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  1. Thank you FFG. Like we feel good about not getting the ticket into Worlds because like everyone else that seen several tickets up for grabs and clicked the button to find out your all sold out.... - already ranted about it in the Armada forums.. Sold out in 3 seconds .. I would like to say Thank you FFG. For rubbing our noses in it. "Hey look at what prizes you cant get." "Only a hand full of tickets were sold and cause you can't get in we will show you what your missing...ohh look at this sweet prize you'll never see, O my God, you don't even have a chance at winning this...YOU GOTS NO TICKETS" Thank you, Customer who has spent over $1000.00 dollars on your running late by months ARMADA p.s. If this feels like I'm disenfranchised, yes I am a bit. p.s.s My nose hurts.
  2. Blah Blah Blah... All you Rebel Scum Lovers.... Your Faith in this UGLY Squid smelling weak ship is laughable.. It compares not to the power of the Empire! Yes Akbar, It is a trap.... So come to the skillet side and join your fellow Rebels in my Belly! Naboobo2000
  3. The top (not command bridge) looks like a Victory Class Star Destroyer? What? Naboobo2000
  4. Sorry for the late response. I normally don't repair. I tend to be fully in-grossed in combat over the corse of 2 rounds that repair is not an option. I use Weapons Liaison to switch out that nav token to CF for that re-roll. Those are the reasons why I use Weapons Liaison. You can switch it out if you want, Let me know how it went for you. Naboobo2000
  5. I play with 3 Glads. You can find my build listed in detail in the fleet build board. (suggest you read it) The only problems I have run into are builds with bomber swarms. I have kicked everyones butt to every list mentioned above. It seems that the swarms do what they are intended to do, take out my shields. Like I said, read the thread and you'll formulate your answer.. Naboobo2000
  6. Thanks Captain NalgolKhoss, To answer your questions... With ECMs I use Sensor Teams only if I roll a black blank and a red blank. I won't burn damage just to have ECMs kick in and waste it. BUT!!!! I Intel Officer out Brace and make them burn out there shields letting Tarkin's Ship with Missiles get the bonus damage. Upon the next activation's attack after brace was burnt then Intel out there redirect. Mon Mothma adds that reroll at short range offering them to make you reroll any accuracy or hit/crit. In my opinion the above still stands. Let me break that down. Space Trud Mon Mothma, ECMs Your first attack is 2r 4blk. Say you roll 50% hits. Thats 1 red hit and 1blk hit and 1blk hit/crit. You burn the missed black and change the red to Accuracy. ECM out the Accuracy and Mon Mothma makes you reroll the hit/crit. You don't Intel Officer out brace. They redirect out all other damage. Your second attack (possible your next activation) using 4 black dice and Intel out brace. They redirect damage...... etc etc.. BUT the morel of the story is Tarkin's ship comes in to attack this ship that has been redirecting out damage to side shields leaving the Missiles to pop extra damage.......or... Say your roll was EPIC Double hit Red and single hit red, 4blk hit/crit...... (I have rolled this ) Don't worry about Sensor Teams.. Intel officer out the brace. They should still use the brace to save themselves to they still burn the brace. 6 damage to be spread around using redirect. Same same.. Second attack and Tarkin gives you almost the same result.. Wow that was wordy.. Sorry. Now Weapons Liaison is used because you can change that nav or engineering token to that great token called Concentrate fire. Getting Tarkin's ship into the fight at the right time and your dial set to Concentrate fire is one sweet thing. Imagine this 2 red dice 2 black dice Possible Missiles then 4 black dice Possible Missiles Plus 1 more black dice and re-roll with Concentrate Fire command and token. What Objectives to use: Advanced Gunnery (ONLY if your 2nd Player) Fleet Ambush Dangerous Territory NOTE on Dangerous Territory: This is so far the only time that I use Engineering to heal my ships. I used Demolisher to speed out distance 4 (Engine Tech) to nab that Objective token and waste any CR-90 trying to do the same. Naboobo2000
  7. Can you imagine me showing up to games with TWO ISDs... That's Mmmmm Mmm Good!
  8. I can see a Glad 2 used as defense support for the ISD. Fully loaded with Intel Officer, Sensor Team, Engine Techs, ACMs and Demolisher. That is a 99 point point Beating Stick. You could pop the Sensor Team on the side arks or with the front. Naboobo2000
  9. Glad 1.. These ships are used for massive damage in a quick shot. They are not used to clear fighters. Seems like a waste of points for an added red and blue dice. I add Expanded launchers, Sensor Team, Intel Officer, Engine Techs and Demolisher along with a Concentrate fire command. Shooting 2 Red 5 Black up front and then 4 Black from a side. If thats not enough to kill you then I Double Ram for 2 more damage. I remove your defense tokens with the Sensor Team and Intel officer, burning a miss to make a red dice show Accuracy. Easy Peasy!
  10. Currently playing it for the 1 billion zillion time. Loving it still.
  11. Build: Glad you made it! Commander: Grand Moff Tarkin Ship #1: Glad 1 Upgrades: Weapons Liason Engine Techs ACMs Ship #2: Glad 1 Upgrades: Intel Officer Sensor Team Engine Techs Expanded Launchers Demolisher Ship #3: Glad 1 Upgrades Intel Officer Sensor Team Engine Techs Expanded Launchers This would have been the build I took to Worlds if I was sold a ticket. Using Tarkin's ship to pull an activation away from the your opponent and place where their ship should be on the next round. Basically place Tarkin's ship into the next rounds fire fight. Ship #3 is positioned into the next rounds fire fight or Double ram using Engine Techs, also used to remove Defense Tokens. I will generally wait to shoot first then Double Kiss my opponent for a kill. Finally Demolisher comes in and attacks then double kiss and removes Defense Tokens. Next round if your main target goes first, they would attack then move. Moving right into Tarkin's ships and the other Glads firing solution. Keys to this build: Using Sensor Team and Intel Officer correctly. The two Gladiators have both two red die in their front ark. Add the two more black die to the pool using Expanded launchers. That's 2 red and 4 Black. Burning one miss and changing a red to Accuracy using Sensor Team lights off this wonderful Defense removing combo. Evades don't matter because your too close. So your only question is which defense token are you having them burn. Scenario Role = Red die double hit and one miss, Black die two hit/crit one hit and one miss. Great roll right? Until they use there defense to zap that roll away. I THINK NOT! Depending on if what this ship is and where its next move is going to be will determine how to proceed. Start off by burning the black miss and make the red into an Accuracy. If you have another shot using your side ark then I would Accuracy out there Brace and make them discard there Redirect using Intel officer. (Great if they have Advanced Projectors) Doing this allows Tarkin's ACMs to get free damage. Fire again with your 4 black die and they Brace and TAKE damage. If not dead, Double ram for a kill, if no kill would happen, leave them for the other two ships. Remember each one of these Gladiators can take one massive attack up front. Proper setup placement and maneuvering is critical in this setup. For example I messed up this weekend not being able to shoot from my side ark after maneuvering, allowing one ship to get away: he was destroyed 2 rounds later. Intel officer does not have to be played during your first attack. You can use it only once per activation so maybe its your second attack that you use it. I like to use it with the Sensor team to remove a token from play. Concentrate fire - first or second attack? Don't forget you use that Concentrate fire Token! So up front your rolling 2 Red, 5 Black and possible a Re roll. (One legit roll this weekend was Red Double hit and hit, Black 4 hit/crit and 1 hit. Sensor Team out the hits and Accuracy-ed their Brace (No Advanced Projectors). Tarkin Token up a navigation EVERY TIME! Drawbacks; Swarms of Bombers. Key pre-placement of ships out of range of ships but within range of a squadron command is hard. One blue anti-squadron dice, is no defense against swarms of bombers. I don't even look at squadrons unless a ship is no where near. Maneuvering is Unforgiving. To use this fleet good you need to crisscross and shield each of your ships with others. Can be difficult to do at times. NEVER PICK ADVANCED GUNNER if your first player, unless you have more activation's then your opponent. If your second player then Advanced Gunner should be in your stack. Awesomeness of this Build: Removing their defense tokens from play Speed with Engine Techs Double Ram Black Die ONLY need to field 2 red 1 blue and 5 black die. Played against Double Space Whales and friends Vic GLAD GLAD 3 Glad's - similar but not the same. Vic and 3 Glad Vic Glad Rhymerball Good luck, Naboobo2000
  12. Looking at the size of current ships. CR-90 vs Vic. Come on thats no where close. They could make a SSD 2 Foot long and be raised off the table similar to the Borg Cube.
  13. I agree. Have several National Tournaments around the country and around the world that say the top 4 placing from each get tickets first. Then have the event at a larger venue, Naboobo2000
  14. I too was camped out at 9:55pst and refreshing every 5 seconds then when my computer hit 9:58 refreshed every second until it unlocked. Poof all my dreams gone in three seconds. Something funning, my wife was so upset at first by me saying that I was going to Worlds at first but last night she was Pissed off that I am not. She kept telling me that she would find some tickets online somewhere and buy them for me. Telling me not to worry. Wow I sure do love her. You go girl! Naboobo2000
  15. What no love for my overinflated ship... You all gotta know when it said 40 pts for a ship that I was pulling someones leg... oh snap I forgot it had Scatter not redirect... No back to reality. The time for some sort of carrier is Wave 4 and on. I am more worried about a Super Star Destroyer crushing this game then the release of Carrier. Naboobo2000
  16. Here is my 2 cents; Empire only. 40pt carrier ship. 4 hull. 1 shield around and one red die around/one blue for sqaudrons. 6 command 2 enginering 10 sqaudron, defence tokens evade, evade, brace Upgrades cards: Carrier reinforcements 15pts (ships with carrier in title) - deploy 20pts of fighters non - unique only not from your starting fleet pool, adjacent to this ship upon its activation. Long range communication 8pts - squadron commands may be used at 2 times long distance. Title card: Pain 18pts - squadrons whom begin there activation within medium range gain one black dice to attack pool and critical hits count. Avalible upgrade slots: Commander Weapons team 3 x offensive retrofit Defensive retrofit Title
  17. At work now, made myself late to buy one ticket.. By the way thanks FFG. Just checked with the phone and it says SOLD OUT!
  18. I tried to buy my tickets and it said 2 tickets left. I hit the continue button after changing the box from 0 tickets to 1 and the next screen said SOLD OUT.. That is under 3 seconds. Naboobo2000
  19. We need a FAQ by FFG on attacking steps. Last night again, people argued that ACMs happen automatically after dice rolls and before defense tokens. I need something to print off that shows them they are wrong. Im not going to argue rules during any tournament.
  20. This is mine from a previous post. Image is small. sorry. I used 1/4" MDF for the top and 3/4 for the bottom. Blue and Red felt for the factions and black/w glitter felt for a space like setting for the play surface. Came out Great! Naboobo2000
  21. Lyraeus, I know alot of people have a hard time in setting up there squadrons when attacking ships. Those pesky ships just fly away the next round and if your ships are not close enough to perform a squadron activation then your squadrons are playing catch-up... Two rounds later they shoot again (maybe). Discussion of that would help alot of people I think.
  22. The importance of upgrade cards is insignificant next to the power of the force, or my wife.
  23. I am out of town on the 20th but look out for me at a future event.
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