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    Chetote reacted to FTS Gecko in Max is gone as well.   
    Sure, sure.  The diatribe you posted above has nothing to do with your own wants and desire at all.  Nope.  Not at all.  Sure.  Sure.
    Sure, sure.  You didn't have to.  The undercurrent runs through pretty much everything you post.
    Sure, sure.  It's probably a good thing you're not then, all things considered, or X-Wing would likely have never reached a second edition in the first place.
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    Chetote reacted to FTS Gecko in Max is gone as well.   
    See folks, this is why we needed a dislike icon on this forum.
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    Chetote reacted to Odanan in Y wing heavy   
    Oh, this is something very obscure, even in Legends.
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    Chetote reacted to FlyingAnchors in X-Wing moving to Atomic Mass Games   
    Complete game. SW Destiny is a complete game, not a dead one.
    Armada is a dead game, because it has unreleased content and no one plays it.
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    Chetote reacted to dezzmont in Syck and Xi Swarms are cool and fun to play against   
    This is the worst part about being a dyslexic scifi fan.
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    Chetote reacted to Cpt ObVus in Jumping back into X-wing....maybe   
    IDK WTF ur talking about.
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    Chetote reacted to Matanui3 in X-Wing Ship Popularity Survey (X-Wing Minis Survey pt 4)   
    As a Scum player who actually reads all of the instructions, I feel unfairly stereotyped.
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    Chetote reacted to missileaway in Total Destruction - Droid Tri-Fighter preview up!   
    I'm going to guess 4 points. Not only do you give up the attack, the downside of missing with the thread tracers can be big if the accomponying ordinance ships need that lock to shoot the ordinance. If you bring 4 bombers with torpedoes and a z-95 to paint the target, you'll probably need a focus to fire the tracer. If the bombers all focus  they are relying entirely on the z95 to paint the target to launch the torpedoes. IF the z95 gets initiative killed, or has to spend the focus to survive on defense, those bombers are SOL. Even if the z95 gets to shoot, in a three defense dice meta, it has something like a 33%-60% chance of missing on the shot (depending on if the defender has any defensive modifiers) and then those bombers are left sitting with torpedoes stuck in the tubes. 
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    Chetote reacted to Bucknife in Why the next few squadron packs might make or break the game for me   
    Rooting for ya, buddy.
    Holding out for some decent Scum additions to get me out on the tables again (when we can). 
    Rather burnt out on popular Star Wars in general right now... not interested at all in Squadrons. (Bring out the torches, everyone.) Very sceptical of Kenobi and Cassian shows to bring anything truly memorable to my Star Wars experience. 
    Really, really hoping to be drawn in by Mando s2 with a compelling story and meaningful characters without humdrum lore cameo graffiti. 
    Just to throw even more oil on this: 
    I think Luke Gunner, as a unique and faction locked card, is not a blunder at all, especially in light of Ensnare. I actually like the card a lot and LOLd when I heard about some UK guys that were winning with him several waves back. 
    And Rebel squad building is way more interesting to me than Resistance.
    Just because a faction has more fancy upgrades doesn't mean they actually have real choices in squad building...it's frustrated me so bad over the last 2 years that I've nearly sold off my Resistance just to get them off my mind. 
    Resistance has a couple things that work well, and a giant heap of things safely in the kitchen table meta.
    Rebels may have a lower combo ceiling, but their squadbuilding floor is so much higher than Resistance. 
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    Chetote reacted to gamblertuba in New points are up in the official app   
    Xi has an extra agility no?  On an 8 health ship, that seems like it's worth 6 points.
    Edit to ask.  Malarus with 6 FO is that a decent call for Angled Deflectors on Malarus?
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    Chetote reacted to Sciencius in Fight to the finish - Herald of hope preview   
    I was glad to get another X-wing article, and I dont want to rain on my own parade her. But honestly, I dont know how exited I am about these pilots, yes nice to get more pilots, but I would have prefered more pilots for the TIE Intercepter, or the Rebel Awing. 
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    Chetote reacted to ClassicalMoser in Fury of the Empire (TIE Brute article)   
    You just described any ship with a lock action or near Howlrunner, both of which have been around since wave 1 of 1.0. If there's power creep here, I'm not seeing it.
    These things won't get locks easily anyway with their low initiative. They'll be full of crits given they only roll one defense, have a medium base, and are missing shields.
    Most ships have that. Some ships that have it are still trash (like the RZ-1) and some that don't are fantastic (like the scyk). It's all about pricing, and the devs can adjust that. "Overpowered" just means "Underpriced."
    Naturally, NPE is a separate matter. We don't have to get into that here.
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    Chetote reacted to svelok in Fury of the Empire (TIE Brute article)   
    Xi thread: scum players whining about illicit slots
    Brute thread: rebel players whining about... I'm not sure exactly
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    Chetote reacted to theBitterFig in Xi Class Shuttle article   
    Terex is so dang cool. Deadman's Switch for TN-3465?  Nice.

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    Chetote reacted to DR4CO in Unpopular Point(s) of View   
    It's not really any amount of points worth of useful on A-wing. An A-wing with a Focus shooting into 2 defence dice expects 0.85 damage (CALCULATOR), while an A-wing with Juke shooting into 2 defence dice expects 0.895 damage (CALCULATOR), which is such a tiny advantage that I honestly couldn't be convinced to pay points for it. And, of course, this assumes the defender has unmodified defence dice -- if they have a Focus of their own, the Juke is entirely useless... unless you mean to spam it, which is where the card breaks and is exactly what it's current price point is designed to prevent.
    Juke is one of those cards that really should just be removed from existence, because it has only two modes: entirely pointless, or ludicrously busted. There is no happy middle ground where it becomes just another balanced upgrade card.
    As to the topic that FFG could be making better use of the digital nature of points... kind of? There is value in consistency and simplicity, as it keeps the game accessible and makes theory-crafting and listbuilding easier, and I think that's more important than losing the occasional "innocent" use of a card that's busted elsewhere. Particularly when nothing of real value is being lost.
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    Chetote reacted to Pa Weasley in つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON NEW POINTS ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ   
    Well that was a rollercoaster of emotions.
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    Chetote reacted to pheaver in How competitive is X wing?   
    Three, actually.
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    Chetote reacted to GuacCousteau in An Observation on Second Edition   
    1) This is just Thane's ability but worse. 
    2) This isn't 'risk/benefit'. No one would ever choose flipping a crit over doing a sure damage. It's almost never a better option. The only time it might be is if there's already the right combination of Hull Breach and Fuel Leak on the ship, but that's so unlikely. The only reason Thane's ability is of any use is because it can trigger on an eye result which means it make sense to do if you don't have a focus token.
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    Chetote reacted to Darth Meanie in Kaz's Ball O' Fire: What damage card to pick?   
    You can't pick these for Kaz.  It has to be a Ship card.

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    Chetote reacted to gamblertuba in Kaz's Ball O' Fire: What damage card to pick?   
    So if you get to pick a card, which one do you choose?  If you don't get to pick, which ones are the worst?  Here is my quick stab at arranging from Worst to Least bad.
    Direct Hit!  Guaranteed extra damage.  (Bucket astromech can spend a charge to get rid of the original Direct Hit damage card though, so that's something.) Console Fire:  50/50 chance of extra damage.  If you roll cold red dice, this could be fine. Structural Damage:  No way to fix it and 1 green die is bad news. Loose Stabilizer:  Note, you will take damage if you do a straight maneuver but then SLAM a non straight maneuver. Damaged Engine: Pretty bad.  No way to fix it and all red turns aren't great.  Ask the 1.0 Lamda. Weapons Failure: Not Good.  If you are flipping to be able to shoot, you don't want to lose a red die when you do.  On the plus side, it is fixable. Disabled Power Regulator: You are going to be super predictable next turn which leads to dead. Damaged Sensor Array:  Can't Slam until you fix it. Hull Breach: If you aren't getting shot, you can fix it later for no down side. Fuel Leak: See Hull Breach. So how bad are the pilot crits?
    Panicked Pilot: Probably around 6.5.  Two stress is bad for just about anyone, even Yeager. Stunned Pilot:  Probably a 9.5.  Can't flip it back but Blinded Pilot: Maybe a 9.  Flippable and if you're SLAMming all over, you may not have mods all the time anyway. Wounded Pilot: Probably your "best" crit most of the time. Random Thoughts.
    You cannot Advance Slam to repair a damage card. R5 Astromech is an interesting option because you can take one of the unfixable but benign crits like Damage Engine or Stunned Pilot and keep flipping it. Fireball title is not an auto-include for me as some of the Pilot Crits are preferable to any of the ship options.
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    Chetote reacted to Blurpy The RABID in Demons Can't Win?   
    Hey!  That's my thread!  I'm glad that you found it to be helpful!  =D
    I've played this game with 1 marine, 2 marines, 3 marines and 4 marines.  In my experiences, playing with 4 marines on a well-balanced mission will result in a well-balanced match.  I'd say that either side (marines vs. invader) has a 50% chance of winning.  The selected mission plays a key factor in determining if the invader has a fair chance at victory.
    Playing with 3 marines is the setup that I've had the least experience with, admittedly.  Still, the game feels relatively balanced.  Focus-firing on the wounded marines is still the fastest way to an invader victory, but the marine who gets to perform 2 main actions each round is the dangerous element that invaders should be very cautious about.  Get too cocky, and the marines' team leader will wipe out your heavy hitters in one turn!
    Playing with 2 marines gets tricky.  Sure, it's easier to focus-fire since there's fewer marines, but they got more health and they both get 2 main actions per turn!  Hold no punches, and use every dirty trick you got f you want to win as the invader!  The game is much more in the marines' favor here.
    Playing with only 1 marine is a waste of the invader's time.  You're gonna lose.  Your only hope is to slow the Solo Operative down.  Only by having almost every figure on the board as you can manage and then hitting the marine with the Cyberdemon's Rail Cannon EVERY ROUND can you have any chance in Hell of actually defeating the Solo Operative.  I have yet to manage a single victory against the Solo Operative, and I'm pretty sure that he's UNSTOPPABLE.  o_O;;
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    Chetote reacted to Dasharr in Point Changes: Your Christmas Wishlist   
    You're using a particularly bad example of the Excluded Middle Fallacy. Are you really seriously suggesting that if Jedi aren't so good that a total novice can win a major tournament with them, then they're fine as is? I have trouble believing that's a good-faith argument.
    There's a whole wide spectrum of cost/effectiveness ratio going from overcosted on one side of the ideal to undercosted on the other. Something that's good enough to win regardless of skill would be very far into the undercosted range. Nothing is that far off (nothing ever has been in this game), but it doesn't have to be to be undercosted enough to deserve an adjustment.
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    Chetote reacted to Blurpy The RABID in My Thoughts On Mission Balance (Or Lack Thereof)   
    Greetings all,
    I wanted to post my thoughts on how balanced (or imbalanced) each mission is for the Doom board game.  I've played this game rather extensively by myself, playing 4 Marines vs. the Invader, and I've come to notice how some maps favor one side over the other.  There are some missions that can swing either way, of course, but it's the imbalanced missions that intrigue me the most.
    How can the imbalanced missions be balanced properly?  How much of a handicap must be given to the unfavored side in order to make things fair?  I haven't quite figured out the answers to these questions, but perhaps some of you have had experiences where you struck a balance on some of the imbalanced missions.  Please feel free to mention your experiences and thoughts on this subject; I'm curious to hear what you guys think.
    So without further ado, here's my thoughts on each mission, which side (if any) it seems to favor, and any tactics that I've come up with that have helped me come to the conclusions that I've listed here.  I apologize for the long-winded post - I'm a nerd for this board game, and I really enjoy it.  You'll be able to clearly tell which missions I favor the most, as I'll have the most to say about them.  Hopefully it'll provide an entertaining read for you guys, if nothing else.  =P
    E1M1:  Knee Deep In The Dead
    Favored Side:  Marines (duh)
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This map is obviously more of an extensive tutorial level for the Marines than anything.  The Imp Assault Invasion card's demon loadout is obviously too heavy on the Imp part, so the Invader is forced to rely on their Revenants, Cacodemons and the solitary Baron of **** to do any real damage.  But even with the ol' focus fire tactic of picking on the most injured Marine until he drops dead doesn't prove effective enough with so many Imps.  If you're playing the Invader and you want to have a fair match, avoid this mission like the plague!  Play this mission only if you're okay with losing, as you're likely trying to get some new players acclimated to this board game.
    E1M2:  Molten Retrieval
    Favored Side:  Marines (again)
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This map is immediately set up to favor the Marines in the first round because of one major thing - the close proximity of the Chainsaw.  It's literally 5 spaces around the nearest corner at the start of the mission.  As I'm sure you all know very well by now, the Chainsaw turns the Marine who wields it into an unstoppable force.  Any demon coming out of a blue or yellow portal will become fodder for the Chainsaw-wielding psychopath who will no doubt be rampaging through every room he steps into. 
    The fact that there's only one red portal token on the entire map also greatly hinders the Invader's ability to really dish out any serious damage in a short amount of time.  This forces the Invader to rely heavily on hit and run tactics for most of this mission.  But even this is in vain, as there's also a Gauss Cannon on this map.  There's no hiding from that frakkin' gun, and the Invader has no Imps or Revenants that can possibly dodge it.  All of the demons are gonna die, and there's very little that the Invader can do to stop it.  >_<;;;;
    E1M3:  Spring Cleaning
    Favored Side:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission can swing either way, depending on how each side sets up their strategy.  For the Marines, it'll depend heavily on which Class Cards they pick during initial setup; for the Invader, it'll strongly depend on how they manage their Threat Token supply.  The Marines need to be highly mobile, and they have to be able to hit hard and fast with their attacks.  Thar be Revenants, Cacodemons & Mancubi popping up everywhere, so they need to get to the Objective Tokens as quickly as possible to shut them down, and they need to be able to survive long enough to get to the last room in the lower-right area of the map.
    The best strategy for the Invader that I've come up with is to spawn demons from the red portal token IMMEDIATELY (preferably 2 Revenants), and then spend the next couple of rounds moving the Revenants up north so that they intercept the Marines at the second Objective Token.  The Invader should just plan on letting the Marines have the first Objective Token, and then spending the next few rounds accumulating Threat Tokens and activating all of the inactive portal tokens.  When the Marines reach the second Objective Token, start summoning demons from the portals near the first active teleporter in the lower-left area of the map; this lets you flank the Marines with your Revenants in front of the Marines, and a Mancubus, Imps & Cacodemons from their rear.  Squash them from both sides to get your first frag and activate another red portal!!
    Once you've fragged the Marines once or twice, keep populating the room with the third Objective Token with more Revenants and Mancubi.  Clog that room up, and the Marines have little chance of penetrating into that room and shutting down that last Objective Token.
    But beware, for this maps does have the BFG 9000!  If the Marines are quick enough to grab this weapon early, the Invader is in for a tough fight!  The fact that the BFG is right next to a teleporter means that the Marine that grabs the BFG will likely activate that teleporter.  This brings the fight much closer to that room with the last Objective Token, and subsequently turns the rest of the mission into an uphill battle for the Invader.  Strategy is key if the Invader wants to have a solid fighting chance in this mission!
    E1M4:  Leaving The Nest
    Favored Side:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This escort mission is on one of the trickiest map layouts in the blue Operations Guide, but the Cruel Mayhem Invasion Card and the weapon placements seem to harmonize in a balanced battle for both sides.  The Invader would do wise to stockpile their Threat Tokens and activate every blue & yellow portal token before beginning their summoning spree.  When the demon horde starts to arrive, they should first be spawned as close to the blue Progress Token (i.e. the place where the payload needs to be delivered to) as possible, and then begin the march forward to intercept the Marines.  Once the Marines have advanced into the large room with the Siphon Field grenade and the Minigun, start spawning Imps & Possessed Soldiers from the blue portal in the lower-right corner of the map.  Again, always flank the Marines on all sides whenever possible.
    The Marines, on the other hand, need to work well as a team and be mobile.  A Marine with the Ranger Class Card is gonna book it towards the Chainsaw; beware!  Also, if the Ranger Marine is also toting a Static Rifle and the Minigun, then they're gonna be the Invader's worst nightmare.  The Ranger Marine will have so many movement points that he could possibly get ahead and start activating all of the teleporters before the Invader's horde has become strong enough to fend him off!  This mission can easily go in favor of one side or the other - it just depends on who gets lucky enough to pull their power strategies before the other side does.
    E1M5:  Territorial Dispute
    Favored Side:  Invader
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  The thing about this mission that makes it unfavorable for the Marines is the fact that there are five demon types that the Invader can choose from, and four of them are of the more powerful variety.  Usually, a mission will have a relatively high number of Imps & Possessed Soldiers, and a low number of the more powerful demons.  This mission only has one blue portal option that includes a single Imp; every other portal option provides more powerful demons with much more effective abilities to use against the Marines.
    The Cacodemons are great for stunning the Marines.  The Pinkies just eat all of the Marines' attacks and keeps pressing forward for more (gotta love the Armored Offensive Event Card set!).  The Revenants wreak havoc with their missile barrages while dodging incoming Gauss Cannon attacks.  The Mancubi waddle into a room and fill it with fire and pain.  The only thing that the Marines have going for them is the fact that only one Invasion Card summoning option comes with any Argent Power; the Invader is going to need to discard Event Cards every round if they want their demons to use their nasty abilities.
    For the Invader, it's a key point to watch which portals they're activating during each Setup Phase of each round.  Always start summoning from the portals that are furthest from the Marines, as it'll take a while to get your Mancubi to the front lines.  Once you get 2 Mancubi, 2-3 Revenants, and a Pinky on the board, then start summoning from the portal stacks to the right side of the map.  When the heavy-hitting demons start to fall, then start summoning again from the yellow & red portals to the left of the map.  Keep the pressure on, and never let up!
    On top of all of this, the Invader's Event Deck consists of 3 of the nastiest Event Card sets:  Power Overwhelming, Seek and Destroy, and Armored Offensive!  These three card sets make any mission a painful experience for the Marines.  The Marines are in for a nasty battle here, and there's not much that I can suggest to help them out if the Invader is playing their strategy right.
    E1M6:  Breaking And Entering
    Side Favored:  Invader
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This is the first map that gives the Invader the option to summon the dreaded Cyberdemon!  But just because the Invader has that option doesn't mean that they should use it.  The key strategy for the Invader to win this mission is to start off round 1's Setup Phase by placing 6 Possessed Soldiers & 2 Pinkies on the board.  4 Possessed Soldiers should be summoned from the blue portals closest to the Marines, and the other 2 Possessed Soldiers should be summoned from within the big central room with the red portal token in it.  The Pinkies should be summoned next to the BFG and the closed door at the lower middle area of the map.  The Pinky & Possessed Soldiers nearest to the BFG are to guard the BFG and keep any Marines from grabbing it.  The tight quarters and Event Deck composition will aid the Invader in making this happen.  The first round is going to be brutal for the Marines; be sure to always use the Possessed Soldiers' Overwatch ability whenever possible!  Keep the Possessed Soldiers well-stocked with Argent Power!
    The Invader should only activate 1 portal token every round; since round 1 already gives you 4 activated blue portals, you don't want to run out of portals too quickly.  Trickle in your demons slowly.  When all blue portals have been removed from the board, summon Barons of **** from each yellow portal.  Once all yellow portals have been removed from the board, it's time to decide how to spend that last red portal.  Do you summon another Baron and some Possessed Soldiers?  Or do you bring in the Cyberdemon and clean house?  That'll depend on how well (or poorly) the fight is going for you.  If you still have 2 Barons on the board when you're forced to use the red portal, bring in the Cyberdemon.  If one Baron has died and you're struggling to kill the Marines, then summon another Baron and some Possessed Soldiers.  Remember, the Marines have to kill every demon on the board to win, so the more demons, the merrier.  If you're on the brink of getting your last 2 frags, then bring in the Cyberdemon and snuff out the Marines!
    E2M1:  To Whom It May Concern
    Side Favored:  Marines
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission is quite the challenging one for the Invader, as they'll spend most of the time attempting to chase down the Marines in hopes of slowing them down before they remove all of the Objective Tokens from the board.  More often than not, this mission always boils down to a showdown for the final Objective Token near the BFG 9000, as any smart Invader will certainly want to keep the Marines away from that dreaded death cannon.  The smarter Marine players will realize that they don't necessarily need to engage with the demons - they need only to remove the Objective Tokens.  So they'll be busy doing laps around the Invader's horde while the Invader is busy trying to intercept them along the varied paths that the Marines decide to sprint in.  It can get downright frustrating at times!
    Due to the nature of how the Assault Threat card rules work, the Invader must be VERY mindful of how they're spending their Threat Tokens to summon more demons.  If the Invader chooses to blow his load in the first round and summon demons from the Red Portal Token, the Invader will be spending the rest of the mission trying to keep consistent pressure on the Marines.  If the Invader instead chooses to spend a round or two by saving up on Threat Tokens and only activating every Portal Token before summoning demons on Round 3 or 4, then the Marines will most certainly have cleared out the 3 Objective Tokens at the center of the map, and could possibly have taken out the Objective Token in the upper-right area of the map!  The Red Portal Token's position isn't in an advantageous location if the only remaining Objective Token is in the lower-right room of the map with the BFG; your biggest demons need to hustle their butts into that room and barricade it so that the Marines can't just slip by and remove the Objective Token.  This mission feels like a real struggle against the clock for the Invader.
    E2M2:  All You Can Eat
    Side Favored:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission packs some real heavy hitters for the Invader to play with.  This mission also has the nasty Rocket Launcher & Minigun right around the corner from the Marines' initial spawn point, so they'll be heavily armed right from the get-go.  The difficulty of this mission steps up a few notches with each room that the Marines need to clear, depending completely on the Invader's strategic use of cover & terrain layout and key Event Cards when choosing & moving about the demons.  It's absolutely imperative that the Invader pay attention to the map's layout to determine the most strategically advantageous way to bring the pain to the Marines.  If the Invader lets up at all, then the Marines will easily plow through each area of this mission.
    My Invader strategy for the first "area" of the mission usually involves summoning a Pinky near the southernmost closed door, a Mancubus adjacent to the Gauss Cannon, and a Baron of **** from the Yellow Portal Token (who will also be the Objective Token carrier).  Keep the Baron of **** in the Gauss Cannon room and chuck Grand Fireballs from afar; if a Marine begins to approach across the Difficult Terrain room, meet them as they come within reach and tear them apart!  March the Mancubus forward (or sprint, using Demonic Speed) into the southern hallway to use Flamethrower, and smother the Marines in the Mancubus' thicc chubby rolls of love.   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  While this is going down, have the Pinky dart down that long hallway, sneaking out from behind the red Obstacle tile to chomp at the Marines as they grab the heavy weaponry before retreating back down the hall.  Use the Pinky's Armored Hide ability and to eat up the Marines' counter-attacks.  The Marines will kill off the demons in this area, but that's to be expected.  The goal in the first area is to soften them up and maybe get 1-2 frags before they open the doors to the next area.
    For Area #2, I usually make a Revenant carry the Objective Token.  Depending on how injured the Marines are, what Event Cards I have in-hand, and how many spare Argent Power tokens I have on the Invasion card when the Marines open a door, I'll either summon another Pinky & Mancubus like before (Pinky in front to soak up some of the Marines' better attacks while the Mancubus waddles to the front line) or 2 Mancubi (so that the closest Mancubus can rush in and kill off the wounded Marine(s) before it gets eradicated).  Always keep the Revenant towards the upper-right corner of the map, darting out to help finish off a wounded Marine with Homing Missile attacks.  Use Demonic Speed to get adjacent to a Marine and attack once, play Ferocity to hit 'em again (which Stuns the Revenant), and then fire off a third attack (a la the Revenant's Assault ability).  Note that the third attack will shake off the Revenant's Stun condition; play Demonic Speed to help get the Revenant to retreat further into the upper-right area to force the Marines to move in to flush the Revenant out.  Aim to get 2-3 frags out of the second area.
    Once the Marines open up the final area with the Red Portal Token, the Invader must make another tactical decision - what to summon from the Red Portal Token?  It'd be wise to summon another Revenant from the Yellow Portal Token because they're so frakkin' mean; that's a no-brainer.  If the Marines are in bad shape and the Invader only needs 1-2 frags to win, bust out the Cyberdemon!!!  BUT - if the Marines are close to having full health and the Invader still needs 2-3 frags to win, then bust out the two Barons of ****.  Give the Objective Token to one Baron, and make him retreat back towards the Gauss Cannon room.  Let the other Baron and Revenant do all of the pounding, using Event Cards to maximize the demons' attack output.
    E2M3:  Collect Call
    Side Favored:  ZOMG INVADER!!!!!!!
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission is VERY unfair for the Marines.  EXTREMELY unfair!!!  I've played this mission so many times in an attempt to find a winning strategy for the Marines, and I simply can't do it.  The Invader strategy that I've come up with is just so ruthless, and it exploits the bottleneck choke point at the northern bend of the map so well that NOTHING can get by.  The only things that I didn't experiment with were on the Invader's side of the setup, such as changing the Invasion Card to something other than Cruel Mayhem, or changing up the Invader Event Deck card sets to something other than Infernal Sorcery, Armored Offensive & Seek And Destroy.
    My strategy goes as follows:
    Round 1:  Summon 3 Imps from the Blue Portal Token in the lower-left room on the map and march them all northward towards the choke point.  Summon 1 Imp & 1 Possessed Soldier from the Blue Portal Token in the upper-left corner of the map near the choke point; move the Imp and stand it atop the inactive Teleporter that's closest to the Marines' starting point, and move the Possessed Soldier eastward as far as he'll go.  This Teleporter location is key to keeping the Marines from advancing forward; ALWAYS have a demon squatting on top of it so that the Marines can't activate it easily. Round 2:  Summon 1 Revenant & 1 Possessed Soldier from the Yellow Portal in the lower-left room on the map and march them northward behind the first Imp group (who will reach the choke point this round).  Summon another Revenant & Possessed Soldier from the Yellow Portal Token in the Minigun room.  Move the Possessed Soldier towards the upper-left corner of the Minigun room and use Overwatch whenever possible.  Move the Possessed Soldier from Round 1 into the Rocket Launcher room; you'll want him to eventually guard the Medikit in the lower-left corner of the Minigun room.  Attack the Marines with the Revenant's Homing Missiles, then pull back the Revenant to the lower-right corner of the map tile with the first inactive Teleporter (i.e. the one with the Imp squatting on it); note that this is an impassible terrain square - this'll keep the Revenant safe from Glory Kills. Round 3:  Summon 1 Imp & 1 Possessed Soldier from the Blur Portal Token in the lower-right room near where the Marines spawned; use these demons to flank the Marines (who are probably in the Minigun & Rocket Launcher rooms at this point).  Make the Revenant near the Teleporter pop out, attack, and then retreat to one of those impassible terrain corners (yay Flying ability!).  Move the Imp horde into the area around the Teleporter; place one Imp on the nearby Medikit, and keep all Imps at least 2 spaces away from one another.  If a Marine kills an Imp standing on the Teleporter or Medikit, move another Imp to take its place.  Keep the second Revenant behind the choke point and use peek-a-boo attacks when possible.  All Possessed Soldiers will use Overwatch to punish Marines for attacking; the Possessed Soldiers are spread out enough that they should cover any area that the Marines may want to attack from. Round 4:  Summon 1 Possessed Soldier & 1 Baron of **** from the Yellow Portal Token in the Minigun room.  Move the Baron towards the Objective Token next to the Siphon Field (upper-right corner of map) for some guard duty, and break any Marine that gets too close. Round 5:  At this point, you can do whatever you want.  As long as you keep the choke point occupied with demons, and you don't let the Marines get that first Teleporter activated, you're golden!  Even if they DO manage to get that first Teleporter activated, you still have that Red Portal Token to summon whatever reinforcements you need to keep the choke point clogged.  The Marines are screwed, and there's NOTHING they can do to overcome your forces!  
    E2M4:  Out Of The Frying Pan
    Side Favored:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission is a lot of fun, but it requires that the Marines do their damned best to collect EVERY big weapon on the map in the first couple of rounds if they don't want to get overrun by the demon horde.  The Chainsaw is KEY to giving the Marines a fighting chance; without it, they won't have the mobility necessary to keep the demons from taking out the Objective Tokens (which give the Invader 1 frag for each Objective Token removed).  If a Marine can somehow bolt down the right side of the map and ****** the BFG 9000 before too many Mancubi & Barons of **** clog up that corridor, then the tables will be turned in the Marines' favor.
    Here's my Invader strategy broken out per round:
    Round 1:  Summon 3 Imps from the Blue Portal Token in the lower-left corner of the map, and move them so that they'll attack (from a distance) any Marine running towards the Chainsaw.  Summon 1 Imp & 1 Baron of **** from the Yellow Portal Token at the southernmost part of the map, and get them marching northward ASAP. Round 2:  Summon 1 Imp & 1 Baron of **** from the Yellow Portal Token in the lower-left corner of the map, and move them northward towards the front lines; continue moving the other Baron northward, as well.  Summon 2 Imps & 2 Mancubi from the Red Portal Token at the southernmost part of the map, and get them marching northward ASAP. Round 3:  Summon 1 Cacodemon from the Blue Portal Token in the hot smelting room on the right side of the map; move it forward and stun any Marine(s) guarding the nearby Objective Token.  Continue moving all of your big heavy demons forward, and keep the other Imps scattered so that any Marine that did grab the Chainsaw would have to do a LOT of running to cut them all down in a single go.  Continue peppering the Marines with Imp fireballs whenever possible. Round 4:  At this point, you need to watch which Portal Tokens you summon from.  If you attempt to summon from a Yellow or Red Portal Token before any Mancubi or Barons of **** have died, then you'll end up wasting that Portal Token 'cuz you can't have more than 2 Mancubi or Barons on the board at a time.  Wait until the Marines have picked off some of your big fatties before proceeding to summon from your Yellow & Red Portal Tokens.  Keep the pressure on, and wipe out those Objective Tokens for easy frags!  
    E2M5:  Bringing Down The House
    Side Favored:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission is a blast, and it can swing in favor of either side.  The Invader's strategy is to overwhelm the Marines with large numbers of weaker demons and get that first frag; once a Red Portal Token becomes active, that's when things start to get really hard for the Marines.  The key to this strategy is to always maintain 3 Threat Tokens in the Invader's piggy bank AT ALL TIMES so that once a Red Portal Token activates (which only happens whenever the Invader kills a Marine), the Invader can summon some heavy-hitting demons from it IMMEDIATELY.  But if the Invader isn't careful, the Marines can knock out the Invader's heavy hitters and then continue popping the weaker demons with Glory Kills, making this Priority Escort mission a walk in the park.  Use the Armored Offensive Event Cards to keep your demons alive for as long as possible until you get that first frag!
    There's no time limit to this mission like a Guard Duty mission has, but the Marines will need at least 7 rounds to push the payload to its final destination at the southern point of the map.  Here's my play by play for the Invader:
    Round 1:  Don't summon ANYTHING; use 2 Threat Tokens to activate 2 Blue Portal Tokens & 1 Yellow Portal Token.  Lure the Marines into a sense of concern at how you're not doing anything. Round 2:  Don't summon ANYTHING; use another 2 Threat Tokens to activate the last 2 Yellow Portal Tokens on the map.  The payload will move within the "+" intersection map tile at the end of this round. Round 3:  Time to start the party!  Spend 2 Threat Tokens to summon 3 Imps & 2 Possessed Soldiers from a Yellow Portal Token that's furthest from any Marine that happened to grab the Chainsaw.  Spread 'em out and use attack & run tactics to pepper the Marines.  Use the Possessed Soldiers' Overwatch ability to punish any Marines who attack your forces; make sure to keep the Possessed Soldiers at opposite corners of any room that they occupy so that their Overwatch attack ranges overlap. Round 4:  Spend 1 Threat Token to summon 2 Possessed Soldiers from the northernmost Blue Portal Token near where the Marines spawned; move them southward and flank the Marines from behind.  Spend another Threat Token to summon a Pinky from another active Blue Portal Token of your choice (be wary of any Marine with the Chainsaw!).  Charge into the fray, do some damage and soak up some attacks with its Armored Hide ability, Demonic Resilience & Unstoppable Event Cards.  Remember to focus-fire on the most injured Marine so that you can activate a Red Portal Token ASAP! Round 5:  If you haven't managed to activate a Red Portal Token yet, use 2 Threat Tokens to summon more Possessed Soldiers & Imps from a Yellow Portal Token.  Spread out this cluster of demons and keep focus-firing on whichever Marine is injured the most!  Just keep your demons out of reach, and KEEP SHOOTING!!!!  If you HAVE activated a Red Portal Token before this round starts, then assess the Marines' well-being and determine if you want to summon a Baron of **** & 3 Possessed Soldiers in front of or behind the Marines' current locations.  The payload is getting a bit too close to its final destination at this point, so it's time to block the payload's progress as much as possible. Round 6:  If you haven't gotten a single frag by now, you're probably screwed.  But if you just got your first frag during Round 5, NOW is the time to bring in the Cyberdemon!!!  Summon the Cyberdemon from the southernmost Red Portal Token, and move the big guy southward so that he's standing on top of the two Medikits near the BFG 9000; make sure that the Cyberdemon is turned so that he's facing northward so that he's standing on top of the payload and completely blocks the area leading to the payload's final destination.  This'll force the Marines to stop and fight the Cyberdemon head-on if they want to be able to push the payload at all (it costs too many movement points to move through the Cyberdemon's location and stand next to the payload underneath its feet).  If a Marine somehow manages to pass through and land behind the Cyberdemon and next to the payload, slaughter that sumbish with your Rail Cannon!  The Rail Cannon attack resolves before determining if the payload can be moved (which requires a Marine to be standing on or adjacent to it).  So if you manage to kill that Marine with the Rail Cannon attack, then the payload stays right where it is! Round 7+:  If you've lasted this long, then it's time to conserve at least 1 Threat Token and build up your piggy bank stash to let you summon from another Red Portal Token.  Spend only 1 Threat Token to summon whatever you like from the last active Blue Portal Token on the map.  If you survive to Round 8, summon something big from your Red Portal Token!  
    E2M6:  End Of The Line
    Side Favored:  None
    My Thoughts/Strategies:  This mission can go either way, as well, but it does tend to go in favor of the Invader ever so slightly.  The last area with two Red Portal Tokens is brutal to fight through, especially if the Invader decides to summon all of the Revenants.  Admittedly, I haven't played this mission as much as the others, so I might be incorrect in my assessment of this mission.  But what do you guys think?
  24. Thanks
    Chetote reacted to Blurpy The RABID in Know Your Horde: General Strategies For Each Demon Type   
    Greetings all,

    It was suggested that I put together a post of some of my best demon attack strategies for the new Doom boardgame. So here it is. Sorry if it's a bit long-winded, but I figured it'd be a fun read for anyone who's passing the time while on break at work and such.

    If you guys have any favorite strategies, or if you think I'm missing the point with a certain demon type, please feel free to comment. Let's have fun discussing how to kill off them pesky marines. 

    -= Imps =-
    - Role: Light Harassment; Hit & Run Distractions.

    - Strengths: Imps gain a speed boost after they attack. They've also got a Dodge icon for their Special Defense. This makes up the totality of their durability - Imps are best left unscathed and out of the marines' reach.

    Imps also have a Charged Fireball attack which you can use to remind the marines that they shouldn't disregard the Imps entirely.

    Lastly, Imps have numbers; Imps usually spawn in groups of two or three. The more Imps you got on the board, the more l'il bastards that you have to annoy the marines.

    - Weaknesses: Imps are fodder, plain and simple. Any kind of damage that they take will stagger them if it doesn't outright kill the l'il *****. They're ideal sources of Glory Kill cards & free health for any marine wielding a chainsaw. It's a bad day for an Imp who can't get away from a marine.

    On top of this, the Imps' attacks are pretty lousy. Most of an Imp's attacks will be negated by the marine's defensive card reveal, so some marines may just choose to ignore them. A Charged Fireball is only a slight improvement over the Imp's regular fireball attacks.

    - Argent Power Priority: Low or Medium. Unless you have a metric ****-ton of Imps on the board, don't spare any more than 2 Argent Power on the Imps. If you DO have a metric ****-ton of 'em, then 4+ Argent Power should probably do you good for starters.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Crippling Strike, Hellish Power, Demonic Strength, Onslaught.

    - When To Activate: Early. Use the Imps early in the round to pester the marines and re-position themselves behind cover before they retaliate.

    - Tactics: Imps aren't the most efficient demons to inflict damage with. Imps serve better as delivery systems for certain event cards, like Crippling Strike. Use Imp attacks to stun the marines so that their attacks are weaker, or in anticipation of a follow-up attack from a bigger demon.

    If you've a large horde of Imps, alternate between having one Imp stun a marine, and then another Imp hitting the stunned marine with a Charged Fireball. Add damage-enhancing cards to make this sucker-punch attack hurt!

    ALWAYS keep your Imps around 6-7 squares away from the marines. You want to move them in only close enough to attack at their maximum range, and then retreat back to safety behind cover. Hiding Imps amongst Possessed Soldiers is a solid deterrent for keeping pursuant marines at bay.

    -= Possessed Soldiers =-
    - Role: Suppressive Fire; Out-Of-Turn Punishment.

    - Strengths: The primary strength of Possessed Soldiers is their Overwatch ability. Attacking marines in response to their attacking any of your demons is invaluable given the shoddy nature of your horde's health plan (they don't have one).

    Possessed Soldiers have the Muscle Memory ability, which lets them re-roll any single dice during their attacks. Use this to boost their damage output (hint: always re-roll the black dice).

    - Weaknesses: Possessed Soldiers, like Imps, are instant health piñatas for any marine sporting a chainsaw. They're also slow, making them a little difficult to keep away safely from the marines.

    - Argent Power Priority: Medium. As long as there is at least one Possessed Soldier, you should always keep it stocked with Argent Power. Use Overwatch religiously!

    - Recommended Event Cards: Any.

    - When To Activate: Early in the round. Keep the Possessed Soldiers out of the marines' immediate reach, and set them up to maximize their area of effect with Overwatch.

    - Tactics: Always have Possessed Soldiers loaded with enough Argent Power to wear down any marine with an itchy trigger finger. Keep your Possessed Soldiers out of easy reach (just like your Imps), and make sure that each Possessed Soldier can provide cover fire for your other demons.

    Place Possessed Soldiers in each corner of a room to create a "safe zone" where other demons can retreat to. Any marine that comes barreling in with guns blazing will be shot up repeatedly by your Possessed Soldiers. Make them fear shooting their weapons brashly!

    -= Cacodemons =-
    - Role: Floating Stun Bombs; Coup-De-Grace Delivery System.

    - Strengths: Cacodemons have the Flying ability, making movement a breeze. They also pack a NASTY Chomp attack (as powerful as a Cyberdemon's primary attack!). Be CAREFUL - using the Chomp attack requires your Caco to get real close to a marine. Take a bite out of a marine's ass ONLY IF you think you can kill him off!

    Their Plasma Tether ability allows them to stun marines whenever they attack. Use this to set up the marines for your heavy attackers!

    - Weaknesses: Cacodemons are still on the weaker end of the spectrum; chainsaw-wielding marines froth at the mouth when they spot injured Cacos floating about. On top of that, their ranged attack damage is kinda meh (equivelant to an Imp's Charged Fireball). Rolling 2+ blanks is never a fun time.

    - Argent Power Priority: Low to medium. Spamming Cacos' Plasma Tether will prepare the marines' anuses for a proper fisting that only your stronger demons can provide. But don't put all of your Argent Power on just the Cacos; remember, they're still quite squishy.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Hellish Power, Demonic Strength, Onslaught, Ferocity.

    - When To Activate: Right before you activate your heavy-duty demons. Stun 'em good!

    - Tactics: Keep your distance, and pelt the marines from your maximum range. Use Plasma Tether when you're planning to hit a marine with another bigger demon; make sure that the marine has already had his turn so that he can't shake the stun effect!

    If you've multiple Cacos, stun a marine with one Caco, then move the other Caco in for a Chomp attack! Use the Ferocity event card to Chomp him twice if he's really close to kicking the bucket!

    When the marines come a-chargin', then retreat into solid red obstacle territory to avoid Glory Kills. Lead the marines into a Possessed Soldier ambush, if you can manage it.

    -= Pinky Demons =-
    - Role: Pain Train; Bullet Sponge.

    - Strengths: Pinky demons are TOUGH. Their Special Defense is +3 Shields, and their Armored Hide adds another +2 Shields. Play the Unstoppable & Demonic Resilience (+1 Shield) event cards along with the expenditure of an Argent Power, and your Pinky just shrugged off 6 damage! Pinkies can literally shake off the damage suffered from a Rocket Salvo attack! That's frakkin' NUTZ!!!

    On top of this, Pinkies hurt! Their Bull Rush ability increases their damage when they go running in for an attack. Pinkies are bad news for the unwary marine.

    - Weaknesses: They've got **** for range (1 square). This means that you have to put your Pinky in the line of fire in order to dish out damage. This can be bad for your Pinky's well being, especially if it's wounded or staggered.

    Pinkies are also a drain on your hand of event cards. Keeping them alive is expensive at times, so you'll need to be very mindful of your resources when deciding whether or not a Pinky should charge in and risk taking a pounding.

    - Argent Power Priority: Medium. Make sure your Pinkies always have a reserve of at least 2+ Argent Power. It'll help them survive the pummeling that they'll likely bring upon themselves.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Demonic Resilience, Unstoppable, Hellish Power, Demonic Strength, Ferocity, Demonic Speed.

    - When To Activate: Before your heavy hitters activate. Draw away the marines' heavy attacks so that your bigger demons can get closer to work their magic.

    - Tactics: Put your Pinky behind cover to avoid any early attacks. Use hit & run tactics to perform a drive-by attack; duck back behind cover after Bull Rushing a marine, if you can help it. Use Demonic Speed event cards to help your Pinky haul ass back to safety.

    Use your Pinkies to draw marine attacks away from your heavy hitter demons by harassing the **** out of the marines. Be sure to increase your attack damage with damage-enhancing event cards. Always have defensive event cards in hand to assist in protecting your Pinkies from harm.

    -= Revenants =-
    - Role: Raging Lunatic Neighbors In The Apartment Next Door Who Have Nightly Moshpit Parties At 3 AM!!!

    - Strengths: Revenants are your trump card. They're like wasps - they **** **** up wherever they go 'cuz it's their job. And they LOVE the work that they do!

    Revenants fly, just like the Cacos. They also have the Assault ability, which lets them attack twice per activation. Revenants are great for focus-fire attacks on a wounded marine, or for spreading the love and hitting two separate targets in one go!

    Their most devastating ability is their Homing Rockets attack! It sets up a marine for failure so that your next attack will hit right where it hurts. Wheeeee!!!

    - Weaknesses: Revenants only have 8 HP, so they're glass cannons. And given the amount of damage they can do in one go, they're usually high priority targets. Keep them hidden behind cover if you want to keep them alive!

    - Argent Power Priority: Medium. Homing Rockets are soooooo good! Use 'em with abandon!

    - Recommended Event Cards: Any (especially Onslaught).

    - When To Activate: When it's time to ruin a marine's day. Revenants are great for opportunistic strikes, as they excel at making their attacks count.

    - Tactics: Peek out of cover, crack open a can o' whoop-ass, duck behind cover, repeat. Let your imagination run wild with how you want to inflict a Revenant's onslaught! Stun attacks, enhanced damage, all of the above! Be a real prick with your Revenants. Just take care to keep them alive so you can do it all again next round! >=D

    -= Large Figures =-
    This section is universally applicable to any demon type that's considered to be a Large Figure. This applies to any demon type whose base is larger than one single square on the map (i.e. the Mancubus, Baron of Hell, and the Cyberdemon).

    - Strengths: Large Figures can throw their weight around to displace smaller figures, as well as ignore most terrain-based obstacles. They're also tough, getting an automatic +1 Shield every time they defend against an attack.

    - Weaknesses: Large Figures never gain the benefit of cover when being attacked; the attacker need only to confirm line of sight when targeting the Large Figure for an attack. This reduces your chances of lessening a vicious attack in the case where you flip an event card with little to no defensive value.

    Large Figures can only move orthogonally (not diagonally), which can be quite a nuisance when you're trying to get your Large Figure within attacking range of a marine.

    A downside to being able to displace smaller figures is that all of your demons will be adjacent to one another. Beware when a marine sporting a Super Shotgun, grenade, Rocket Launcher, or BFG 9000 approaches, as his one attack will almost certainly hurt/kill many of your demons!

    - Tactics: Use Large Figures to block off doorways and hallways, making it difficult for marines to pass through and escape. Have Large Figures end their movement on top of smaller figures so that you can push your lesser demons into an advantageous area; use the same tactic to try and displace marines into a corner.

    If you're not ready to face the music in the arena, keep your Large Figure out of the marines' line of sight! No cover = no extra chances to defend a Large Figure's giant ass.

    If your Large Figure is severely wounded and/or staggered, it may be hard to get away. If such is the case, prepare to lose your Large Figure in a last-ditch attack where you go all out. It's better to die swinging than it is to die running like a big baby. =P

    -= Mancubus =-
    - Role: Area Denial; Slow-Moving Wall Of PAIN!!!

    - Strengths: In addition to being a Large Figure, the Mancubus has formidable firepower. Their regular attack is pretty decent, and the ability to re-roll any number of dice really helps to increase their damage output. Just be sure that your target isn't adjacent to you when you attack!

    The Mancubus also has its Flamethrowere ability, which covers a 6-square x 6-square area and inflicts 1-3 damage to every marine that couldn't get away fast enough to avoid this attack! It's bad news when a Mancubus enters the room.

    - Weaknesses: In addition to being a Large Figure, a Mancubus is sloooooooow. If they start off too far away from where the fight is, it'll take the Mancubus at least 2 rounds to join the party.

    - Argent Power Priority: Low to Medium. It depends on how close to the marines that you can summon your Mancubus. If your Mancubus can start off close, then give him 2+ Argent Power. If it starts off too far away, give it only 1 Argent Power.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Iron Skin, Onslaught, Explosive Blast, Hellish Power, Demonic Strength, Demonic Speed.

    - When To Activate: Middle to late in the round. The Mancubus tends to block off pathways for smaller demons, so let the little guys get into positions first before letting big fatty do his tap dance on the marines' asses.

    - Tactics: Get your Mancubus' fat ass in the middle of as many marines as possible, and BURN THEM ALL!!!!!!! Remember, the Mancubus is too slow to do any elaborate footwork. Just choose the most direct route towards the nearest marine(s), and get waddlin'!

    If possible, let your lesser demons set the marines up with stun attacks, and have your Mancubus pound 'em into the pavement. It'll make the Mancubus' job MUCH easier.

    Use event cards like Explosive Blast to help spread your Mancubus' chubby looooove all over the marines' asses. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Damage-enhancing cards will make the marines appreciate the Mancubus' warm embrace, as it's quite easy to do as much damage as a Gauss Cannon here.

    At the end of the Mancubus' activation, be sure to spend an Argent Power and set the entire room on fire! Mwa ha ha ha ha haaaaa!!!!

    -= Baron of Hell =-
    - Role: Bruiser; Big Bully; All Around ****-Kicker.

    - Strengths: In addition to being a Large Figure, Barons of Hell pack a helluva punch! Their melee attack deals as much damage as the dreaded Magnum Shot. If the Baron starts its activation next to a marine, it can discard all of its movement points to pummel the marine twice in one activation. OUCH!

    The Baron also sports a Grand Fireball, which is rather significant. It's as deadly as a Mancubus' ranged attack. And since it's an Argent Power ability, you can use it in addition to the Baron's regular melee attacks.

    One of the Baron's biggest advantages, however, is its Vengeful ability. Every time a Baron gets attacked, it gains 2 movement points that it can use right then and there - even though it's not the Baron's turn to act!

    - Weaknesses: In addition to being a Large Figure, the Baron lacks ranged attacks unless it has Argent Power. This runs the ever-existing risk of having to be too close to a marine to attack, which also runs the risk of becoming a Glory Kill patron.

    - Argent Power Priority: Low to Medium. Depending on how many Barons you have on the board, you'll only need to assign 1-2 Argent Power per Baron at the time of summoning. Keep him equipped with at least 1 Argent Power per round if he makes it to round 3+.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Iron Skin, Ferocity, Onslaught, Execution, Explosive Blast, Hellish Power, Demonic Strength, Demonic Speed.

    - When To Activate: Whenever you can beat down on a marine or two.

    - Tactics: It's the mudder-flubbin' Baron of Hell!!! The first boss demon of the original Doom series! These guys can take a beating, and they dish it back out in dividends!

    Whenever the opportunity presents itself, move the Baron closer to the nearest marine. This applies in ALL circumstances. The Baron of Hell can do the most damage possible if it can begin its activation adjacent to a marine.

    If a marine attacks your Baron and your Baron is not staggered, then use the Baron's 2 free movement points to close the gap between it and the nearest marine(s). Chuck Grand Fireballs while you're moving your Baron towards the marines during every activation. Always be doing damage when your Baron is active.

    Speaking of which, ALWAYS use damage-enhancing event cards whenever possible to maximize your Baron's damage output per attack. Bring the PAIN!!!

    If you can begin your Baron's activation next to a marine, follow this attack combo in this order:

    1.) Open up by smacking the marine with the Baron's standard attack (2 Black dice).
    2.) Use the Baron's Beatdown ability to perform a second standard attack (+2 black dice).
    3.) Play the Ferocity card, and perform a third standard attack against the same marine (+2 black dice) (NOTE: your Baron will become stunned after this attack).
    4,) Finish off your nasty combo by spending 1 Argent Power and throwing a Grand Fireball into the marine's face (+4 red dice, -1 red dice due to stun)!!! This will shake off the stun effect (if you didn't already have another marine to attack via Onslaught, that is).
    5.) Optional: If another marine is within reach, play Onslaught and slap that marine, as well!!!

    This attack combo will ruin a marine's day if he somehow survives it. Use it often to strike fear into the marine players whenever they see you summon Hell's bruiser brother, the Baron of Hell!!! >=D

    If a marine attacks your Baron and your Baron IS staggered, then use the Baron's 2 free movement points to keep your distance! Remember, the Grand Fireball has a range of 6, so you can have your Baron hang towards the back of your demon horde and pelt marines with its nasty fireballs!

    -= Cyberdemon =-
    - Role: Big Daddy Dreadful; The Game Ender; "OHSHITLOOKOU-"

    - Strengths: In addition to being a Large Figure (the biggest, actually), the Cyberdemon is the most devastating demon in the horde. It also has the most attack options, making the Cyberdemon your trump card to ruining the marines' plans on winning the game.

    Its standard attack is nasty; it hurts like a Super Shotgun, and has a range of 2. It also has a Missile Barrage attack (costs 1 Argent Power) which can strike up to 3 targets.

    Lastly, there's its Rail Cannon ability. For 2 Argent Power, the Cyberdemon can make an attack at the end of the round which will usually outright KILL a marine in a single shot!!! Big Daddy's not f*cking around anymore, chumps!

    - Weaknesses: In addition to being a Large Figure, the Cyberdemon is guaranteed to be the marine's top priority to bring down ASAP. The Cyberdemon's sheer size makes him the easiest thing to hit next to the broad side of a barn. Expect to have the marines pummeling your Cyberdemon as soon as you place it on the map.

    Also of note, the Hologram is the Cyberdemon's worst nightmare. How, you may ask? It's simple - if a Hologram is near your Cyberdemon at the end of the round, it won't be able to target a marine with its Rail Cannon attack. You could certainly use the Rail Cannon to destroy the Hologram, but that'd be a terrible waste of such an overpowering attack.

    - Argent Power Priority: High! This demon requires a lot of Argent Power to use to its fullest potential. Make sure it has a minimum of 3 Argent Power at the beginning of each round.

    - Recommended Event Cards: Ferocity, Onslaught, Execution, Crippling Strike, Explosive Blast, Hellish Power, Demonic Strength,.Iron Skin, Demonic Speed.

    - When To Activate: Whenever you can damage as many marines as possible; preferably later in the round when at least a couple of marines have already had their turn. This'll keep them from being able to run away from your Rail Cannon attack!

    - Tactics: Whenever you're not activating your Cyberdemon, use your other demons to distract the marines from attacking your Cyberdemon as best as you can! You want your Cyberdemon to survive long enough to pull off his big attacks.

    I've found that the best set of actions for the Cyberdemon is as follows:

    1.) Move to within 4 spaces of as many marines as possible, then hit them all with a Missile Barrage.
    2.) Move to within 2 spaces of most injured marine(s) as possible, and hit 'em with the Cyberdemon's standard attack.
    3.) If you've any remaining movement points, position the Cyberdemon so that he'll likely be within line of sight of as many marines as possible when the end of the round occurs.
    4.) At the end of the round, hit any marine with light to moderate damage (or the marine with the Gauss Cannon and/or the BFG 9000) with the Rail Cannon!!!

    There are little tricks to each phase of the Cyberdemon's attack to maximize your Cyberdemon's efficency. Read on to see what I mean.

    In regard to the Missile Barrage, use event cards to enhance this attack! By itself, the Missile Barrage actually sucks; it usually does little to no damage on its own. It's the strategic use of event cards that make the Missile Barrage a terrifying tactical strike.

    Play damage-enhancing event cards to make it do some actual damage. Play Crippling Strike to stun the least-injured marine. Play Explosive Blast if two marines are adjacent to one another. F*ck 'em up!!!

    When you move your Cyberdemon in for his standard attack, hit the marine that you stunned with the Missile Barrage & Crippling Strike combo for maximum damage! If you have Onslaught & Ferocity, play those event cards so that you can hit more marines with your devastating standard attack! Show no mercy!!!

    Lastly, be mindful of where you place your Cyberdemon at the end of its activation; you want to maximize your visibility so that you can hit someone with your Rail Cannon!

    Just be wary of the marine with the Hologram; make sure you activate your Cyberdemon AFTER that marine has had his turn! If he had his turn before your Cyberdemon activated, use one or two of your Missile Barrage attacks to destroy it before you use your stronger attacks on the marines.

    Well, there you have it. I've been working on this post for a little over a week now. I hope that it didn't drag on for too long. Let me know what you think, and I'll make changes where appropriate. Also, share your own favorite tactics! =D
  25. Thanks
    Chetote reacted to Truthiness in Prime Championships Data Collection 2019-2020 Season   
    It's that time of the year again folks! Today, I'm introducing our annual community effort to collect as many lists as possible from Prime (formerly Regional) Championships and give us a pulse on the larger health of Armada's meta. My apologies for not making this post before last week's first round of Primes, but I was holding out on today's stream to debut the sheet so i could avoid making changes during the season as much as possible.
    I'm in the middle of an accelerated Grad school program this year, so I'm going to need a lot help doing data input. Luckily, I have @CyborgNinja @geek19 @Snipafist @shmitty @duck_bird @GiledPallaeon and @Jamienasmyth. Any and all additional help would be much appreciated. As usual, if you are able to get a hold of lists, feel free to send them via PM, email, or post them here. I've heard that FFG is asking lists to be sent in this year, so if you are unable to secure the original copies, please ask to take photos! 
    The data sheet can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zLdqo9y47lqIKubfrEUKV8gX5t9Ee-XuemM4xbiB_8A 
    If you find errors, please don't assume someone else has already told me! Two errors made it through all of last season without me noticing! Post it here and I'll be sure to put them in.
    For reference, the data for last year can be found here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Tn7Q68JzqhxAwjjMd7ObFxoCrd-uArWf7p7bMYiFRWw
    Finally, below is the running list of Primes and their status:
    Carrolton, GA- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth!
    Spokane, WA- Done! Thanks @duck_bird!
    Upland, CA- Top 3 only
    Brea, CA- Done!
    Barcelona, Spain- Done!
    Berlin, Germany (unofficial)- Done!
    Warsaw, Poland (Grand)- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja!
    Niles, IL- Done! Thanks @geek19!
    Toronto, ON- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth!
    St. Albert, AB- Done!
    St. Petersburg, FL- Done!
    Roseville, MN- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth!
    Madrid, Spain- Done!
    Danvers, MA- Done!
    Ashburn, VA- Missing #9, #17, #20, #21, #24 and #26. Thanks @GiledPallaeon!
    Mountain View, CA- No data
    Raleigh, NC- Only Top 4 plus #7
    London, UK- Spotty, but thanks for the efforts @Grumbleduke!
    Stirling, UK- Done! Thanks @Akhrin!
    Valencia, Spain- Done!
    St-Romuald, QC- Done! Thanks @CptAwesomer!
    Calgary, AB- Missing bottom 3. Thanks @jamie nasmyth!
    Krakow, Poland- No data
    Richmond, BC- Done!
    Elizabethtown, KY- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja!
    Houston, TX- Done!
    Denmark- Done!
    Bremerton, WA- No Data
    Midlothian, VA- Missing #14-15 and #25-27. Thanks @CyborgNinja!
    Gautier, MS- No Data
    Neumünster, Germany- Done!
    Las Vegas, NV (Grand)- Sporadic data. Thanks @geek19!
    Sevilla, Spain- No Data
    Marietta, GA- Done! Thanks @jamie nasmyth
    Clive, IA- Done!
    Stockholm, Sweden- Done!
    Winnipeg, MB- Done!
    Broomfield, CO- No data
    Portland, OR- Done!
    Singapore, Singapore- No data
    StockTon-on-Tees, UK- Done! Thanks @Akhrin!
    Vienna, Austria- Done! Thanks @RapidReload!
    Torre del Mar, Spain- No data
    Frankfurt am Main, Germany- Done!
    Warsaw, Poland- Done!
    Grayslake, IL- Data in hand, awaiting input
    Redmon, WA- Done! Thanks @Ardaedhel!
    Limerick, Ireland- No data
    Victoria, AUS- Done!
    Siegen, Germany- Done!
    Zaragoza, Spain- No data
    Louisville, KY- Done! Thanks @CyborgNinja!
    Salamanca, Spain- 15MAR20
    *Last edit 24FEB20*
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