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  1. Now that the breaking up between FFG and GW has officially been announced, I would be glad if FFG could retain the experience they have acquired while making Warhammer games and move it to Terrinoth universe. In particular FFG could create an edition of Warhammer Quest the Adventure Card Game (WQACG) rethemed in Terrinoth universe but still compatible with the 2015 (November) edition of WQACG. They would need only to: - keep the great mechanics from WQACG - keep the generic card backs from WQACG The flavour of Terrinoth is enough generic to be adapted and WQACG would benefit of the two evil factions from Runewars (daemons and undeads, like vampires and necromancers). Of course additional suggestions could come from Descent, Battlelore and Runebound. I would not mind at all to mix our Warhammer heroes (dwarves and imperial) with Daqan (I can image them as Bretonnians from Warhammer) Heroes. The waywatcher could also fit well with Latari Elves. This game would also somehow fill the void (and delusion) left by the (unexpected) lack of support to WQACG.
  2. In my opinion, while there is a lot of good content of specific types (e.g. artefacts and creatures) it seems to me there are still not enough and cohesive stories behind. However FFG could go to that direction step by step making Terrinoth games on the style of Warhammer Quest the Adventure card game (but please compatible with 2015 edition).
  3. As far as I remember Hero Quest was owned by GW (and Milton Bradley). Since FFG and GW breaking up has just been announced (goodbye Warhammer FFG games... ) , I would say that it is almost impossible that FFG will reprint Hero Quest.
  4. Like many gamers I was expecting this outcome (while still waiting for a "miracle" for Warhammer Quest the Adventure game) but, even so, from a buyer perspective, I am really disappointed about how this transition has been communicated. Now I would be glad to find clearer answers on what will happen to FFG and GW games in the future. With WQACG (Warhammer Quest the Adventure Game) FFG "broke my heart" and I am wondering if it could have been avoided. The game sorted out less than one year ago (november 2015) and attracted a lot of enthusiastic players who saw in it the revival of a classical title with FFG game mechanics and support. But FFG support did not arrive, the game was sold to to other publishers to be translated while still remaining somehow incomplete with a theoretically huge potential unfulfilled. Two Print on Demand expansions (characters) didn't change the situation since they were not most of the players were asking for (adventures and monsters). I have seen other companies acting like that before (GW) and, honestly, I wasn't expecting from FFG. Now I am also wondering what (and if something) will happen with WQACG. Will it rethemed in another fantasy (Terrinoth) universe ?? Will FFG put an effort to make it compatible with last year edition of WQACG (e.g. maintaining the same backs for the cards and taking into account the existing mechanics and content) ??
  5. I love WQACG (and I am surely not a fan of LOR) and I would rather say that the two games, although they have some mechanics in common, they are quite different. LOR is a collectible game with a strong deck building part, while WQACG is a more immediate fast paced game with an emphasis on character development and campaign. As already stated in other topics I am quite disappointed that FFG didn't manage to "complete" WQACG (providing enough adventures and monsters in term of replayability) but I would be glad if they could re-use the same game mechanics for another game compatible with WQACG. Terrinoth universe is quite generic and I would be ok to see my trollslayer exploring with a Daqar knight dungeons and killings undeads and daemons. Skaven and orcs maybe are quite characterised in Warhammer but it shouldn't be difficult to toss some undeads (e.g. necromancers, vampires and zombie) from terrinoth. Daemons are also chaotic and strange by default, they don't need necessarily to be from Warhammer universe, the ones from Runewars (and banner of wars) are already ok for me.
  6. I am not so experienced with Runebound but, if I replace it with Mage Knight, I completely agree with you. Many of us have already foreseen this conclusion (while still hoping for a sort of "miracle") so I am not so surprised. However I am not so happy to see gamers claiming the game didn't need a proper expansion and it is fine as it is (eventually with some fan content). GW has fooled me enough with uncompleted games or dropping good concepts after making me buying the content before, and I would prefer FGG to not alienate fans as GW did. My only (tiny) hope now is that, whatever future concept FFG will create based on the experience with WQACG, it would be somehow compatible with WQACG itself. It wouldn't be so strange to me to see my trollslayer exploring dungeons with a Daqar knight and fighting (generic) undead and daemon monsters from terrinoth universe.
  7. That's really interesting but I suppose the perception of the game really depends on the number of players and their experience. As two-players game is great and goes smoothly for us. A blitz conquest requires about 90-120 minutes to be played, while the short adventure from Shades of Tezla requires even less time. For more players I would rather play other types of games (like WQACG).
  8. That's another good point. We are playing Descent and Runewars and I like the possibility of using Runewars miniatures in Descent, but it is nice to play in different (also deeper) settings like Warhammer universe. I won't probably buy Runebound (we are fine with Mage Knight although somebody could argue that these games are quite different) but, as fans of R.A.Salvatore's novels, we have bought Legend of Drizzt Board Game also because of the theme behind (and the delusion after WQACG I would say... ). Another reason why we would probably continue with Mage Knight and never buy Runebound.
  9. Again we are on the same line although I still have only Warhammer Fantasy and Lord of the Rings miniatures. WQACG ?? Yes for sure. Recycling my Bretonnian knights and Skaven into Kings of War ?? Yes, probably. But I will never again lose myself into GW. If FFG would find even a small space for WQACG and my memories (well now it is so small I can barely breathe !! ), I probably would be more motivated to continue investing money in their games.
  10. It really hit a sweet spot for me and my wife in affordability, accessibility and duration. ... (my wife and I have been playing WQ all week while on vacation). We also appreciate all the above mentioned features in the game and I can understand why for some gamers, like you, a similar game in Runebound universe would be an optimal solution. But any group has its own needs (and wishes) and, as already stated, for this game the warhammer background has its own appeal to me. We have already Descent and time is not a big issue for us since Road to Legend really deserve such effort !!
  11. Similar situation here. I enjoyed a lot Heroquest and Warhammer Quest in the past and, as former Warhammer Fantasy player, I really like the idea of living again similar feelings with my friends, playing characters (Hello Gotrek Gurnisson !!) and killing monsters (bye bye jezzail, I am so happy that you are killing yourself and you are not in my army !! ) we loved. I am not so much interested in having a Terrinoth clone since my group will always choose Road to Legend instead. For me Runebound universe is nice but it doesn't have enough background behind to be "just" a card game. As Descent (or even Runewars) is great because these games give enough deepness to build your own story but, as WQACG clone it won't give me the same feeling.
  12. Following GENCON2016, I would like to collect our thoughts about how good and enthusiast we would be to get another expansion for WQACG. Maybe FFG will listen to our prayers (or suggestions) and provide us something before Christmas. First, in case you are not aware of it, I would like to highlight that no WQACG news came out from GENCON 2016. Furthermore it seems no news came out for any GW related games and the upcoming Runewars painting miniature games appears as an open battle sign between FFG and GW. This is why there is a big concern also on bgg about the fact that the game will not receive any additional attention from FFG. I would like FFG to put a little more effort instead and bring us at least one monster and campaign expansion since: - the game really needs it. In the delve quest no tier 2 monster are left after the setting and the replayability is not high having to face always the same monsters and nemesis. - I will buy for sure, no matter the price - as loyal customer (FFG is my favourite games company now) I would feel betrayed to see that a game clearly made for expansions didn't get any (I don't consider POD characters as a serious expansion). Rune Age got at least one. - There are already so many translations of the game upcoming. From a foreign player pespective I would not buy at all the game thinking that even the English version won't get an expansion. [added 07/08/16] I would like you to share also your feelings and thoughts, hoping FFG will find enough reasoning to continue support the game. Even just a bit would be enough (but the more, the better).
  13. I thought already about it, to me this the natural step and it would be great to have it. At the same time maybe FFG is evaluating if this could eventually affect the sales of their future RtL campaign. Personally I think FFG could start allowing gamers to design only stand-alone short quests which could eventually inspire their future campaign while at the same time single could help to bring more new players into the game.
  14. First I have to say we really love the kindred fire campaign. At the same time it requires quite a commitment and I think it is not a good start for new players. Neither I think rise of all goblin is good for this scope since we don't like at all the heroes development (too much starting experience although you could choose to not spend it). That's why I am thinking of using the short variant of the PoD adventures mixed with the new RtL rules (alternate turns and blast) which make me wonder that FFG could do the same and implement it in the app. What do you think about it ?? I think there are many of us who would like to see a short dungeon crawler mode in RtL and I think the levelling and treasure system of the PoD adventures would be perfect. Of course if the playing time is shorter like in my variants on bgg.
  15. I totally agree and I won't miss it. At the same time, because of opposite considerations, I would consider mist of Bilehall the worst one.
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