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  1. I enjoy it. After building 3 bolt action armies and a saga army I’m liking being able to do the same thing but with star wars.
  2. Those upgrade cards that disable AI cost points thus negating the benefit of being cheaper to some point and also usually using one or more of your upgrade slots. And until we get some cheaper command and support options points are not always available for getting the whole army To be more self sufficient.
  3. I agree but in that case it hardly makes it an advantage or benefit. Retrospectively adding things to whole factions all because people cry they got something I didn't will mean then all of a sudden everything else will need re balancing and then you are back to square one.
  4. The AI keyword on the CIS cards I would hardly call an ability as if you don’t have a face up order token you are seriously restricted to what you can do with an activation. Most of the time you have to shoot first meaning taking an aim or surge for your second action is mostly pointless. Another downside to this supposed CIS advantage is your army in reasonably bunched together meaning you can’t always take the fight to where needed effectively. Also meaning you can be out flanked more easily.
  5. Good point once I get a second box I’ll be able to have a full squad with shields and one with swords.
  6. This is what I finally decided on.
  7. Droidekas need something, a buff, pts reduction
  8. What’s the best configuration to build the droids with the best flexibility for list building as I only managed to get one box of them.
  9. That is what I’m doing. Sort of bar table height .
  10. So in other words change most of the rules?
  11. I reckon CIS will be blue and Republic white to more match their emblems
  12. I hope not supply issues thst we currently have mean some people wont be able to get them there for excluding them from playing.
  13. With the size base these tanks are doing anything with them is hard. I played and event over the weekend where most tables there was only really one place were you could put a tank. And with that it meant that combating a tank was easy.
  14. So are you building terrain to nerf them? Are you an imperial player with an ATST?
  15. So how would CIS or clones currently build a list like that. Only 4 troop core choices total I don’t think so.
  16. Post pics of your AAT's once I don't want to do a standard paint job on it want to do something different. Im just not sure what yet.
  17. plenty of places ship to NZ but shipping costs make it not cost effective .
  18. Might wait till I’m down in Wellington next. $12 shipping makes them $82
  19. do Cerberus do online orders and Shipping? Toyco are out of stock plus $75 plus shipping is a bit steep for 6 figures
  20. Fewer and fewer retailers here are stocking FFG products because of how hard it is to keep getting stock. And then there are the people who buy far more then they need. Which just amplify the issue.
  21. Just not sure on how long I could be waiting if I order from aus atm with all the restrictions with covid.
  22. Who was that as M.A. has said they have received them but until they get a street date they won’t release them and only got enough for a few pre orders. I didn’t pre order as I didn’t want my $120 tied up for months.
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