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  1. Wonder if its possible to add a Carrier Ship that allows a set number of points for more Fighters.
  2. Will 125pts be enough for a 400pt fleet? The ratio remains the same but with the epic size of the ships, do we loose the feeling of fighters that will be along for the ride? I would suggest that with a 400pt Tournament that we could have an extra 25pts up to 150 total. I think that opens the door for more fleet options to watch out for. What do you think? Naboobo2000
  3. I'll be adding acrylic blocks under the play surface holding it up about 2 inches. I'll then have them lighted up with that same side color with LEDs. It should add a lighted effect that should look cool. The play surface is glittered felt. Whats neat about it is that it looks like distant stars. I tried to get a good pic of it but failed several times. The sides are standard felt also. Soft for the cards... Got to keep those babies safe. Naboobo
  4. Here is my attempt at a Star Wars Armada Gaming Table. Note: Not the final table. Missing Back LED lit Acrylic, Dice box, Delete/Destroyed box and color appropriate starting area shaded and Possible cup holders. How did I do? What are you playing on? Naboobo2000
  5. "The Kessel Run" skirts the Maul. A series or cluster of Black holes. Taking a safe route around the Maul means more parsecs traveled. Han looked at death, then shot death in the face FIRST! HAN SOLO ALWAYS SHOOTS FIRST! Naboobo2000
  6. Fleet List Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73) *Admiral Chiraneau (10) Victory I-Class Star Destroyer (73) Gladiator II Star Destroyer (62) *Assault Concussion Missiles (7) Darth Vader TIE Advanced Squadron (21) TIE Advanced Squadron (12) Mauler Mithel TIE Fighter Squadron (15) Soontir Fel TIE Interceptor Squadron (18) TIE Bomber Squadron (9) Total Points = 300 Playing this fleet is a funnel attack. Maneuver both Victory ships towards the outside opposite sides of the play map and the Gladiator in the middle funneling the Rebels away from the outside of the map and to the Gladiator. Any Ship attacking will do so against both the Gladiator and a Victory. Once engaged or about to engage, the other Victory swings around for clean up. Positioning is critical. Set up the ships at the far end of the table away from the rebels and then slow down the fleet so to concentrate the Rebels in the TRAP! Yes its a TRAP! Group the star fighters near the Gladiator until there fighter group attacks. Force attacks on the Escorts a while receiving damage from Soontir Fel and using the Admiral Chiraneau/Mauler Mithel combo is again instant damage without rolling. By proper positioning the fighter group and the Victory's mean Squadron action of Fel/Mithel/Escort then Escort and Bomber could mean X-wing groups are at 3 hull if and when they attack. The following round Moving Mithel again means all X-wings left are down to 2 hull. Easy pickings for the escorts. __________________________________________________ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I V G V I I SSSSS I I I I I I I Rebel Fleet Overall Play Objectives: Combat should only be for really no more then two rounds. Combine firing of the ships and combo's from the fighter group gives the Empire very good odds at winning this skirmish with keeping the most points on the board. Taking down one or more of there ships is the goal. Please let me know what you think. Thank you Naboobo2000
  7. Vancouver Wa. here.... I work alot so I'll have to plan a week or more out in order to play. I have my own fleet, willing to travel and am a mature adult player who wants to have fun ( and dominate the galaxy ). *did that sound like a singles ad?*
  8. I have thought of this starting with Pokemon back when my kids were little. I have come up with my own method of thinking and purchasing that both helps my pocket book and the local stores. I purchase one set or in Armada's case one of each ship [ preorder] from an on line store saveing me a ton of money. Then of course thats not enought of what i want to play with squad wise so I buy all my other ships [ BOOSTERS ] from my local store. Naboobo2000
  9. Sure, just park your car next to the play table. Make sure your car is black.
  10. 3 people on each side min. Two commanders(or more) and 1 Admiral. The Admiral uses the commander dial to relay order in secret and is responsible for overall strategy. The two commanders follows those orders by following those orders. Naboobo2000
  11. I 100% agree with this Statement.... If it comes with it we can attach it! Naboobo2000
  12. Looking at Star Wars Wiki, all the ships with the core set do not have Ion Cannons, including the Gladiator SD and the Assault Frigate Mark II. I I would agree that maybe an upgrade card for the non Ion cannon ships, but what about the other major ships like the Imperial I or II Star Destroyers and Mon Calamari MC80 Home One or Liberty Class ships all have Ion Cannons from the start as standard armament. Any Ion Cannon for those ships should be on the ship card and not a upgrade. Naboobo2000
  13. So while playing this game we are the Admiral. Looking at simple game play, we are only playing with 1 to 2 capital ships and a few fighter squadrons. Not quite a Fleet but more like some sort of Detachment. Hopefully we can add several more ships and make a Fleet! If not, then you get a demotion to Rear Admiral or Captain. And where are my Ion Cannons! Lasers = Hull damage and Small Shield damage, Ion Cannons = Large Shield damage and Electrical damage Naboobo2000
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