cause of the last 5 rounds! Whatever I did was either swallowed by bumping or my cold attack dice and his glistening hot defense dice. Tickin' me off royally. This last game spoke epic tales about the inferiority of Defenders at that time.
  12. From the background Tarkin could be Admiral or Commodore, high enough to command a small fleet, low enough to enter engagements on a relatively weakly secured vessel. Tie Punishers should without doubt have Hyperdrives, since they are not allowed to dock with the Gozanti, which is the now the established main carriership for ambushes or escorts.
  13. Well, he made it to the finals, so must have been at least partially good at what he was doing - and U-boats...!
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