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  1. I'm a bit late... any chance to find the streaming videos anywhere ? (not on twitch anymore)
  2. Interesting: Sloane is actually a pretty good swarm counter (which Howlrunner kinda was, but not), as swarms don't fear k-turns.
  3. How can Maul work on a Huge ships ? You receive ZERO stress tokens (you can't, as per rules) and the ability says "reroll as many dice as stress tokens received" so = ZERO rerolls.
  4. The XWS import/export fonctionality is a bless. That was the only thing preventing me from using the app ! Thanks !
  5. So true. Thank you for allowing us to go crazy on customized stuff ! That would be fantastic, as we started a campaign with my group of players... even though i guess that would mean lots of work.
  6. I really tend to love your missions, Babaganoosh ! Flavor + Great (and not too complicated) mechanics = lots of fun In your list of awesome missions, do you intend to make a category for missions with huge ships ? With my friends we play the typical format (100 pts) every week, but once in a while we try to do something different, and i'm searching for excuses to dust out our huge ships.
  7. That would be great :-/ Browse throught ALL the missions is not an option.
  8. As a side note I think FFG is doing great by including more and more women on the X-Wing miniatures cards (be it pilots or copilots or crew or whatever). They are unearthing little known characters and putting them on the front, which is really great because inclusiveness has been lacking for a loooooooooooong time in our white-cis-male-dominated hobbies. So kudos to FFG, continue on this track.
  9. I get to play them from time to time on epic format. But had a blast playing a 125 points game with the transport... surprised me how playable it was with so few points ! 300 points is for me the major advantage / desadvantage of epic: lots of ships makes a whole different situation, but it takes so much more time (so much more room !), it's less easy to organize than normal 100 points.
  10. In fact the reasoning behind the wording "free BR action" is quite simple: there is a rule in the book that says that you can't do an action twice in the same turn. With the original wording, you could BR and then Expert Handle without breaking this rule, which meant basically doing TWO barrel rolls on the same turn. Devs thought it was bad, so they changed the wording. Now: if you BR you can't Expert Handle because it says "Barrel Roll" (with the word "free" before there to make it explicit that it's indeed a true BR action, not a movement similar to a BR).
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