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  1. Hi I was just wondering if an oppent has a unique card ,eg litlle finger, could I then play little finger ?
  2. I wish I could play with a group like this! the one group I do play with only care about xp, money and shopping for grenades!
  3. Thats if i could find the people in liverpool looking...
  4. First tournament So last week on May the fourth I had my first tournament, It was a small pool of players I can't remember how many but every one got a prize which was nice I ran ig88b ptl, internal dampers,advanced sensors, title auto-thrusters and mangler cannons and ig88c same load out but with a seismic charge Round one Vs super dash proto a wing and 2 z's 60 minutes on the clock I set up bottom left he Sets up dash for a joust and the rest are set up to my right A couple of shots go of between iggys and dash while his z's navigate through the asteroids, but not much damage is dealt and I don't have the time to chip away at dash. when 15 minutes is called and no one has taken much damage I give up on dash and drop a bomb on an unfortunately parked a wing before k turning and blowing him out of the sky giving me the win last second Round 2 Vs naked Biggs coran with marksmanship and experimental interface and 2 z's with concussion missiles(I think, it was the ones that give you 2 attacks) Quick and dirty match the guy I'm flying against is a good friend of mine and I've played against this list a few times We both set up oppisit ends of the table I set my igs up just out of range and let him come forward next I get my self out of the way of Biggs and set up a nice shot on one of the z's he dies Next Turn slam on my dampers Next z dies at this point I'm behind coran but can't get shots on him because of Biggs As a result biggs dies, coran flees the rest of the game to denie me a 5 point victory but 3 points is better than non Next I'm up against the leader in points Vs soontir fel ptl, stealth device and auto thrusters Saber squad wingman auto thrusters stealth device 3 AP ties I set up bottom left he sets up 3 ties facing right my iggys and the squints to my right I prepair to joust but the ties do a k turn and meet up with the interceptors Next turn a few shots go off and one tie is ready to die Unfortunately next turn a squint bumps and is dropped followed by the next one ,slowly I kill off the ties 5 point win puts me in the lead with one game left Last game is against to gold Y-wings a b-wing and an a-wing over really quickly as my opponent tried to joust me b wings lasted 2 turns I didn't get the b wings name but he didn't last long so it was fine next went the y wings and then finally the a wing Anouther 5 points and the tournament goes to me really fell inlove with my aggressors even though I felt guilty for betraying the empire
  5. So my ig88 is in arc of Biggs R1 and z95 R2 I take my primary shot at biggs and miss, ability kicks in and gives me a second attack with secondary weapon heavy laser Canon which can't target at R1, do I attack the z
  6. Ok so ig88B(equipped with HLC) is R1 of Biggs makes a primary attack and misses his second attack can't target biggs, does ig88 get to make a second attack?
  7. would like to buy a cheap martell deck to play with my friends who have the core game. We only play melle doesn't have to be to competative just enough to stand with the core decks
  8. with the second edition arriving is any one looking to off load a cheap martell deck that I can add to the core game? it doesn't have to be competitive just enough to play with the core decks thanks UK preferable
  9. So my friends tried the beginner game out and decided they didn't really like rpgs so I'm now looking to join a group in Liverpool to play with
  10. Played a quick session with my group, we love it I thought being gm wouldn't be that fun, but its such a good game, were up to the junk shop from the beginner game , buying the core book now
  11. I bit the bullet and got the beginners game as it's going to be my first rpg and I thought it would be best for learninghope my group enjoys it !( also got an EOTE gm screen for a good price)
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