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  1. Greetings fellow friends! I am currently running a new campaign with some new players during the time of the Clone Wars. One of them is a Force-Sensitive Outcast and the other is a Nightsister. The outcast was quite frustrated that he didn’t have multiple force powers from the start. He argued a seasoned Jedi of the clone wars Should have some skill in the Force (did not purchase any). My questions are these: 1) Is this table rule too OP: Allow force users to begin with 1-3 force powers. 2) Because experience is hard to come by and there are many things to use XP for, should I make the Force Power tree experience cheaper? Keep in mind I haven’t dealt with a lot of force user players so I’m unsure the balance of it all. Any help or thoughts would be appreciated
  2. Let’s not forget about Star Wars celebration! While FFG will be there and they announced legion love my fingers are still crossed.
  3. We are making our Characters on Monday and my group wanted to start immediately after creation with the story. I guess that means I need to start construction! Session 1: I think I will begin with the team of young younglings being chosen to go an a special training mission to a planet with a special Clone trooper squad. Things go wrong when a terrorist group working for the CIS bombs the village. There will be a mix of rescuing/saving lives, fighting off the terrorist, village interactions, exploration, and problem solving. In this session they will deeply bond with this (at first) stubborn group of Clone Troopers, and work together as a group to help a village. Session 2: The session I described much earlier in my original post where they get their lightsaber crystals... or at least try to! Anything could happen here. Session 3: (May do something interesting on their way back! -- Pirates? Space Battle Action? Ship Breakdown? Black Hole encounter which they either escape or discover a new world?) Session 4: Return to Temple at order 66... Session 5: 15 years later! Who knows!!! I read a friends FB post about old D&D players telling their horror stories about games and DM/GM's. So I know what not to do!!!! Any other helpful hints or tips as I prepare my first session as GM?
  4. I have enjoyed where this has all led, some interesting ideas out there.
  5. Thanks all for the help so far! We played the Beginner Box Monday and last night. The team of four really enjoyed it and said that was easier than just jumping right in. I, and they, feel like they have a better handle on things. We are meeting next Wednesday to create their characters. I have every Sourcebook available to date so I am giving them a wide range of species, careers, specializations and more.They are excited to get to make their own characters. I am thinking about making some NPC's including their Master, another youngling, a droid who will help in potential construction of lightsabers (if the story leans this way), and a team of 4/5 clone troopers who they will befriend (for now). Should I use the same method to construct these NPC's as we usually would PC? Any other suggestions? I asked them a few things that could be helpful to the players to make the games go smoother. For example, making a list/cheat sheet of how they could use their triumphs and advantages; making maps and visuals for them to see; etc. What else may be handy for the PC and their players? I have been impressed with how my group was using their force abilities. For example, to get out of a dark deep hole he used move on a few rocks to quickly jump up, up and up, until he reached the top. My wife used her focus and jump ability to jump high and land on a few minions causing damage. I am excited to see where they will take this idea I have, and lead it to some epic places. As vilainn6 mentions, I am assuming my group doesn't need two specializations/careers? I have not decided if I am going to do the time jump to adulthood. I don't know how I feel about them playing as younglings for the whole thing however. But we will see... any suggestions?
  6. Thanks KnasserII. Very helpful directions to take this. I love the idea of adding in an extra youngling whose fate is decided on the teamwork of the group. This could be really good. Does anyone use a specific program or guideline when creating your own narrative and campaign... for example making maps, the classic Star Wars scroll, narrating strategies or anything else? Do you use a similar model to the pre-made modules of FFG?
  7. ... and Lorne, they will definitely be a young group tweens most likely as very young younglings. It also probably won't be 20 years later but some years later where the rebellion may start to pick up. We will see I guess.
  8. diversionArchitect, I really like that idea and may have to use some of that (with you in mind of course!), I appreciate the help and have a few potential places we could go depending on what the team wants.
  9. Thanks for the help friends. Really appreciate it. So as Lorne proposes, I could run A1 as a prologue and AII as the actually first session play? They could eventually unlock their force sensitive powers and whatnot? I don't want to completely ditch this story because all of our players were excited for this idea; one of the reason I convinced one of them to play. But if one thinks it will be a total train-wreck with new players I don't want to ruin their experiences. Plus I have invested hundreds into FFG books and don't want to lose my friends who would play because they have a crummy experience!! Next week we are playing the F&D Beginner Game to learn a lot of the basics, which will be helpful whatever we do.
  10. Hey FFG community new GM here, I seek help, ideas and support for a new campaign I've been thinking about running. I have 4 people signed on to join on the adventure. We are all relatively new to RPG games. I've played this game for a few session, and we all have introductory experience with D&D. We are all huge Star Wars fans and wanted to try this out. I wanted to propose an idea for a campign and see what you all think... or if you think it is even possible. The idea is pretty basic (and I know many of you are tired of the whole young jedi training stuff, but this group loved the idea). Act I: The first session would be set from the Jedi Temple to Ilum, where a group of younglings (with careers they have chosen) would be journeying to find their lightsaber crystals and construct their own lightsabers (Inspired by "The Gathering" episode of the Clone Wars series). Each of them will have to give me an internal fear or weakness so I can craft scenarios for them to find their perfect crystals. After they attain their crystals... however that is done decided on the die, they will craft their sabers on the ship. While on their way back to the Temple they receive a distress call to return quickly. As they arrive they are ambushed by their clone friends who have just been ordered to wipe them out. After a combat encounter they will head out in their ship where they will experience a starship combat encounter in space (all of this is done with the help of the Jedi Leader NPC taking them on their quest to get their crystals to make it easier for a group of younglings [also may help balance the team]). This leads to the end of their youngling adventures. Act II: 20ish years after the fall of the Jedi. This is where game rules shift... While each player would have their F&D career and specialization... they will choose an additional career and specialization as Jedi living under the radar. One may be a Mechanic (at the same time being a Sentinel Artisan) and one may be a Colonist Doctor (at the same time being a Counsular Healer). They will be a team of old Jedi misfits who have to disguise themselves in a world where Jedi are almost nonexistent. Because it is about 20 years later I would give players some extra XP and Credits to work with as well... logically one does not stay within the same amount of experience and skill in twenty years. However because Force Powers would be suppressed to an extent those may not have evolved all that much. From there they would be traveling throughout the galaxy as private contractors, they will provide services for folks while also striving to take down the Empire who has betrayed them.... more could happen from their, join the Rebellion? So... is this possible, will this work? What am I missing? Is this lame? Thoughts?
  11. How do you as GM deal with failed checks that have to be successes in order to continue with the story. For example, the PC's have to hack the average computer check in order to open up the looked door that leads to the prisoner you have to free. "OK I rolled my check and failed, and I roll again, failed. Again, failed... again, finally!" Do you just let someone role until they succeed (of course after adding the various advantages and threats involved which each role, which I guess could help or hinder the success rate)? What are you thoughts on this? What would you do/how do you handle situations such as this? Thanks!
  12. So, I am a new GM and have only played through the Beginner game about 4 times with different groups to teach the basic game to people. Most love it! But as a new GM I am trying to grasp such a complex and detailed game. So, one key question is: When PC's roll advantages and threats do they choose to spend them, or does the GM? In the past I was always creating a story-like explanation of the outcome of their role (You gain 1 strain after a confident shot to his foot; or You missed your shot however hit the computer next to them sending sparks in the air blinding them for a brief time). Any thoughts?
  13. Hey, I know this is not helpful but I thought I would let you know: I started playing this early in the summer and have not been able to pick it up since August because of my job and school (Masters program). I love playing and have always been GM. I am also still learning the game, and have a lot to learn. I can not do Wednesday's at 8PM because I have a activity every Wednesday night. However, if you ever play outside of that on a different time, and need some extra players let me know. Just thought I would get my "name" out there! Thanks man.
  14. Thanks friends! This is really helpful.
  15. So I am a new GM and have a question about skills with descriptions related to "Character may remove [bl] per rank of..." How does apply this to skill checks in black setback die are not needed? Am I misunderstanding something? Any thoughts?
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