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  1. Koknoka

    Synced Turret

    So could y wings with the title, synched turret and flight assist be a thing?
  2. So at least we now know who invented harpoon missiles and why...
  3. I think a thematic fix is to make them cheaper. Like for example 5 points off a tie fighter makes a swarm possible in a cheap way. They wouldn't be crazy powerful if costed right. Like a faction card. Tie squadron. up to 5 tie/ln ships can be purchasesd at a discount of 5 points per ship. Non unique pilots only. Not a mod slot. You would open up more thematic lists with an ace or two with a swarm to support. Just an idea.
  4. Eat one crew member to turn all eye results into hits or evades this turn
  5. Koknoka

    Help please

    You are a star, many thanks, have a great 2017.
  6. Koknoka

    Help please

    Hi can anyone find me or link me a blog that used to show the good options for rebels by point values? I used to have it but cannot for the life of me find it now. It started at 12 points and increased one point at a time giving the available ships and what to equip along with a comment or two. Thank you in advance.
  7. Koknoka

    "OP" Ships

    To "fix" the phantom all you would have to do is develop a dial for the decloak. This gets put down next to the maneuver dial and revealed before it. Yes its cloaked but it's still in one place and only the owner knows for sure.
  8. Jax and dark curse are your mortal enemies for this build.
  9. Strive to do your father proud. Make an effort to socialize and in advance of the social event make sure you can't back out for example ask someone to pick you up from your house before so you can't back out as easily, this will help the depression. Be strong and talk to people especially family as often as you can.
  10. Jan Ors, Chewbacca either is a good alternative.
  11. Imperial v imperial takes longer than rebel games usually. Try rebel v rebel for speed.
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