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  1. For anyone else looking up this questions, there was errata-ed in September 2019. Just what Faranim suggested; When a investigator resigns or is eliminated, Unfinished Business reverts to a monster and is drops off to the location. Page 4 of the FAQ: (v1.6) Unfinished Business (Bring me to him…) ( 178b) (v1.6) Unfinished Business (Burn…let it burn…) ( 178b) (v1.6) Unfinished Business (They stole it from me…) ( 178b) (v1.6) Unfinished Business (My bones…) ( 178b) This card’s first ability should read: “Keep this card in your threat area (this side faceup). If you are eliminated, flip it over.”
  2. Asmodee, I know you need uphold your trademark. Please just hire someone to make a tabletop simulator expansion maybe the people who already did it. Or be transparent about how making a video game version would lose you money.
  3. I was at a tournament and a player asked: if IG-88A kills the last enemy ship while at half health, does IG-88A gain the shield back before the game ends? The question never came up in a game but either the TO or Judges knew the answer. I could not find a form post answering it. Is there an answer and if it is the forms please share the link?
  4. In the end I went with a jan list. I felt nervous about flying the shuttle against palatine shuttles. Unfortunately another store scheduled their x-wing tourney on the same day so we were at an awkward odd number of people. But I placed third. Thank you both for you input!
  5. Nice to hear from another Jan fan. I like the idea of Swarm Tactics it is a great match. In the past I feel that as I accumulate enough focus in the early game and Niem Nunb makes her a little more mobile that I can do without kyle. I want to try twin-laser turret on Jan at some point as it keeps her well away from the enemies while still providing some fire power. Edit: FuturistiKen do you find keeping Jan at Range 1 for Swarm Tactics reduce her lifespan?
  6. Thanks Radbid! I'm interested in 1st and 3rd options. I like smaller ships but the lambda should helps against other large ships. Question: For the 3rd option I need to remove the 2 upgrades and a Tie to squeeze in the Lambda? Also how will both options list hold up to the new Tie/FO fighters? Lastly is there any way to make a rebel Hwk remotely competitive?
  7. I am going to be playing in my first Organized Play tournament. And I needed some help with a list. The lists I have the most experience flying are below. ---- “Echo” [Recon Specialist, Fire-Control System, Determination, Advanced Cloaking Device] (40) “Howlrunner” [swarm Tactics] (20) Obsidian Squadron Pilot (13) x 3 ---- & ---- Jan Ors [Predator, Ion Cannon Turret, Nien Nunb, Moldy Crow] (37) Blue Squadron Pilot [Fire-Control System, Heavy Laser Cannon] (31) x 2 ---- The player base is a mix of casual and experienced players. I have not had time to feel out the meta at the store since wave 6 or Force Awakening dropped. Any advice for these lists or others? Almost forgot I don't have a complete set of x-wing, I also have a few cards from expansions I don't own. core set x1 A-wing B-wing Hwk Rebel Aces Millennium Rebel Transport Tie exp x2 Tie interceptors Lambda Tie Phantom
  8. Where did you get the background for the documents, especially the paper documents? Edit: Also many of your images are missing or have been removed. Is there somewhere else I can view your work?
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