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  1. Where is this info from? Is it just on the GenCon site or something?
  2. At the end of each scenario it tells you to add tally marks on the campaign log equal to the vengeance points in the victory display. Double check your scenario resolution, it should be there!
  3. Both of the new packs have been despatched to me from Games Lore today, so looks like The Secret Name is finally out in the UK!
  4. Thanks! Also, I forgot to address the mythos/encounter card thing. Basically that’s about avoidance/resilience. Essentially there will always be mythos cards to deal with, but you either plan to avoid/pass as many defensive tests as possible, or you look to soak it as much as possible. Seeing as test/consequence tends (generally) to be evade/damage and will/horror, make sure if you can’t avoid one of those reliably, that you can soak.
  5. I think enemy management and killing stuff are distinct enough that you need to decide which of the two you’re doing. Essentially I think characters need to be moving the game state forwards, or removing barriers to progress. In lower player count you need a higher proportion of the former, in higher player counts you can afford to have more of the latter. If your guardian is killing anonymous Ghoul #5, he is removing a barrier to progress. If he is killing the Ghoul Priest in the Gathering, he is progressing the game state. Any solo player needs to be able to do the latter, otherwise they fail that scenario. There are other scenarios like that, so moving the game forward is often about clues, but also about killing key enemies, moving to certain locations or parleying. In order to be successful solo you need to be able to do all those things, but the proportion you focus on will vary, and if you have super limited ways of doing one of them those things (“I’ve got a plan” for example) you can’t be using them to overcome obstacles which aren’t actually progressing the game. So you need other ways of managing non-critical ‘obstacle’ enemies. I doubt I’m saying anything new here, I just wanted to point out that the divide between clues/combat/mythos cards isn’t actually that helpful to how I approach things.
  6. Surely, if you fail the Evade test, rather than going insane, that investigator has to go into another room and play whichever earlier published campaign they have in their collection!
  7. But Mountains of Madness is set in the Antarctic, the various Inuit tribes are all in the Arctic, there are no indigenous people (and only a handful of non-indigenous people) in Antarctica! If we’re assuming an Arctic setting for an Innuit character to appear in, I would suggest Ithaqua/Wendigo is a more appropriate theme, as mentioned previously.
  8. Lovely, thanks @zooeyglass! I’ve got it now, still getting used to the more nuanced wording of rules in FFG LCG’s...
  9. I’m doing similar with MoM, just because I really like MoM as well! I was very excited to realise last week that when the Circle Undone comes out, I will already have all six of the investigators in MoM mini form! First deluxe ever to be fully served with FFG minis! I get excited about strange things, I’m aware...
  10. Whoah, I do not get this at all, this is probably my lack of previous LCG’s hampering my thought processes. So, are you saying that, assuming you have no clues, you can just pay the 4(-2) resources and remove the card from the game? But, if you happen to have any clues, you must also place one of them on the highest shroud location? That is not how I read that card on first blush, but that is undoubtedly more fair than my interpretation! And to pick up on @SGPrometheus‘s point, it’s conditionally 3 actions if you have to drop a clue as well. Plus, as this sits in your (smaller?) hunch deck, you’re more likely to see it, I would imagine. Horrible!
  11. More importantly, the packaging needs primarily to ensure the product reaches you in good condition. The insert is there to keep the enclosed cards from rattling around inside that big old box. They probably never intended you to keep it, and while they could have gone the extra mile to make it fold in more than one place to hold the full cycle once you’ve arranged it at home, I’m not sure I’d expect them to do that. The insert is for transport of the product, nothing more, from what I can tell.
  12. There are also some treacheries that require you to discard one or more assets, or suffer some other penalty. That is another way you can get rid of empty assets, and also a reason for keeping them around until you need the slot they are occupying.
  13. That would do it! Assuming you have reached the relevant slot limit. So a pistol that runs out of ammo would stay in your play area until such time as you have filled your other hand slot as well, then played a third item that requires a hand slot.
  14. Any asset that requires you to discard when it’s run out of ‘uses’ will say so, like Lockpicks. So if you have a .45 automatic, or flashlight that’s empty, you can absolutely use them in that way. I imagine the case where you’ve emptied the clip, and then just throw the weapon at the enemy instead, which I imagine was exactly the intent!
  15. Nice work! I love a good storage solution, me... I particularly like the divider cards. Did you design them yourself, or was it something you found on BGG, or somewhere similar?
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