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  1. Thanks for the clarification. Now for a few clarifications of my own. I am calling Kylo a Disney princess because he is a character that is owned by Disney that is whiny, immature, and has daddy issues. I am not saying that all women are like that, not at all. But, a majority of the Disney princesses are like that. It's not sexist to point out a trend among FICTIONAL CHARACTERS! Final evidence: Looking forward to playing the game and once again thanks to the awesome community for the quick and helpful response!
  2. So as someone who doesn't like Disney's newest princess, I don't want to get the Kylo Ren starter kit. Is it possible to play light vs. light or dark vs dark? I was just wondering because the girlfriend and myself both like the light side lineup and neither of us like Kylo. P.S. I know there is a Darth Vader card, but I just really am against Kylo.
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