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  1. I ran this fleet against myself using most of the current metas.  It performed so well I was going to run it at Regionals. Only type of list that caused a close match or a near loss was High count Mc30 MSU lists.  Most others where not a real problem as long as I went second.  Going 1st was a close match every time. Winning and loosing.  At the last minute I couldn’t go.. Anyway here she is.

    Triple Interdiction (400/400)

    Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Objectives: Fire Lanes, Salvage Run, Station Assault

    [flagship] Interdictor Combat Refit (93)
     - Grand Admiral Thrawn (32)
     - High-Capacity Ion Turbines (8)
     - Disposable Capacitors (3)
     - Taskmaster Grint (5)
     - Projection Experts (6)
    = 147 total points

    Interdictor Suppression Refit (90)
     - Interdictor (3)
     - Targeting Scrambler (5)
     - G7-X Grav Well Projector (2)
     - Commandant Aresko (7)
     - Projection Experts (6)
    = 113 total points

    Interdictor Suppression Refit (90)
     - G7-X Grav Well Projector (2)
     - Grav Shift Reroute (2)
     - Disposable Capacitors (3)
     - Wulff Yularen (7)
     - Projection Experts (6)
    = 110 total points

    Squadrons (30/134):
    2x Lambda-class Shuttle (30)

    How I played was to go second.  Slowing all opponents ships to a max of 1 the first round and not get into combat until the earliest 3 but the average I found was 4.  

    Thrawn has 3 engineering commands so rounds 4-6 are all repairs and Con-fires or Navs

    Try in rounds 4-6 to always get double Arc shots. Use shuttles for 2 rounds of fighter defense and token grabs.  I always brought down the main attacker ship and some support ships.

    Fire lanes is self explanatory but move the tokens near the space station and the Lambda’s on it.  I won big on this every time. 9-1 average

    Salvage Run is a solid token grab. Should be able to grab all tokens and hide behind obstacles. Average combat round starts round 3. I won on this every time. 7-3 average 

    Station Assult is the only true one normal people will pick.  Great thing about this objective is that the more they attack a station they are not shooting at the Interdictors; and vice versa.  Block opponents from a clear shot using obstacles and ships.  This was the only one where one or both stations would go down but I would take out there combat ships every time. I would win by points . Expect 6-5 - 8-2  but no real average here could be found.  

    This was a super fun list.  I felt that the more I played tested it the better I got running the list and the more aggressive I got with an ISD in attacking the faster I would loose it. One list a the end of the game where your opponent says to themselves; What the *F* just happen???????

  2. Just ran on Sunday..


    Isd1, Hondo, Avenger, Boarding Teams, Dual TL

    Raider 2 , overload pulse Gunnery, disposable

    Raider1 , external racks Inteptuas

    Kitten, enhanced arm Hand of Justice 

    Floatilla, suppessor, Tua, Ecm, slicer tools

    1 tie interceptor

  3. Interdictor Suppression 

    1. Wulff - Engineering Token for Projection Experts.
    2. Projection Experts - Heal those Glads
    3. Targeting Scrablers - protect your Glads
    4. Grav-shift Reroute
    5. Interdictor - for Targeting Scrablers
    6. Ion-cannon Batteries
    7. Optional Tractor Beams.... This kills their Nav token or slows them down and lets the Ion-cannon strip that shield away.

    124pts or 118pts without Tractor Beams.  Keep your Glads close then pounce when in the next turn they are in range of the Interdictor.  


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