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  1. Did they ever say they were done with Battlelore?
  2. I play this and Armada. I like the lack of defense dice in both games. I could give or take the trays specifically. I like how RWMG handles deployment and objectives better than games like Armada.
  3. I'm not super familiar with the miniatures games scene, but I can't think of anything similar to jump to now that this one is done.
  4. When berserkers walk in with itty bitty upgrades and big trays in your face..
  5. I think that allowing him to hit friendly units (in an HP heavy faction) would have been enough.
  6. I'm interested in what you think Scouts and Darnati are going to do to re-balance the meta.
  7. Assuming everything else was naked... 69 points for the Uthuk vs 62 points for you You've got a list that's basically designed to chip away at the Uthuk. The only thing you really need to be afraid of is Ravos, while everything else that you have does damage because of low Uthuk armor or built in rerolls. I honestly hope you would have won but saying that rock beats scissors isn't dealing with the problem that scissors is very good and you're talking about a very specific rock. 60 point match ups aren't what the game was designed around and an anecdotal sample size isn't large enough. Changing play styles a little to kill the Latari is a little different than changing how you compose your entire army to fight the Uthuk. Also a properly kitted Maegan is dependent on friendly {unstable} runes and your opponent having an army where he was more worried about Ravos than Maegan. I've never seen a Maegan hit for anywhere near 20 but we don't tend to run swarms of units where I play. It sounds like an awfully specific combination of skill, luck, and stupidity/ignorance to get multiple 20 damage Maegan shots a round. Ravos doesn't require any of that to be effective and he's a bit more difficult to counter. Edit: Forgot a word.
  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your final match... couldn't have gotten crushed in the first round by a nicer person.
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