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  1. Thought I was putting in Scorch's number from Republic Commando. Turns out it's 1262, even though Boss is 1138. Because reasons.
  2. RC is the best. I mean, how many other games can you shoot a wookie rocket launcher at the magna gaurds?
  3. RC 1162


    Someone has lost a limb in every Star Wars movie to date, who's it gonna be this time? I'm betting a random person, like in A New Hope.
  4. Don't forget Thrawn's real name: Mitth'raw'nuruodo. Try saying that ten times fast. Or, you know, one time slow.
  5. RC 1162

    Tie Punisher

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Punisher looks oddly gray next to the other TIEs?
  6. I've made my own pilot skill markers by making some custom tokens, printing them out, and gluing them to unused focus/evade tokens with a glue stick. Corran Horn could use a token to track if he's double tapped. Marksmanship token. There's some effects that could use tracking, to help against brain fart mistakes. You could use the "you can't shoot" token from the SLAM action for Corran.
  7. RC 1162

    Happy Empire Day

    So that's what torps and missiles are good for!
  8. This is a common misconception. Han did not in fact shoot first. Han shot. That is all. Greedo never got a chance to fire. Nah, Han did shoot first. He just came back twenty years later out of pity for Greedo, y'know to give him another shot (pun intended), but when he missed him, he was so outraged by the show of terrible skill, he shot him again.
  9. RC 1162

    Rebel Shuttle

    Accidental post
  10. So, instead of being for TIE ships it'd be for wing ships?
  11. U is for Ugnaught A right ugly fellow nearly melted 3p0, for his metal of yellow.
  12. Flying a Syck+Mangler around the field, used it to toast two TIEs, then it gets in range of a Phantom. BOOM! Two hits, two crits. Both were Direct Hit. Nothing but space dust.
  13. RC 1162

    Interesting combos

    Any Phantom with ACD + Roark.
  14. Don't forget Firelord Ozai. Lotta parallels to Luke's old foes there.
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