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  1. HIEs work best with the Interdictor and the Interdictor Title. Get an enemy ship in a double arch and strip 3 shield with two shots, plus damage! Add in D-caps and do it long range.
  2. I’ve been playing the Blue Boy for a while now. As far as the rules go the FAQ is spot on. Thrawn reveals SSD gets matching token, SSD gets to reveal , etc,etc .
  3. Saturday is at the Bottom of the page and is still open. Good luck everyone.
  4. Sold out even before FFGs announcement today. Great! 😦
  5. Oh yes you kickin my *** last year..... ohhhh I remember!!
  6. I ran this fleet against myself using most of the current metas. It performed so well I was going to run it at Regionals. Only type of list that caused a close match or a near loss was High count Mc30 MSU lists. Most others where not a real problem as long as I went second. Going 1st was a close match every time. Winning and loosing. At the last minute I couldn’t go.. Anyway here she is. Triple Interdiction (400/400) Empire Commander: Grand Admiral Thrawn Objectives: Fire Lanes, Salvage Run, Station Assault [flagship] Interdictor Combat Refit (93) - Grand Admiral Thrawn (32) - High-Capacity Ion Turbines (8) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Taskmaster Grint (5) - Projection Experts (6) = 147 total points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) - Interdictor (3) - Targeting Scrambler (5) - G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) - Commandant Aresko (7) - Projection Experts (6) = 113 total points Interdictor Suppression Refit (90) - G7-X Grav Well Projector (2) - Grav Shift Reroute (2) - Disposable Capacitors (3) - Wulff Yularen (7) - Projection Experts (6) = 110 total points Squadrons (30/134): 2x Lambda-class Shuttle (30) How I played was to go second. Slowing all opponents ships to a max of 1 the first round and not get into combat until the earliest 3 but the average I found was 4. Thrawn has 3 engineering commands so rounds 4-6 are all repairs and Con-fires or Navs Try in rounds 4-6 to always get double Arc shots. Use shuttles for 2 rounds of fighter defense and token grabs. I always brought down the main attacker ship and some support ships. Fire lanes is self explanatory but move the tokens near the space station and the Lambda’s on it. I won big on this every time. 9-1 average Salvage Run is a solid token grab. Should be able to grab all tokens and hide behind obstacles. Average combat round starts round 3. I won on this every time. 7-3 average Station Assult is the only true one normal people will pick. Great thing about this objective is that the more they attack a station they are not shooting at the Interdictors; and vice versa. Block opponents from a clear shot using obstacles and ships. This was the only one where one or both stations would go down but I would take out there combat ships every time. I would win by points . Expect 6-5 - 8-2 but no real average here could be found. This was a super fun list. I felt that the more I played tested it the better I got running the list and the more aggressive I got with an ISD in attacking the faster I would loose it. One list a the end of the game where your opponent says to themselves; What the *F* just happen???????
  7. ****FFG Transmission **** Gencon 2018... Something big is STILL coming.. ****End Transmission ****
  8. Just ran on Sunday.. Vader Isd1, Hondo, Avenger, Boarding Teams, Dual TL Raider 2 , overload pulse Gunnery, disposable Raider1 , external racks Inteptuas Kitten, enhanced arm Hand of Justice Floatilla, suppessor, Tua, Ecm, slicer tools 1 tie interceptor
  9. This was my reaction to the FAQ update.... #Rmb
  10. Immobilizer - Title 14pt While this ship is equipped with both Pylon Tractor Beams and Experimental G-8, it may choose one ship at distance 5 and reduce its speed to 0. After doing so reduce this ships speed to 0 also.
  11. This is called activational advantage for JJ.
  12. So I fell terrible about leaving the game table several times during a match. Is it ok if I hurry or I'm I stalling? I blame it on nervous bladder.. Thoughts? #RMB
  13. Thrawn... 34pts opponent plays with command dials face up!
  14. Interdictor Suppression Wulff - Engineering Token for Projection Experts. Projection Experts - Heal those Glads Targeting Scrablers - protect your Glads Grav-shift Reroute Interdictor - for Targeting Scrablers Ion-cannon Batteries Optional Tractor Beams.... This kills their Nav token or slows them down and lets the Ion-cannon strip that shield away. 124pts or 118pts without Tractor Beams. Keep your Glads close then pounce when in the next turn they are in range of the Interdictor.
  15. PT106 and I (if we don't make it to the top 4) are teamed up.. If for some reason one of us make it we may need a back up partner.
  16. Demolisher - Demolishing Every Miniature Obviously Leaving Isolated Ships Helpless Eventually Ruined.
  17. I think it's " While attacking a squadron, add one blue dice, then remove one blue dice"
  18. I've noticed since CC started that going second is really the advantage. While going 1st gives one the ability to shoot and move, the objectives are extremely one-sided. Boarding parties and the new Admiral feel like an attempt to balance 1st to 2nd players. Thoughts? Naboobo2000
  19. I'll be there again! This year for a better showing!
  20. You'd be surprised what double arcing damage can be spit out from an Interdictor that don't die. Engine Techs make that happen.
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