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  1. Bingo on point 2. I know people hate this, its been said other places before and been bashed down, but fucntionally the structure of the game would of worked better as a LCG. 60$ Starter, all cards are 2 ofs in the starter except characters which are all 2 dice or 2 copies if generics, and 40-50 dollar Faction packs, Force Villians/Military Heros including 2 of every card for that color and alignment, 2 dice for Elite characters instead of two copies. Id bet the decision to make it a CCG was Disney/Asmodee as the games very structure screams LCG and I bet FFG wanted it that way.
  2. As Tunewalker said he has a 2 resource side. Worse case scenario with him you roll no damage but 4 resources, yes I know he has blanks Im talking worst case with a usable side. So 6 Resources turn one to play Darksaber/Vaders/Mauls and 2-3 left for mitigation. Also I see him being played in Yellow with Greedo for things like He Doesnt Like You, Arms Deal, and even Bait and Switch. Vader wont have problems with resources.
  3. Exactly. An App should be a all in one package that contains all the data. Not a fancy gussied up face for the Webpage to run in.
  4. They already said that the updates would be seasonal with tourneys, so once every couple MONTHS. Also they said it would be a dowload and use WITHOUT connection, so that alone means if it isnt they falsely advertised it.
  5. Exactly. If the lists printed off all the pilot abilities and upgrade abilities then people could play without buying product. Now some dials may have changed but you can take a marker and fix most of them, except ones that got entire moves they didnt have before.
  6. Didnt realize they did. Also it was a observation from loading the App the first time thought I saw a company name, I may have been mistaken
  7. Well as Ive said in other posts here and on Facebook this wasnt FFG. If you look there is a third party that actually developed the App. Im betting it was a group that advertised itself as "professionals" so FFG thought that if Fans can do it these pros can do better. Launch day comes and FFG is left with a pile of crap and looking bad. Not to let FFG entirely off the hook they should have asked for a working version to be shown to them 2 months ago. But considering FFG themselves have ZERO to do with the actual coding well theres your answer to why Fan apps are better.
  8. Yeah the more issues im hearing the more Im seeing this as FFG hired a group of incompetent idiots. Reason being is FFG knew it could be done, fans have been making squad apps for years. So they hired this group of "professionals" thinking they could do it and got quotes on what could be done with it. FFG ran with what these "professionals" said they could do and in the end FFG is left looking like the bad guys when the programmers screwed the pouch. Not to say FFG is totally off the hook, as they should have DEMANDED a finished version be shown to them 2 months ago.
  9. Im betting talent. As there are fan apps that run better than this just shortly after 2nd announced. So time is very likely not the issue.
  10. App was likely started over a year ago and the bugs in it arnt corner case long shots, they are issues that no self respecting programmer would let out of internal testing let alone launch as the actual product. Im betting on if the issues arnt fixed by monday the idiots who developed this thing, it isnt FFG they actually outsourced its development, will be fired.
  11. Really?? I thought they specifically said it had a offline mode? Where you could use the app without a connection? Or do you mean the Saved Squads?
  12. Oh Im betting on these people getting **** canned by FFG real quick if this stuff isnt fixed before monday. Im no programmer but have taken classes and know you NEVER let things like this EVER get to market.
  13. **** these arnt corner cases, these are basic things. Slots not adding and variable costs showing up as free.
  14. Yep. Because of both correct and incorrect reasons. I noticed on my tablet, which is a older Tab 4, that it was incompatible and it crashed on me twice. Meanwhile it works fine on my Galaxy 5 sport just fine. So I imagine some are down voting cause it doesnt work on all devices and they arnt realizing it. With that out of the way their are some MAJOR **** ups on the back end by the developers, I thought FFG would does this but it was outsourced. The following is a list of issues currently Some people cant load saved lists Variable cost upgrades arnt just showing the costs, but are showing as 0 costs Titles that add slots, Virago/Marauder, arnt adding slots to the ship And Im sure there are a LOT more. While this is FFGs property I will say this is really on the development teams heads. The fact they got paid to develop this and cant even make it as functional as the fan developed ones, and the fact they where probably hired over a year ago meaning they had at least a 6 month head start on the fan ones, is pathetic. If your a Android/iOS developer that can be outdone by free fan apps then your going to be out of a job REAL quick.
  15. Also I dont think Oz is hurt, just disappointed. We all get disappointed when what should be a obvious outcome is entirely different. Yes he should understand the system, which from his later posts I think he does, but doesnt mean he has to like the way it works.
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