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  1. What part of the country are you in? Always looking for more players.
  2. Im just glad that rebels now have a new ship to look forward to.
  3. where did the other SSD list come and what sort of fleets did you face? What finished 1st?
  4. If im every down there I would. We need to have some sort of Nationals Somewhere.
  5. I didnt get a chance to get the lists sorry.
  6. Or maybe the Star hawk is a new base size XL? didn't they say in the Q&A that the star Hawk is also very very large when Crabbok asked about other huge ships.
  7. Would having a bigger play area not mean that the enemy being farther away means they are potentially in your front arc for longer. Being a disadvantage? Also making slower ships, Victory, pelta, Bwings, etc more out of the fight for longer? As they have to travel farther.
  8. Just got home from running a task force event in Wellington NZ - 200pts Fleets. - 67pts max squadrons (1/3pts) - No Admirals. - 4 games (1hour 15mins each) Thank you for everyone who attended today. Good to see an even split of 4 Imperial and 4 Rebel fleets and not an ISD in sight. not much in the way of squads. Most people just taking 1-3 squads. All played on 3x3 tables. Congrats on the place getters. 1st Shane Fletcher, 27pts, 348MoV, 2x Gladiator (no demo title) 2nd Christopher Nicol, 25pts, 283MoV, 2x Nebulon-B. 3rd Iain Campbell, 24pts, 116MoV, Victory, Arquitens, Gladiator (no demo title). 4th Mathew Collett, 23pts, 99MoV, Victory, Raider, Arquitens. 5th Michael Strudwick 22pts, 133MoV, 2x Victory’s. 6th Joel Hague, 20pts, 102MoV, MC80 Liberty, CR90. 7th John Fletcher, 19pts, 91MoV, 2x MC30. 8th John Howell, 16pts, 0MoV, 2x Nebulon-B, (only played 2 games) We used the Valuable payload mission for every game.
  9. Maybe fleet commands that revolve around the use of defensive tokens rather then orders. Spend a defensive token to gain this defensive addition. For example.
  10. As a rebel player to be honest that doesn't bother me.
  11. Are the new green objective cards in RitR useable in CC and vise versa?
  12. The new 200pts format will it be the new tournament standard because games will be quicker?
  13. I want to echo your sentiments I’ve been running events here in Wellington, NZ out of my own pocket as the one local store here will only do X-Wing events. The community has grown a bit my first event only had 5 people but now averaging 10 people. I’m running a 200pts sector fleet battles in a few weeks time in anticipation of Rebellion in the rim.
  14. Its funny seeing how some x-wing players are getting upset by this delay yet Armada has been well over a year since its last release.
  15. Maybe I missed where to do it but I cant seem to spend Dengars charge for his ability.
  16. Do you think we will see crew versions of the Admirals. There is of a couple but crew Ackbar and Motti etc could be interesting as well.
  17. Even if that were a realistic possibility Rebels could still use another.
  18. I would hope that we get a Rebel commander that offers some dice manipulation. I don’t think the imperials need another they have 3 that do that so far.
  19. Only thing I can think of as there is 5 people a square play area might not work maybe try a round play area and everyone spread evenly around the edge would my idea and maybe 150 pts each.
  20. What I don’t get is that all measurements are taken from the base so why does it matter what the model looks like? Part of this hobby is about modling and painting.
  21. If this were true would that not mean the both Legion and X-wing would have the same delays. But as they don’t seem too so hopefully we won’t either.
  22. For Imperials the Decimator and for Rebels the A-Wing
  23. Done. looks like a good channel.
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