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  1. I couldn't watch the streaming, so I'll wait till video version is avaiable. But I'd like to know if someone can share some highlights about the results and top lists.
  2. I'd buy it if the limit was 2 big ships. Big ship generic pilots are usually overpriced because devs are afraid of us fielding 3 of them for some cases (all YTs and VCXs). So limited to 2 big ships would allow them to be priced more competitively. That would also allow to adjust the JM5K competitively, as they need a serious decrease in points, but that would mean we could see like 5-6 of those fielded in a list, which sounds terrible.
  3. Luke Skywalker, hard af to kill atm, and very 2-dice swarm resistant.
  4. I sincerely hope Luke (if polish translation is correct) costs at least 20-22 points (out of the new 200)
  5. Thank you very much! Man, that picture really helped, and not only me, that will help many people interested in this game for the minis. Liked it a lot!
  6. Hi folks, I haven't been able to see the miniatures IRL, so I was wondering if somebody could tell me which size/scale are the miniatures built in, or better, upload a picture side by side with other more known miniatures, like gw or zombicide ones (I've already googled it. Nobody did it!). Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I just want to know the exact timing of this card, as it says "after rolling your attack pool...". Does this mean that you have to declare his effect before you can modify any dice? Or is modifying dice part of "rolling your attack pool"?
  8. While I think those faction-restricting upgrades are cool on Vader and IG-88, I don't think having only one fix per wave is fast enough for me. Right now, more than 60% of the deployment cards are overcosted or don't have a good reason for you to include them on any list. Having this slow fix-rate, I fairly doubt any of the campaing heroes are ever going to get their fix, nor many of the early wave units. So I would be happy with them having even a separate-PDF with all the errataed cards so you could just cut and print them. Seeing how it never happened in X-wing, I fairly doubt there will ever be one of these.
  9. Great job with your list, man. It is truly inspiring to see that much creativity in an imperial list, not using terro or eJets either. Hope you bring that list to a major event; I might even play it myself... Hehe
  10. Very nice review, @theaficionado, this is exactly the kind of unit review everyone in this community wanted, and many noobs like me needed. Keep up the good work! P.S. You forgot about the wampas... (New tier V?)
  11. Just think about an A-wing at 5-speed and then attacking a ship with the same strength a tie bomber or an Y-wing would do. Just for 2 points more than a Y and not having the Heavy keyword... I think I'm sold on them!
  12. Nice to hear that DTDanix, I really like to see that you are doing well with Ungnauts, given how much criticism they've been given in the forums. Could you please post your list? I'm very curious!
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