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  1. Painted to get them on the table - not the best but thought I’d post. I’m curious to see what colors other choose for the monsters and investigators (a lot of khaki...)
  2. Snakes I believe. The card game has images I think.
  3. FWIW - amazon Italy has copies. The tile names are in Italian but you can easily figure it out from the pictures.
  4. LT - you’ve made me homesick for 2016! great suggestions and a good approach. The best part about starting now is that your group gets the benefit for so many groups coming before. This has truly been the best use of all my x-wing minis - and the reason I have so many shuttles and bombers ! enjoy my friend!!! chris
  5. These are great - and I love how you are stretching out the small ship portion of the stories. There’s so much quality storytelling with the smaller ships and it makes the appearance of the large ships all that more imposing. The expansion of the flotilla idea is quite impressive – and complicated. I give you credit for trying to work it out. I suspect it will be worth it! Cant wait for more. Thank you!
  6. “Have - you - used up - all - the - ships - in - the - lore?“ So solid. You sold me on the lyrics at the moment. Congrats!
  7. Does this print out the full build? My print outs don't list the upgraded - tho I am printing from an iPad.
  8. Co-op campaign against powerful fleets with simplified (very) AI. Hit and run rebels, for example
  9. I just finished a solo campaign - took quite a while. Plenty of rule changes to make it work. The fleet building and maintenance was fun and it gave me a chance to play the new objectives. I ran four fleets - built two clearly different fleets for each side. The bonuses like skilled spacers and spies were ignored - no way to make them work. So the focus was on points and the interesting fleet building decisions that would arise. As for the strategic choices each round - both sides would select the type of attack (base attack, resource grab) and then I'd randomly draw the fleets for each. Made for some fun engagements. Once the Rebels fell behind by a large margin, I let them pick the fleet matchups for a round as a last gasp attempt. After 4 rounds I ran the big engagement - which took quiet a while to run but was a lot of fun. I let the losing team deploy after the winning team had all of its non hyperspace ships on the table, then deployed the fighters as normal A few tips: I kept the fleets relatively simple - grouping similar squadrons in a fleet (all xwings and ywings with some named pilots, for example, rather than a big mix of fighter/bomber types). I also built fleets that had obvious tactics to employ - making it easier for me to make choices. For deployment, I'd sometimes imagine a cinematic reason for the meeting and deploy the ships to match that scenario - simplifying that process and making for more interesting story telling. After all, I was mostly looking for a reason to put cool looking plastic ships on the table. If you have enjoyed solo armada, there are ways to make the campaign an even more enjoyable experience. Lots of theme and non traditional fleet building is great entertainment outside of table time btw - I dropped the hidden base mechanic and gave both sides the same number of bases. And as for the resource grab missions, since I ran both sides I could force the defender to be more active (no turtling) I also tried running the convoy raid scenario as an actual 'protect the convoy' style mission with proxy freighters that had to cross the board- but I didn't get the balance right and haven't gone back to it yet. I've played a few naval scenarios with similar goals and these were quite fun. good luck with solo play!
  10. He said 15K. Not a half Should have even more time. Have a great race, Stasy!
  11. These are always such great answers. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and the patience. You have a particular talent for this. Thank you!
  12. Signed up for the Boy Scouts because they were planning an outing to see Star Wars at the big screen theater in Indianapolis. 70MM at the Eastwood Theater. Worth it.
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