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  1. The Hardcell-class is about 220m long according to the Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles published last year. The Trident apparently is 88.71m (source) thats almost double the VCX and slightly larger than a Gozanti. Also fits its depiction in Clone Wars or Battlefront 2 although on-screen direct size comparisons are difficult. The boundaries between irregular squadrons and flotilla ships are blurry anyway. But alone gameplay wise I find aggressive flotillas much more interesting than yet another squadron. You could do something like take hull damage to engage a boarding action representing the Tridents attaching themselves to the opposing ship.
  2. The Hardcell-class Transport is larger than a CR90 - it would be a small ship. The Trident-class assault ship is the perfect fit for an offensive CIS flottilla: it is about the same size as the GR-75 transports and known to be able to drill into the hulls of battleships to deploy boarding troops.
  3. Only the Battlefield Supplies expansion ( the one with the vaporators) provides tournament-legal objectives so far, all the other (much more expensive) sets feature only scenarios in form of 2-mission mini campaigns. Your other point is a matter of preference I think, some people enjoy heavily objective based play (Legion), others pure death match (X-Wing) and Armada lays somewhat in between. Killing units is still pretty important in Legion in that it prevents your opponent from accomplishing the objective, but not as singleminded in that you should complete ignore the win condition in favor of hunting down your opponents units. They are also other options besides the objective to score points like the Bounty keyword where your Bounty Hunters try to eliminate a specific character model. Concerning vehicles: Legion will always be a game about troopers all and foremost. That, however, doesn't mean that vehicles are bad, like in Armada having a single, powerful activation can be pretty strong and you can still build a list with enough troopers to take care of the objectives vehicles cannot affect ( 3 out of 5 missions at this point). Vehicles have just not been considered efficient enough for the top competitive lists in the last couple of months. But that can change just recently double tank builds seem to have risen in popularity. That, however, is true. I just don't think Legion was ever designed to be primarily a tournament game. But you could probaly fix that by adding points destroyed as a secondary score to break ties within a bracket. That would also encourage more aggressive play in games where the mission objectives sometimes leads to a stalemate (like Sabotage the Moisture Vaparators).
  4. There is the missing 2 pip of Luke from the new OP article:
  5. In every game there are cards that just should never be printed. In Armada the ability to activate a squadron potentially up to 20+ times in a single round is one of these things. Doesn't matter if he will be broken right now or not, although a skilled player will likely be able to pull the combo off. Moralo at the very least will seriously affect the design space, because now you have to ask yourself for every new objective with objective token you design: will it be broken with Moralo? Every new way to interact with objective tokens: will it break with Moralo? Every new squadron buff (like Commander Woldar): will that break Moralo? Sure new additions to a game might always break something, but here you are dealing with a force multiplier - and that is very dangerous design wise. Yavaris, Adar Tallon and Jendon are dominating Squadron builds for a reason and that is despite their limitations of up to three affected squadrons.
  6. I got good results with Fleet Troopers, but you have to make them work by presenting other, bigger threats or control Command cards like Han's 2 pip. Like Fleet Troopers B2s performance will heavily depend on terrain setup and deployment zones. But keeping them in heavy cover B2s will have a lot of staying power and AI:Attack is not as much of an issue if you are only Range 2. However, I'm not convinced by their heavy weapons options yet. Fleet troopers draw much of their offensive potential from Pierce of the Scatter gun.
  7. To be fair I build exactly the same double Veterans/Relay combo when they were first fully spoiled only to realize later that the following clarfication from the rules reference forbids this interaction 😄 But maybe its for the better to limit Comm Relay like that before it gets abused in a broken combo somewhere in the future.
  8. That would make sense and it would matter. Normally Tactical triggers everytime you perform a 'Standard Move' - not the same as a 'Move Action'. Standard Moves are also granted from Scout and abilities like Leia's 2 Pip, for which Tactical would normally work, but be excluded by this particular Training Upgrade.
  9. No. The rules reference explicitly states that this does not work since Comm Relay lets you issue the order to another unit in 1-2 range instead of the Veterans. See relevant entries for Coordinate and Defend:
  10. Whats your plan with these Comm Relays? Unfortunately they dont synergize well with Veterans since you wont trigger Defend nor Coordinate when passing the order off with the relay.
  11. Killed a Ravager SSD last friday in turn 4 with: [ flagship ] MC75 Ordnance Cruiser (100 points) - Commander Sato ( 32 points) - Bail Organa ( 7 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - External Racks ( 3 points) - Wide-Area Barrage ( 2 points) = 155 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 45 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 45 total ship cost Hammerhead Torpedo Corvette (36 points) - Ordnance Experts ( 4 points) - Assault Proton Torpedoes ( 5 points) = 45 total ship cost 1 Hera Syndulla ( 28 points) 1 Luke Skywalker ( 20 points) 1 Wedge Antilles ( 19 points) 1 Tycho Celchu ( 16 points) 1 Han Solo ( 26 points) = 109 total squadron cost Do I get flavour points for delivering the final blow with an A-Wing? 😄
  12. We got an official answer from Asmodee Germany Organized Play: the SSD will be legal at the German Nationals in 11 days. So I guess this will be the first major tournament with SSDs?
  13. No. The timing doesnt work out. Scouting Party triggers when Rex is deployed and you can only choose units that did not perform a scout move yet. The choosen units also perform the scout move using the scout value of Rex. For reference: "The scouting party x keyword allows especially skilled scouts to lead a small band of troopers into a forward position. After a unit with the scouting party x keyword uses the scout keyword, it may choose up to x friendly trooper units at range 1–2 that have not performed a move using the scout keyword. Each chosen unit may perform a move with a speed equal to x, where x is the scout x value of the unit with the scouting party keyword. " (from the new Rules Reference)
  14. B2 seems solid but no auto-include which is always good. 1b/1w no surge is very comparable damage output to Fleet troopers for 4 more points but with more total health and armor 1. Though they have a worse armor save, heavy cover + armor 1 will always cancel 3 hits. But then we have no experience playing CIS yet. With Coordinate and many ways to generate surge tokens its hard to evalute B2s from this preview only.
  15. It's called Salvo: " This skill allows one of your existing ships to take advantage of the new salvo defense tokens introduced in this expansion. Spending a salvo defense token allows a ship to perform a salvo attack after the Resolve Damage step of an attack, returning your assailant’s fire shot for shot. Even if your ship is destroyed before performing a salvo attack, as long as the token had been spent it still performs the attack before being removed. Every rebel in the Alliance knows that no matter the cost, they will go down fighting. " (from the article)
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